Roman Era

It has been said that Ancient Rome was a wonder. Likely considered by themselves to be the pinnacle of civilization at the time, the greatest cities of Ancient Rome lived up to those boasts, featuring sprawling markets, impressive architecture, and running water via aqueducts. And Roman military power was no small thing either, as it allowed the empire to dominate much of Europe for a time! With all the impressive appeal of Ancient Rome, it is no wonder that Roman reenactment remains so popular today. And that is why Dark Knight Armoury has this Roman section, to accommodate all those who want to recreate the days of ancient Rome. This section is filled with all you could possibly want, ranging from Roman clothing and apparel to the equipment of the Roman military. We offer tunics and leather armour to suit gladiators just as we offer ornate lorica segmentas and breastplates to suit legionaries and praetorians. We offer everyday accents, like authentic looking Roman coins and jewelry, right alongside impressively detailed statues and accents that are perfect for bringing a touch of Rome into your daily life. If you want the wonder of Ancient Rome, then you have come to the right place. Dark Knight Armoury offers all the Roman apparel, armour, accents, and accessories that you could ever want. From pilums to caligae, you can find it all right here.
Roman Camping Gear, Roman Fire Pits, Roman Stoves and Roman Cooking Gear
The Roman military was no stranger to camping. Soldiers on the march did not always have forts or buildings to sleep in, so military camps, filled with tents, torches, and more were common among the Legion and their auxiliary troops. And now, Dark Knight Armoury, we have found some bits and bobbles of Roman camping gear that you can use to make your outdoor experience more historic, too.
Roman Armour, Roman Armor and Roman Armour Sets
As a military power, the Romans had considerable strength. Intense training made their formal military quite strong, and that strength was only augmented by good equipment, like their armour. As a line of defense, Roman armour is quite spectacular, offering up a distinctive look that is quite unforgettable. And now, you can acquire some Roman armour for yourself just by doing a bit of shopping here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Roman Clothing, Roman Belts and Roman Shoes
When most people think of Roman clothing, the common garment is the toga. In actuality, the toga was not the common garment. Indeed, it was considered formal wear, with tunics being common among men and long draped gowns being common among women. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer an array of great options that allow for both men and women to recreate an authentic look, born right from the pages of Roman history.
Roman Coins, Roman Replica Coins and Roman Reproduction Coins
Romans were not the first culture to use coins as currency, although Roman Coins did have a major impact on the currency of the kingdoms that came to follow the Roman Empire. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a variety of Roman coins, in a variety of denominations, including both commonly known coins as well as a few of the lesser-common coins.
Roman Daggers, Roman Pugio and Gladiator Daggers
The Romans were no strangers to weapons and war, and thus, were not unfamiliar with the dagger. In fact, most-every soldier, whether they were a legionary, an auxiliary, or anything else, carried a dagger, as much for defense as for show. And for the modern-day Roman, Dark Knight Armoury carries a number of great Roman daggers to choose from.
Roman Gifts, Pencil Toppers, Roman Collectibles and Roman Keychains
Sometimes the best reason to give a gift is just because you want to, not because of some occasion or event. And if you know someone who loves the Roman history and lore, Dark Knight Armoury has the perfect section for you to visit. Our selection of Roman gifts includes a variety of items that are in low in cost but high in detail, making them a great way to make gift-giving a common part of your day and life.
Roman Helmets, Roman Helms and Gladiator Helmets
Roman helmets are some of the most iconic and instantly recognizable helms from history, and for that reason, Dark Knight Armoury is all too happy to provide a more than adequate selection of helmets that would have been favored by generals, legionaries, centurions, legates, gladiators, soldiers, and more, all for reenactors or collector who loves that Roman style!
Roman Pendants, Roman Bracelets, Roman Earrings and Roman Rings
The Romans were no strangers to jewelry, that should come as no surprise. Their own culture was rich, and Romans tended towards decadence when and where possible. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a range of Roman jewelry, some of it modeled after the very pieces that citizens of note would have worn and other pieces modeled after the very symbols and lore that made Roman culture so rich and appealing.
Roman Pilums, Roman Spears and Roman Polearms
Unlike the Greeks before them, the Romans did not favor the spear. That does not mean that they did not use them, though. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a selection of Roman pilums and spears, all based on the various polearms that were commonly used during the days of Ancient Rome, either in military battles or in the great gladiatorial battles that were held in the amphitheaters to entertain the masses.
Roman Shields, Roman Scutum and Roman Arena Shields
The shield was an integral part of the Roman war machine. Like the Spartans and the Macedonians, the Romans attempted to fight as a unit, their warriors forming a body that used their shields to provide a nearly complete defense. Dark Knight Armoury carries recreations of the classic Roman shields, all made to reenactment standards, so that when you battle, you can make the same formation with your legionaries.
Roman Statues and Roman Figurines
In the days of the Ancient Romans, gods, goddesses, emperors, and even generals were often honored by having statues carved in their likeness. Indeed, even memorable events sometimes warranted the building of a statue! And here at Dark Knight Armoury, we preserve our own bit of Roman tradition by offering a variety of Roman statues, so that you can celebrate the history and lore of Ancient Rome in your home too.
Roman Swords, Gladiator Swords, Roman Gladius, Spartan Swords
The favored weapon of the Roman military was the sword, more specifically the gladius. Latin for sword, this unique blade was designed to be short, with emphasis put on a sleek design made for stabbing and thrusting. This allowed the Romans to easily attack by shifting their shields aside, delivering a thrust, and retracting to put their defenses right back into place.

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