Roman Statues and Roman Figurines

In the days of the Ancient Romans, gods, goddesses, emperors, and even generals were often honored by having statues carved in their likeness. Indeed, even memorable events sometimes warranted the building of a statue! And here at Dark Knight Armoury, we preserve our own bit of Roman tradition by offering a variety of Roman statues, so that you can celebrate the history and lore of Ancient Rome in your home too. In regard to content, our Roman statues are based on similar sources of inspiration as the originals, although with a more general theme. The most common Roman statue we offer depicts a Roman warrior, armed, armored, and ready for battle. Some depict basic foot soldiers of the Roman war machine, while others depict the centurions, who were so well known for their leadership of the armies many units. Virtually all of the statues are made from cold cast resin or cold cast resin, with some being solid pewter. Regardless of the material, they all feature incredible detailing that makes each miniature warrior seem to come alive. Beyond the warriors of Ancient Rome, you will also find statues of gods and goddesses here too, when they are available. If it is your desire to bring some of the majesty and military might of old Rome into your home, then perhaps you ought to pay a visit to Dark Knight Armoury. You will not be disappointed in the quality of our Roman statues.
Attacking Roman Soldier Statue
With ferocious resolve, this warrior takes a jab at his foe. The Attacking Roman Soldier Statue provides a glimpse into ancient warfare in fine detail, depicting an armored fighter hand painted in antiqued silver and bronze colors.
Price: $20.00
Blindfolded Fortune Statue
The Roman goddess Fortuna represents the capriciousness of good luck, sometimes bringing windfalls and other times serving as the cruel hand of fate. The Blindfolded Fortune Statue shows her in a moment of bounty and blessing.
Price: $63.00
Bronze Goddess Fortuna Statue
Fortuna was the Roman goddess of fortune, chance, and prosperity. She was one of the most popular Roman deities during the reign of Servius Tullius in the 5th century BC. This Bronze Goddess Fortuna Statue makes a lovely gift.
Price: $41.98
Bronze Hadrian Statue
The Roman emperor Hadrian was known for his love of traveling and his benevolent reign, earning him a place among the Five Good Emperors. You can pay homage to this gracious ruler when you put the Bronze Hadrian Statue on display.
Price: $44.00
Bronze Roman Chariot Statue
Chariots have been used as far back as far as 3000 B.C. The Romans favored them as ceremonial vehicles, convenient transportation, and as weapons. The Bronze Roman Chariot Statue depicts a warrior behind the chariots reins.
Price: $63.00
Diana of Versailles Statue
Based on the treasured Roman marble statue that is housed in the Louvre Museum in Paris, this Diana of Versailles Statue is a bronze miniature suitable for table top display. A larger bronze copy stands in the gardens of Fontainbleau.
Price: $56.00
Diana The Huntress White Marble Statue
Many ancient traditions surround the Roman goddess depicted by the Diana The Huntress White Marble Statue. She not only bestows blessing during a hunt, but also holds sway over the moon, fertility, wild animals, and the woodlands.
Price: $43.00
Emperor Lucius Verus Bust
Emperor Lucius Verus, whose likeness you can see in the Emperor Lucius Verus Bust, was the first Emperor of the Roman Empire to co-rule with another emperor, his brother Marcus Aurelius. He made history in his eight year rule.
Price: $90.00
Fortuna Statue
Fortuna is considered to be an abstract Roman deity, but one not lacking in power. This Fortuna Statue depicts this goddess in her most classic form, that of a blindfolded woman who can bring either good luck or misfortune.
Price: $22.80
Gaius Julius Caesar Statue
Gaius Julius Caesar, better known simply as Julius Caesar, ruled the Roman Republic over two thousand years ago. Depicted in this Gaius Julius Caesar Statue, he is still known as one of the greatest military commanders in history.
Price: $40.00
Goddess Artemis with Deer Statue
The Diana of Versailles statue can be traced back thousands of years and is famously displayed in the Louvre museum. A recreation of a famous work, our Goddess Artemis with Deer Statue has a marble finish and depicts Greek goddess Artemis with a male deer.
Price: $49.00
Goddess Fortuna Statue
A goddess of fate and fortune to the Romans, Fortuna could be a fickle deity, bringing good or bad luck to the followers of her cult. The Goddess Fortuna Statue depicts her with an angelic aspect as she spills coins at her feet.
Price: $56.00
Hercules with Nemean Lion Pelt Statue
Hercules draws his massive bow against an unseen foe. Son of Zeus and Alcmene, Heracles, as he was called by the Greeks, was both hero and god. Add this Hercules with Nemean Lion Pelt Statue to your classical or hero collection.
Price: $58.00
Julius Caesar Bust
The famous general turned ruler of ancient Rome, Julius Caesar was ruthless, renowned, and ultimately assassinated by his senators. The Julius Caesar Bust pays homage to the historical figure with its incredible cast bronze detail.
Price: $43.00
Lady Fortuna Desk Clock
A prominent figure in Roman religion, Lady Fortuna was the goddess of fortune and the personification of luck. Wish for good luck with this Lady Fortuna Desk Clock, which depicts the goddess overflowing with wealth and prosperity.
Price: $50.00
Lady Fortuna Statue
Like the Greeks before them, the Romans had gods and goddesses that embodied every aspect of life. Fortuna, depicted in this Lady Fortuna Statue, was the Roman goddess of fortune and wealth and divine personification of luck.
Price: $44.08
Lady Fortune Statue
Fortuna was the goddess of fate and personification of luck in Ancient Rome. She was often depicted veiled or blindfolded, similar to Justicia. Display this Lady Fortune Statue in your home to curry favor with this capricious goddess.
Price: $46.00
Mars God of War Statue
Pay tribute to the Roman gods with the elegant and powerful Mars God of War Statue, which can accent any theme. This impressive figurine can add a new dimension to your current decor while adding inspirations of the gods.
Price: $44.00
Roman Centurion On Horseback Statue
You could use a subtle accent like the Roman Centurion on Horseback Statue to redefine your current motif. This unique model captures the spirit of the Roman Empire and creates a lively decoration for your home or office.
Price: $58.00
Roman Chariot Statue
Commemorate the action and danger of ancient Rome with the Roman Chariot Statue, which captures a scene of this deadly sport. Freshen up the look of a room with this replica that everyone will recognize when they enter your home.
Price: $338.00

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