Scottish and Celtic Accessories

Coming from such a rich culture, it may seem daunting to try and add accents to your Scottish, highland, or Celtic attire. That is why Dark Knight Armoury has gathered together all of the Celtic and Scottish accessories we have. Here, you will find an assortment of period and culturally accurate accents that are ideally suited for use alongside more traditional Celtic apparel and highland dress. Leather belts are a common accessory, providing a better fit and a bit of added appeal, especially if the leather is engraved or if the belt sports fine metal furnishings. Many of our Celtic belts are also great for casual, everyday use. Another common accessory is the sporran or pouch. Not only can a pouch add functionality, but many also feature engravings in the leather, allowing them add extra style as well. Dark Knight Armoury has a handful of other Celtic accessories and highland accents as well, so if you need something for your historic look, take some time to browse through and see what your ensemble is missing.
Black Celtic Belt
A belt is a vital part of every outfit, as it offers both functionality and the chance to add a piece of flair that shows your style. With intricate designs, the Black Celtic Belt will be a great addition to your historic ensemble.
Price: $54.00
Brown Braided Tassel Sporran
This Brown Braided Tassel Sporran is a great addition to any Scottish outfit. A trio of leather tassels decorate the front of this rugged pebble grain pouch. The front flap closes by a convenient steel snap.
Price: $65.00
Brown Celtic Belt
A Celtic reenactor needs accessories that will add a striking detail to their historically accurate outfit. The Brown Celtic Belt features several aspects that make it a must have for those who love this culture and its style.
Price: $54.00
Cat Sith Hair Slide
With mountains of superstitions and folklore about them, it is no wonder that black cats are so popular. Known to the Celts as the Cat Sith, black cats like the one in the Cat Sith Hair Slide were considered a type of fairy.
Price: $17.50
Celtic Cross Leather Journal
Your journal is a sacred thing. It is the tome into which you pour your essence, the one thing with which you share your whole soul. You deserve a journal deserving of you, an elegant, hand-crafted book like the Celtic Cross Leather Journal.
Price: $16.00
Celtic Cross Leather Journal Key Chain
If you have ever been stuck somewhere needing to write something but without anything to write on, then you might understand how hard it is to carry paper around with you. The Celtic Cross Leather Journal Keychain fixes that issue.
Price: $8.00
Celtic Cross Pewter Flask
A heavily embossed cross is the main feature of this slightly curved, classically shaped hip flask. The Celtic Cross Pewter Flask looks nice with the polished finish. The twist-off pewter cap makes accessing your beverage easy.
Price: $54.00
Celtic Double Wrap Sword Belt
This is our popular double wrap sword belt with Celtic knotwork embossed on the belt. When the extra length of belt wraps around a body the second time, both hips then support the weight of the sword, providing balanced suspension.
Price: $55.00
Celtic Dragon Goblet
Ideal for Celtic or gothic table styles, this striking dragon glass will set any dinner display apart from the rest. The Celtic Dragon Goblet displays dragons and various endless knot patterns along the bowl of the piece.
Price: $18.00
Celtic Dragon Wine Goblet
Dragons are one of the most powerful images of Celtic mythology, often being used as a heraldic symbol for the great and powerful. The Celtic Dragon Wine Goblet features a Celtic-style dragon with outspread wings and a barbed tail.
Price: $17.00
Celtic Embossed Buckle Belt
The artistry of the Celts is timeless. Add beauty inspired by their designs to any outfit with the Celtic Embossed Buckle Belt. This handmade leather belt has its entire length and its belt keeper embossed with Celtic knotwork.
Price: $42.00
Celtic Heart Leather Embossed Journal Key Chain
Give that special someone in your life the means to write down anything, anywhere. From song or book ideas to shopping lists and phone numbers, the Celtic Heart Leather Embossed Journal Key Chain is perfect for writing on the go.
Price: $8.00
Celtic Interlace Flask
Displaying two bands of raised interlace designs, the Celtic Interlace Flask holds 6 ounces of your favorite beverage. This elegant hip flask makes a wonderful groomsmen or birthday gift and has ample room for personalized engraving.
Price: $55.00
Celtic Knot Buckle Belt
The time for celebration is near. The perfect costume is almost complete. You are quite pleased with the image in the mirror, but something is missing. Add a classical touch to your attire by donning the Celtic Knot Buckle Belt.
Price: $27.00
Celtic Knot Tasseled Sporran
The exploration of your heritage leads you to a historic landscape. You venture forth while clad in the tartan of your clan. Enjoy an adventure through the Highlands of Scotland with the Celtic Knot Tasseled Sporran at your side.
Price: $25.90
On Sale For: $23.31
Celtic Knot Tri Tassel Sporran
Put on the kilt of your clans tartan and this Celtic Knot Tri Tassel Sporran, and explore the history of the Highland people! This everyday sporran is ideal for carrying small essentials and showing your love for Scottish tradition.
Price: $19.90
On Sale For: $17.91
Celtic Knotwork Flask
Nothing beats a good flask, especially not when you are parched and that flask happens to be filled with your favorite drink. This Celtic Knotwork Flash is a solid choice when it comes to keeping a refreshment close at hand.
Price: $60.00
Celtic Leather Journal
Your journal is more than just a simple notebook. It is the vault in which you store shreds of yourself. Why settle for an ordinary tome, then, when you can pour your deepest thoughts into the pages of the beautiful Celtic Leather Journal?
Price: $13.00
Celtic Leather Phone Holder with Clasp
What better way to blend your modern device into historical or fantasy settings than with timeless Celtic style? The Celtic Leather Phone Holder with Clasp is handcrafted and embossed with a wide Celtic knot down its front and back.
Price: $27.00
Celtic Leather Pouch
The Celtic culture has a history that is so rich and interesting. With a piece that is both functional and visually appealing, this Celtic Leather Pouch is an easy way to add a distinctive flair to practically any look.
Price: $54.00

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