Pirate Accessories

To be a pirate, you need to look the part. Luckily, me hearties, Dark Knight Armoury has accessories aplenty, ensuring that your pirate look is easy to complete. Whether you are looking for something little or something large to accent your pirate style, you are sure to find it here. For the classic look of a pirate with a hook hand, we offer plastic and steel pirate hooks. Baldrics and belts make it easy to keep your sword and your pistol at your side, and we even have some other pieces of pirate inspired leather, like bracers and wrist cuffs, to enhance your style. The eye patch is an iconic part of the pirate style, and we have plenty to choose from here. A pirate is nothing without his or her treasure, so we also offer some treasure maps, pouches, satchels, and even a portable treasure chest! For the thirsty pirate, we also have glass bottles and goblets. You will have to see for yourself what other pirate goodies Dark Knight Armoury has accumulated in this category.
Dead Man's Arm Bracers
Our Dead Mans Arm Bracers will be a fine addition to any cut throat pirates gear. You have gotta protect those arms, so why not do it in style? The bracers have steel speed lacers which make lacing them up a cinch.
Price: $38.00
Dead Men Tell No Tales Waist Belt
Our Dead Men Tell No Tales Belt has a skull and crossbones buckle and features silver pirate skulls all along the belt. This leather belt is 1.5 inches wide and can be worn with your pirate garb, over your shirt, or even over a sash.
Price: $72.00
Jack Sparrow Head Scarf
Add extra detail to any pirate look with the officially licensed Jack Sparrow Head Scarf. An incredibly versatile costume accessory, this pirate bandana lends you the style of the fan favorite Pirates of the Caribbean character.
Price: $11.95
Jolly Roger Buckle Belt
Avast, me matey! Pay no heed to those glaring land-lovers. Your soul belongs to the sea and your fellow buccaneers. Let all see that you are a pirate through and through. The Jolly Roger Buckle Belt serves as a token of loyalty.
Price: $27.00
Jolly Roger Pirate Bracers
A must have accessory for any pirate! These leather arm bracers are crafted from medium weight 7/8 ounce leather, making them light and comfortable to wear. They are perfect for Pirate Festivals, Ren Fairs, LARP, and Theater.
Price: $36.00
Knee-High Mismatched Pirate Socks
The best costumes are cohesive from head to toe. Now with these Knee-High Mismatched Pirate Socks, your feet wont feel left out in the cold. One sock is black and white striped while the other features a wood-grain peg leg pattern.
Price: $9.95
Leather Buckled Flap Bag
When heading to the Renaissance fair, make sure to take along all of your necessities with the help of this handy leather bag! The Leather Buckled Flap Bag comes in a useful, hands-free design that can hang from your belt.
Price: $26.00
Leather Eye Patch
You will be swabbing decks in style when you add this accessory to your pirate ensemble. This high quality Leather Eye Patch is hand formed, fits perfectly to the contour of your face, and ties in the back with a leather thong.
Price: $16.00
Men's Black Pirate Vest
A fantastic way to reinvent old pirate costumes is to wear them again, after you make an addition to the costume, of course! This Mens Black Pirate Vest is a garment to add to any pirate costume to give it a whole new style.
Price: $18.00
Molded Jolly Roger Eye Patch
You do not have to lose an eye to become a pirate. Instead you can just put on an accent like this Molded Jolly Roger Eye Patch! Onlookers will never know the difference and you will appear all the more like a true pirate for it too.
Price: $2.25
Ornate Buckle Pirate Gaiters
With the Ornate Buckle Pirate Gaiters, the roleplayer may wear a favored pair of modern boots without stepping out of character. This fine pair of boot covers adds authenticity and style to the exciting role of debonair buccaneer.
Price: $49.00
Pirate Baldric
A baldric is more than just a stylish addition to your attire. It is also an effective way to support your weapon, ensuring that no matter where the tides take you, this Pirate Baldric keeps your trusty cutlass ready at your side!
Price: $168.00
Pirate Baldric
The Pirate Baldric is inspired by images of pirates, bristling with weapons, boarding a hapless merchant ship. But this black leather baldric makes a fantastic, functional addition to the outfits of both swashbucklers and swordsmen.
Price: $65.00
Pirate Collar and Cuff Set
If you are looking for accessories to complete the role of buccaneer, look no further. The Pirate Collar and Cuff Set adds the finishing touch that you need. Create a costume that is all your own, and other swashbucklers will envy.
Price: $19.95
Pirate Eye Patch - Black
Maybe you lost your eye in a battle with the Spanish Armada, or maybe you just want to keep it covered so you can see below deck. Either way, your pirate ensemble is not complete until you equip it with the Black Pirate Eye Patch.
Price: $9.00
Pirate King Belt
This massive heavy belt is made from faux snakeskin. The Pirate King Belt displays an antiqued nickel buckle and tip. Great for Pirate outfits, this 3 inch wide belt is perfect for carrying your cutlass, daggers, and flintlock.
Price: $79.00
Pirate Skull Buckle Belt
Terrorize the seas in style when you wear the Pirate Skull Buckle Belt. This high quality handmade leather belt features a bold metal belt buckle displaying a grinning pirate skull wearing a captains hat over two crossed cutlasses.
Price: $30.00
Pirates Leather Bottle Holder
When sailing the seas or searching for treasure, it is important to stay hydrated! The Pirates Leather Bottle Holder is ideal for carrying your favorite drink in a bottle or can. A steel pirate skull concho decorates the front.
Price: $25.00
Pirates Sash
Price: $29.00
Pirate's Single Holster Pistol Baldric
Most baldrics are used to hold a sword. In this version, our pirate themed baldric has a pistol holster instead of a sword frog. Our Pirates Single Holster Pistol Baldric will make a great addition to any pirate or steampunk ensemble.
Price: $59.00

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