Pirate Daggers, Pirate Knives, and Jolly Roger Daggers

A life of piracy is a dangerous one. Not only do you have to worry about ducking and dodging the naval authorities, but you also have to worry about your own crew taking what is yours! That is why a good pirate is never without a weapon. Dark Knight Armoury has a selection of pirate daggers that are easy to hide, so you never have to go anywhere without having a blade on your person! Better yet, these blades are not all crude cleavers, but elegant accessories that serve to enhance the image of a pirate captain, as well! We offer a wide selection of hand-held daggers for a pirate captain to choose from, ranging from decorative pieces that are sure to enhance his look and double as display items when not at the hip to truly functional blades that any pirate captain can wield alongside their cutlass, their boarding axe, or even their flintlock! Each dagger is clearly defined as to whether it is functional or decorative, so read each description carefully to make certain that the pirate dagger of your dreams can do all you want and need it to! Some are straightforward, others are ornate with Jolly Roger and pirate map designs. All, though, are purely pirate in their design, and that makes Dark Knight Armoury the best place to come when it comes to arming yourself with a great pirate dagger!
Pirate Dagger and Wheel Display
Even without being told that the blade part of the Pirate Dagger and Wheel Display was a pirate dagger, it is rather obvious that it is pirate themed. Everything on that blade is pirate oriented, from the pommel to the blade!
Price: $25.00
Pirate Scimitar Dagger
For the soul who enjoys the excitement and wealth found while sailing with the Brethren of the Coast, a good dagger proves its value. The Pirate Scimitar Dagger guarantees the seafaring adventurer stands strong, ready for combat.
Price: $25.90
On Sale For: $23.31
Tribal Pirate Skeleton Dagger
One cannot help but think about remote islands and lost treasure when viewing the Tribal Pirate Skeleton Dagger. Just think of all the adventures that await the buccaneer who chooses this blade as companion when sailing the Seven Seas.
Price: $29.90

"I just wanted to write and say I am super impressed by the quality of the item I was sent. The price was more than fair and the craftsmanship was above and beyond the call! Thank you a million times over. I'll recommend your shop to everyone in my group. Keep up the great work I will be back. "

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