Greek Helmets, Spartan Helmets and Corinthian Helmets

While the Corinthian helmet might be the most popular and the most well-known Greek helmet, it is not the only one. And Dark Knight Armoury is all too happy to provide a selection of historically accurate Greek helmets that are perfect not only for display, but also for wearing, either as a part of a costume or as a functional piece of battle-ready armor. The Greeks were no slouches when it came to their warriors, with many being equipped with the finest weapons and armor of the times ensuring that when it came to blows, Greek warriors were among the strongest of their age. Greek helmets were actually rather varied in design, although the most common of the Greek helmets is by far the Corinthian helmet. This helmet is often viewed as the quintessential helmet, having been worn by Corinthians, Spartans, and many others, due entirely to how protective it was. The helmets witnessed in Frank Millers 300, as worn by King Leonidas and his Spartans, are actually stylized Corinthian helmets. We also offer Trojan helmets, which are similar in style to Corinthian helmets, while featuring subtle differences in shaping that show a similar evolution. Also offered are helmets from Attica, Boeotia, and Athens, each possessing a distinctive look and style that makes each one distinctive and unique. Many of our Greek helms are offered in quality materials, ranging from authentic looking bronze or iron to the more modern steel. Collectors will no doubt find that these Greek helms are a great find, being worthy of display in the home or the office, while reenactors will find them to be worthy for a different reason. In spite of age and hundreds, if not a thousand and more years of evolution, each of our Greek helmets remains as protective as their later cousins, and that is what makes them so great a treasure to have, both as a display item and as a piece of battle regalia.
1st Century Brass Pony Tail Helm
Our authentically styled Charioteer Helm will take you back to the days of old Greece. The helm portrayed in the great chariot races of history, this helm features a real hair tail plume, studded accents, and is hand crafted of brass.
Price: $188.25
Antiqued Itali Corinthian Helmet
With its distinctive shape, the Antiqued Italo Corinthian Helmet is one of the most identifiable helmets of history. The iconic helm of the Spartan warrior, this helmet was favored by many Greeks because of its protective design.
Price: $144.00
Athenian Hoplite Helmet
Perhaps almost as well known as the Greek city-state of Sparta was their rival, Athens. And as Sparta's rivals, their warriors were no slouches in battle, often wearing impressive helmets like the Athenian Hoplite Helmet into battle.
Price: $162.00
Black Plumed Trojan Helm
Ancient Greek armor really does not get any more iconic than a Corinthian helmet with a long plume. This Black Plumed Trojan Helm is a sleek way to recreate the look of a mighty Greek Warrior in your decor or period themed costume.
Price: $87.50
On Sale For: $78.75
Boeotian Helmet
The Boeotian Helmet originated in Boeotia, a region of Greece. The helmet is modeled after a folded down sunhat and is designed to provide for unimpeded hearing and vision, and thus it was primarily used by cavalry and mounted soldiers.
Price: $270.00
Brass Italo Corinthian Helmet
With its distinctive shape, the Brass Italo Corinthian Helmet is one of the most identifiable helmets of history. The iconic helm of the Spartan warrior, this helmet was favored by many Greeks because of its protective design.
Price: $225.00
Corinthian Battle Helm
The iconic image of a Spartan is not complete unless he wears his bronze helmet. The Spartan's Corinthian Helmet, though, is no t merely a Spartan innovation, but rather a helmet that was favored and used by all ancient Greek warriors.
Price: $225.00
Corinthian Helmet
This style of helmet originated in ancient Greece and takes its name from the city state of Corinth. The Corinthian Helmet with cheek plates and nose guard was one of the most popular helmets during the early Classical periods.
Price: $265.00
Grecian Attic Helm
Recreating the classic style of the attic helm that originated in Attica, Greece, the Grecian Attic Helmet is a fantastic helmet that features an impressive and archaic look, despite the helmet style having lacked widespread use.
Price: $306.00
Greek Corinthian Helmet
According to artistic and archaeological findings, the Corinthian helmet is thought to be the most commonly worn helmet during the Archaic periods. This Greek Corinthian Helmet offers a wonderful choice for display or costume wear.
Price: $75.00
On Sale For: $67.50
Italo Brass Corinthian Helm with Plume
With its distinctive shape, the Italo Brass Corinthian Helm with Plume is one of the most identifiable helmets of history. The iconic helm of the Spartan warrior, this helmet was favored by many Greeks because of its protective design.
Price: $279.00
Italo Iron Corinthian Helmet
With its distinctive shape, the Italo Iron Corinthian Helmet is one of the most identifiable helmets of history. The iconic helm of the Spartan warrior, this helmet was favored by many Greeks because of its protective design.
Price: $99.00
Leather Greek Helmet
Our Leather Greek Helmet is made from hardened 13/15 oz. leather and is perfect for any type of re-enacting or costuming. Leather helmets are perfect for re-enactors, SCA, LARP, and even faire goers, as they are more comfortable.
Price: $185.00
Macedonian Battle Helm
The Macedonian Battle Helm is a straight-forward design that implements a great deal of protection, as well as a crest along the top of the helm, making it a great helmet for a simple warrior or for a warlord like Alexander the Great.
Price: $159.00
Royal Corinthian Helmet With Plume
The corinthian style of helmet originated in Corinth and was favored because of its protective shape. The Royal Corinthian Helmet with Plume replicates this original style, while adding ornamentation that is decorative and functional.
Price: $216.00
Steel Greek Corinthian Helm
The Corinthian style helmet favored by ancient Greeks enjoyed a long period of use, from the early 7th to the 4th Century B.C. Our reproduction is handcrafted in 18 gauge steel. Add a touch of history to your life with this helmet.
Price: $157.75
Trojan Helmet
History buffs can delight in the excellent styling of this fantastic historical helmet. The Trojan Helmet features the extended guards along the sides of the face and nose guard typical of various Greek and Roman helmets of the time.
Price: $89.00
On Sale For: $80.10
Trojan War Helmet
With its classic Greek styling and appearance, it is not difficult to picture an ancient Greek hero wearing the Trojan War Helmet as they charge into battle. This helmet offers full protection as well as an impressive black plume.
Price: $144.00
Troy Helmet
This helmet is by far one of the most superior Trojan style helmets that we have to offer. The styling is great, the finish cannot be beat, and it is completely lined on the inside. The dark metal finish is also rust and scratch resistant!
Price: $143.00

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