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Did pirates make coins of their own? They did not, although many historical coins have gained notoriety as being commonly associated with pirates. Thus, at Dark Knight Armoury, we carry an assortment of Pirate Coins, the type that any sea-sailing scallywag would love to have jingling around in their pocket or filling their treasure chest. Oddly enough, many of the pirate coins you will find floating around here are Spanish in nature, although these are by no means the only coins that pirates would have favored. All the same, in this category you will find all the classic pirate coins, like gold doubloons and pieces of eight, also known as a peso de ocho. Many, although not all, of our pirate coins featured here are made from pewter metal, and all of them feature a historic look that mimics the details of the ancient world. If you are looking to fill your pockets with pirate treasure, or if you have always wanted to own a piece of pirate lore, than these Pirate Coins are definitely just what you have always wanted. And best yet, they are great not only for the mature collector, but also for pirate and coin enthusiasts of all ages, which means that whether your 8 or 80, these coins are not without their appeal. Now is your chance to snag some pirate booty - do not let it pass you by!
100 Gold Shields
100 Gold Shields Centen was coined during the reign of Felipe IV in 1637. The 100 Gold Shields is a great item to add to your replica coin collection or to take to reenactments. This coin features amazing details and is made by Denix.
Price: $1.75
150 Small Golden Pirate Coins
So, you have decided to commit to a life at sea, sailing the Caribbean and pillaging and plundering merchant ships. You are going to need some treasure to start with, so grab yourself a bag of 150 Small Golden Pirate Coins and set sail!
Price: $149.99
150 Small Silver Pirate Coins
The treasure of a pirate is often more than just gold coins, there are silver coins in there too! The 150 Small Silver Pirate Coins will add a flair of silver booty to your treasure chest, so set sail and get to plundering and pillaging!
Price: $149.99
4 Escudo Gold Doubloon Replica Coin
Next to rum and the open sea, a pirates favorite thing in the world is treasure! You can begin to amass your treasure with the 4 Escudo Gold Doubloon Replica Coin! Its shiny, golden colored surface is perfect for a pirates hoard!
Price: $5.85
50 Large Golden Pirate Coins
A pirate is measured by three things- how cruel they are, how many ships they take, and how much treasure they amass. You can start on your road to a large fortune with these 50 Large Golden Pirate Coins! All you need now is a chest!
Price: $149.99
50 Mixed Pirate Treasure Coins
This Set of Pirate Coins is a mix of 2 lots of 25 reproduction coins. This set includes 25 gold doubloons and 25 silver Reales. All our coins are made from pewter that is either antiqued or gold plated.
Price: $126.25
50 Large Silver Pirate Coins
When it comes to money pirates are not picky people. Sure, they prefer gold, but they would never turn down these 50 Large Silver Pirate Coins! Silver is just as useful at buying things as gold, and these bust pesos can be broken up!
Price: $149.99
75 Medium Golden Pirate Coins
Pirates love their gold doubloons more than any of their other treasures! Gold is incredibly valuable to them, so these 75 Medium Golden Pirate Coins are something you will need while you are journeying across the Caribbean seas!
Price: $149.99
75 Medium Silver Pirate Coins
Silver is a popular metal to trade with, making it a popular treasure for pirates! With silver bust pesos, like what is seen in the 75 Medium Silver Pirate Coins, you could buy anything you could possibly need to sail the open seas!
Price: $149.99
8 Reales Bust Peso Replica Coin
The Spanish bust peso was capable of being broken into 8 pieces, earning it the nickname Piece of 8. Like the name of the 8 Reales Bust Peso Replica Coin suggests, this silver coin was worth 8 Spanish Reales when whole!
Price: $5.85
8 Reales Pillar Dollar Replica Coin
Before the Escudo and the Peseta, the Spanish currency was the Real. The pillar dollar, which came after the Real, was worth 8 Reales at its largest size, like the 8 Real Pillar Dollar Replica Coin, and 1 Real at its smallest.
Price: $5.85
8 Reales Silver Cob Replica Coin
Typically, after it was traded for something, the owner of a Spanish silver cob would melt it down for the silver. This is why the 8 Reales Silver Cob Replica has such an unusual shape, as they were made to be temporary coins.
Price: $5.85
Copper Coin of Bartholomew Roberts
One of the most notorious and successful pirates from the Golden Age, Bartholomew Black Bart Roberts captured almost 500 vessels throughout his career. Commemorate this brutal buccaneer with the Copper Coin of Bartholomew Roberts.
Price: $12.00
Gold Doublon
The Gold Doublon comes from the Spanish word doblon, meaning double. Gold Doublons were minted in Spain, Mexico, Peru, and Nueva Granada. Doublons were current all the way up to the middle of the 19th century.
Price: $1.50
Gold Doublon
The Gold Doublon comes from the Spanish word doblon, meaning double. Gold Doublons were minted in Spain, Mexico, Peru, and Nueva Granada. Doublons were current all the way up to the middle of the 19th century.
Price: $1.50
Leather Bag Of Coin Pieces Of Eight
The Spanish dollar (also known as the piece of eight, the real de a ocho, or the eight-real coin) is a silver coin that was minted in the Spanish Empire after a Spanish currency reform in 1497, long tied to the lore of piracy.
Price: $14.50
Piece Of Eight
The Piece of Eight, aka Spanish dollar, real de a ocho, or eight-real coin, is a silver coin worth eight reales that was minted in the Spanish Empire after a currency reform in 1497. It has been long tied to the lore of piracy.
Price: $1.75
Pieces of Eight Replica Coin
The Pieces of Eight Replica Coin is based on actual Spanish money that was capable of being broken into eight bits, each one worth one eighth of the original coin. Pay for what you need on the seven seas with this replica coin!
Price: $5.85
Pirate Coin Set
As any buccaneer will tell you, money makes the world go round. It certainly enhances tabletop gaming, anyway. Luckily, we have just the booty for you, no high-seas hijinks necessary. Equip your roleplay with the Pirate Coin Set.
Price: $28.50
Pirate Treasure Coin Pack
This reproduction two Escudos coin is made from 22ct gold plated lead-free pewter. The Pirate Treasure Coin is in a clear blister pack on a card which has an image of Blackbeard on the front, for a genuine pirate look.
Price: $6.25

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