Scottish and Celtic Home Decor

Considering the rich designs and lore born from the Celtic culture, it is not difficult to see why many would want to feature a bit of it in their home. Dark Knight Armoury offers both Scottish and Celtic home decor, allowing you to show off your interest and passion for these intertwined themes. This section is filled with a variety of accents and accessories that make decorating a breeze. Perhaps the most traditional and iconic element from this category is the Celtic cross, offered in a variety of shapes and sizes. Wall plaques show off a variety of themes, ranging from pagan holidays to Celtic knotwork, while statues display the likeness of mythic Celtic heroes, gods, and goddesses. This category features more than just plaques and statues, including wall clocks, sand timers, trinket boxes, ash trays, and even throw pillows. For a touch of Celtic decor in your private life, we also offer Celtic duvet covers, so you can rest on a bed of Celtic knots. Explore the rich detail of Celtic decoration with Dark Knight Armoury by taking the time to look through our selection of Scottish and Celtic home decor accents.
Black and Gold Celtic Skull
The seemingly ritualistic appearance of the Black and Gold Celtic Skull invokes both pleasant feelings that stem from its color scheme and feelings of wonder that stem from the mysteriousness of its design and the patterns on it.
Price: $56.25
Black and Green Leather Triquetra Journal
If you are fond of writing things down, invest in a beautiful vessel in which to store your thoughts, such as the Black and Green Leather Triquetra Journal. This gorgeous leather notebook features embossed Celtic-inspired designs.
Price: $34.00
Black and Red Heart Journal
Ready to store thoughts, memories, and more, the Black and Red Heart Journal makes a beautiful personal diary or a thoughtful gift for a loved one. An ornate heart surrounded by Celtic-inspired designs is embossed on the cover.
Price: $32.00
Black and Yellow Tree of Life Journal
Record thoughts, notes, stories, or small sketches in the Black and Yellow Tree of Life Journal. Embossed on its black and yellow leather cover, an intricate and ever-connected tree appears surrounded by flowers and quatrefoils.
Price: $32.00
Bright Cernunnus Statue
The Bright Cernunnos Statue displays the mysterious pagan god in exquisite detail, from the elegantly curving horns on his head to the runes and vines that decorate his body down to the forest floor base upon which he stands.
Price: $40.00
Brigid Goddess of Hearth and Home Statue
Associated with ancient Irish myth, Brigid is patroness of many things, including poetry, medicine, spring, livestock, and wells. The Brigid Goddess of Hearth and Home Statue depicts the goddess holding flame above a large cauldron.
Price: $60.00
Bronze Celtic Claddagh Plaque
The Claddagh is a classic symbol out of Ireland that is known and loved by so many people around the world. Represent love, loyalty, and friendship in your home in an eternally bonded circle with this Bronze Celtic Claddagh Plaque.
Price: $25.00
Bronze Celtic Goddess Aine Plaque
Deep beneath the water, at the bottom of Lough Gur (Enchanted Lake) in Ireland, legend claims there lives a mermaid goddess. With the Bronze Celtic Goddess Aine Plaque, you can bring that unique and interesting legend to your home.
Price: $48.00
Bronze Celtic Skull
In a unique combination of Celtic artwork and gothic decor, the Bronze Celtic Skull will bring together two styles of decor that you would not imagine go together. Whether you like Celtic culture or skulls, you need this statue!
Price: $60.75
Bronze Ceridwen Statue
In Welsh mythology, Ceridwen was an enchantress who created potions of wisdom and beauty in her cauldron of poetic inspiration. The Bronze Ceridwen Statue portrays this legendary figure and her magic cauldron in lifelike detail.
Price: $53.25
Bronze Cernunnos Statue
A mysterious god of the ancient Celts, Cernunnos is also known as the Horned God, referring to his antlered head. The Bronze Cernunnos Statue proudly displays this god with intricate hand finished details and a bronze construction.
Price: $50.00
Bronze Earth Life Magic Bookend
This Bronze Earth Life Magic Bookend depicts the power of nature in combining a dryad figure with the Celtic Tree of Life symbol. Based on the painting by fantasy artist Selina Fenech, this bookend makes an enchanting home accent.
Price: $50.00
Bronze Elemental Celtic Cross Plaque
The four arms of this elemental cross reach to the four seasons, the circle encompassing all in its celestial arc. The Bronze Elemental Celtic Cross Plaque shows off an intricate mix of details designed by artist Maxine Miller.
Price: $44.00
Bronze Goddess Danu Statue
The ancient Celtic pantheon includes the goddess Danu, who has in modern times become associated with motherhood and nature. With the Bronze Goddess Danu Statue, you can bring this sacred Celtic figure into your home.
Price: $110.00
Bronze Morrigan Statue
As the priestess of war and sovereignty, Morrigan is still seen today by followers of Celtic mythology and ancient religions as a symbol of strength. This Bronze Morrigan Statue will serve as a daily reminder of her power and grace.
Price: $48.00
Bronze Rhiannon on Horseback Statue
In the Welsh Mabinogion, Rhiannon is a noble and strong-willed adventurer from the Otherworld who is often seen riding a beautiful white horse. The Bronze Rhiannon on Horseback Statue portrays this legendary hero in her element.
Price: $74.00
Bronze Warrior Morrigan Statue
In Irish mythology, Morrigan foretells death on the battlefield and is known to often take the form of a crow. The Bronze Warrior Morrigan Statue depicts this goddess of fate in gorgeous detail with feathered armour and crow wings.
Price: $64.00
Brown Tree of Life Embossed Leather Journal
An important icon throughout history, the tree of life often serves as a symbol of unity and connectedness. The Brown Tree of Life Embossed Leather Journal displays an intricate representation of the mystical tree on its cover.
Price: $28.00
Celtic Angel Mirror
Angels are known in most cultures as heavenly beings who look over those who are weak or in trouble. With stunning engravings, the Celtic Angel Mirror is a unique way to bring a mythical depiction into your home or reenactment decor.
Price: $67.00
Celtic Ashtray
Do not fool yourself into believing that you cannot have an ashtray around even if you do not smoke. This Celtic Ashtray is too nice to pass up and can be so much more than a great decoration, even if all it does is collect trinkets.
Price: $12.00

"I'm real happy with the past few orders I've received and it turned out to be a great series of renaissance festival outings this year.' Wanted to give you guys a big thanks for everything, I loved the outfits and gear!"

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