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Pirates always have distinctive jewelry, and if you are shopping at Dark Knight Armoury, you can bet that your pirate jewelry will be quite the sight, indeed. We have classic pirate medallions, pendants, and necklaces, as well as other eccentric pieces like pirate rings and pirate bracelets that are perfect for any swashbuckling sailor on the high seas. Sometimes, pirate jewelry is simple. Sometimes, it takes the classic shape of a typical pirate coin, or it features traditional pirate symbols like the Jolly Roger or the skull and crossbones. Other times, it is less-so, possessing a more complex design that features classic pirate symbolism and lore woven into its very design, while featuring a myriad of other designs that render each piece a stunning example of true pirate style, at its finest. And with so many different pieces to choose from, you will virtually always be guaranteed a variety of pirate pieces, which means that your ideal pirate costume can look subtly different every time you wear it, just be mixing and matching various pieces of pirate jewelry! Wear a pirate coin necklace when you want to show off your wealth as a pirate lord, or wrap a few evil Jolly Roger rings around your fingers that even when you are swinging a sword, your enemies can see how well-adorned and how successful you are as a pirate. And because pirates are always looking for a good, quick way to get something shiny and valuable for a bargain, Dark Knight Armoury is bound to be their best friend, because most of our pirate jewelry is offered at quite the bargain, ensuring that you can get exactly what you want without having to spend too much of your hard-earned doubloons!
Buccaneer Beauty Cameo Ring
Pirates frequently find themselves in possession of beautiful pieces of jewelry, and that is truer for a female pirate than any other. This Buccaneer Beauty Cameo Ring is definitely an accessory that a pirate lass would want to have.
Price: $3.50
Buccaneer Beauty Layered Cameo Necklace
This necklace is a rich array of decorations, so much so that this Buccaneer Beauty Layered Cameo Necklace makes it look as though a female pirate is wearing all the riches she is accumulated on her pirate voyages.
Price: $11.00
Davy Jones Pendant
From nautical folklore, the modern representation of the Davy Jones Pendant is here to accent your look. This captain of the Flying Dutchman is as intimidating as it is fashionable and would be recognized by anyone sailor.
Price: $11.00
Double-Sided Sailing Ship Pendant
At a time when the world was new and the seven seas were highways to new lands, traveling by ship was a necessity. The Double-Sided Sailing Ship Pendant is a wonderful way to capture the spirit of adventure.
Price: $9.00
Drake's Leviathan Pendant
Fact meets fiction in this Drakes Leviathan Pendant! Named after two monsters of the sea this pendant features an intriguing connotation that many, back in the age of sailing, would likely support, assuming they knew Drakes reputation.
Price: $21.00
Gibbet Pendant
This Gibbet Pendant is made from lead-free pewter and is supplied on a waxed cord. The information on the reverse of the card describes dungeons and how people were punished in them, providing insight into medieval times.
Price: $10.00
Gold Plated Skull And Crossbones Ring
The Jolly Roger, with its skull and crossbones design, has long been a symbol of pirates. Now, you can wear that symbol on your finger and feel like an authentic pirate whenever you put on this Gold Plated Skull and Crossbones Ring.
Price: $6.50
Gothic Pirate Skull Chain
Whether you enjoy the gothic style or are a fan of pirates, the Gothic Pirate Skull Chain is an incredible piece of skull themed jewelry to own! This chain consists of five stainless-steel skulls that have been linked together.
Price: $15.40
Gunslinger Skull Necklace
Maintain your reputation as the fastest finger in the West with the Gunslinger Skull Necklace. This pendant features a skull with two revolvers, resembling the classic skull and crossbones design that indicates danger and death.
Price: $14.00
Jack Sparrow Ring Set
If you are looking for a pirate with style, look no further than Jack Sparrow. Get his look with the Jack Sparrow Ring Set, three rings based on the jewelry worn by Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean films.
Price: $34.95
King Skull Bracelet
The King Skull Bracelet is a cuff bracelet that features a skull wearing a crown. Intricate artwork is on the sides. This bracelet is made of lead free alloy. The King Skull Bracelet is one size fits all and can be slightly adjusted.
Price: $14.50
Kraken Necklace
Mysterious and tragic tales of the sea often tell of the tentacled monstrosity known as the Kraken. Capable of dragging large ships into the depths, you would not expect to see it so small like it is in the Kraken Necklace.
Price: $75.00
Kraken Ring
The Kraken, a monstrous, tentacled creature from the depths of the sea. Sailors say that it can pull entire ships to the ocean floor by wrapping its massive tentacles around them, like what the Kraken Ring does to your finger.
Price: $22.50
Kraken Single Stud Earring
From the darkest depths of the sea does a tentacle rise to wrap your ear in an overwhelmingly powerful grip...and indeed, this Kraken Single Stud Earring creates a powerful statement that is sure to have an intriguing new effect on your sense of style!
Price: $31.00
On Sale For: $27.90
Pewter Pirate Gem Ring
There is nothing worse for a merchant sailor than to see a ring like this Pewter Pirate Gem Ring up close, because that means that they have been boarded by pirates and are likely to soon lose their ship, their cargo, and much more.
Price: $6.25
Pewter Skull And Crossbones Ring
The Jolly Roger, with its skull and crossbones design, has long been a classic symbol of pirates. Now, you can wear that symbol on your finger and feel like an authentic pirate whenever you put on this Pewter Skull and Crossbones Ring.
Price: $5.25
Pirate Captain Bracelet
You can finally complete the look of that sailing outfit with the stylish and shocking Pirate Captain Bracelet. This adventurous jewelry accent will inspire you to seek great riches and danger, so purchase one for yourself today.
Price: $15.00
Pirate Captain Earrings
Those days you have spent fantasizing about traveling the world can be channeled into the Pirate Captain Earrings. This dazzling jewelry set is sure to turn heads when you proudly wear them to your next social event.
Price: $6.00
Pirate Captain Necklace
The Pirate Captain Necklace is the perfect gift for the pirate in your life! This necklace features the skull and crossbones with a pirate captain hat! This necklace is made of lead free alloy and comes with an adjustable chain.
Price: $11.50
On Sale For: $9.50
Pirate Captain Skull Necklace
Pirates, captains, and pirate hunters of all sorts will find something they like in the Pirate Captain Skull Necklace! Pirates will love it for its style, and pirate hunters will love it as a symbol of a pirate who got what he deserved!
Price: $12.00

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