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As can be imagined, Japanese armour differs greatly from the traditional European armour of the medieval ages. Distinctive and definitely different, any suit of Japanese armour is an instantly recognizable look that will definitely impress and awe others. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we are proud to offer you a selection of protective Japanese pieces, so that you can sport your favorite form of oriental protection. Japanese armour was traditionally made from plates or scales of iron or leather, and as the Samurai were expected to act in many different roles in combat, the armor was usually made to be as lightweight as possible. Bright color and lacquer were also common features, as much to make a samurai stand out as to ensure protection from the harsh Japanese climate. This section features both metal and leather armour, although leather is by far the more common pieces. The do is the most common piece you will find here - a Japanese breastplate that creates the iconic look of a true Samurai. Some of our do are even outfitted with sode - that is to say, the breastplates have attached pauldrons. We also offer kote, which are Japanese, Samurai styled bracers to wear to protect your arms. This and more are what you will find here at Dark Knight Armoury, when you take the time to look through our selection of Japanese armour.
Classic Leather Mempo
Once, the mempo was a classic element of the armor of a samurai. In this Classic Leather Mempo, it gets an upgrade. Still perfect for that use, this mempo is also a stellar leather mask that can find a variety of other uses too!
Price: $28.00
Dark Elven Warrior Mempo
Samurai were not the only ones who could wear intimidating face masks into battle! This Dark Elven Warrior Mempo re-purposes the historic mempo and transforms it into an epic piece of fantasy armor, fit for any dark warrior to wear.
Price: $30.00
Leather Japanese Mempo
A mempo, or menpo, was a piece of Japanese armor that was designed to cover and protect the face. The Leather Japanese Mempo recreates its design in quality leather so that you can armor yourself as the legendary Samurai once did.
Price: $27.00
Leather Samurai Armor
The samurai of ancient Japan were no strangers to armor. This Leather Samurai Armor is a recreation of the traditional great armor in leather so that modern warriors can enjoy the same protection that these legendary warriors wore.
Price: $492.00
On Sale For: $443.00
Leather Samurai Armour
Immerse yourself in your role as a samurai warrior when your wear the Leather Samurai Armour. This beautiful armour includes a cuirass and pauldrons, which both feature a spectacular plated design to maintain superb flexibility.
Price: $688.05
Leather Samurai Bracers
Embodying the style of the armour worn by samurai warriors in medieval era Japan, the Leather Samurai Bracers are designed for use in LARP battles or light reenactment by those seeking to accurately portray a samurai.
Price: $158.40
Leather Samurai Bracers
Arm protection is a key part of any armored look. This was true in European armors as well as in oriental designs. These Leather Samurai Bracers mimic the Japanese kote, which were worn by samurai as a part their traditional armor.
Price: $69.00
Leather Samurai Cuirass
In an extraordinary replication of samurai armor, the Leather Samurai Cuirass features a plated design which offers supreme flexibility. This is exceptional armor for those who LARP and desire embodying a role of an eastern warrior.
Price: $440.55
Leather Samurai Full Armour Set
Samurai are renowned for their code of honor and their exquisite armour designs. Embodying this unique styling, the Leather Samurai Full Armour Set is the perfect attire for any LARPer seeking to assume this honorable role.
Price: $1,465.20
Leather Samurai Greaves
Inspired by the armour worn by Japanese samurai warriors, the Leather Samurai Greaves are a spectacular choice for any LARPer who desires suiting up in the regalia of these elite warriors and bringing honor to the battle field.
Price: $247.50

"'As an all around Rennie and LARP Gamer, i enjoy, love and worship every aspect of the things you do especially by bringing to life the items from the Lord Of the Rings trilogy. Because of your wonderful service and'exquisite items i have every bit of my Dragon Tamer Outfit completed and simple enjoy the looks on kids faces when they pass me at fairs. Soon i will have the Eldarian Elf costume created all thanks to the wonderfully glorious & extensively Divine Items your Shop holds. Thank you all for making my dream of being a Prince Come true."

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