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The culture of ancient Japan is one that was well-known for its unique appeal, and the clothing of that era carries an inherent appeal and allure that is hard to deny. At Dark Knight Armoury, we have joined in the craze and are happy to offer you a growing selection of Japanese clothing, inspired by and modeled after the garments that Samurai, daimyo, shogun, shinobi, geisha, and more all would have worn in the Feudal Era. Some of the garments featured here are authentic reproductions, allowing you to take on a Japanese look and style whenever you want. Others are more modernized pieces that combine convenience and ease into a traditional garment, allowing you to keep that iconic look without effort. This means that we have kimono styled tops and loose fitting hakama style pants that are perfect for creating a Japanese swordsman look. Add in a jin-baori or a haori and you will complete the look with an accessory befitting a feudal lord or daimyo! Dark Knight Armoury loves to provide you with all the gear you need to complete your reenactment looks, and with this Japanese clothing section, we can now offer you an array of fine garments to use when building a look befitting a Samurai, a feudal lord, or any number of other Japanese ensembles!
Jin-Baori (Samurai Vest)
The Jin-Baori is an Asian inspired battle overcoat. The Jin-Baori can be worn by men or women. Whether you pair it with a Kimono and Asian style pants or wear it over a dress, it will be the focal point of your outfit.
Price: $42.00
The Kimono is an Asian inspired shirt with three-forth length sleeves. The sleeves are wide and should come down to about the middle of your forearm. The Kimono is long enough to be tucked into pants, but also can be worn over as well.
Price: $40.00
Leather Biohazard Mempo Mask
If you find yourself fighting zombies, or monsters and mutants of any kind, a face mask can be a life-saver. This Leather Biohazard Mempo Mask combines an old Japanese protection with a modern twist to suit just such a need.
Price: $30.00
Leather Killer Face Mask
There is a sinister sort of style to this Leather Killer Face Mask. Inspired by the mempo armors of ancient Japan, this mask is part leather face protector, and part incredible accent that is sure to stick with anyone who sees it.
Price: $30.00
Samurai Pants
These pants are modeled after the garments that were favored classes of Japan, the samurai and the nobility. As can be expected, the Samurai Pants have a completely different silhouette and look from typical European garments.
Price: $53.00

"A great BIG thank you to the ladies and all involved. I can't believe how fast it got here. Well packaged. My son will be so happy! "

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