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If you are looking for that instant touch of gothic style that you can add to any outfit, then perhaps you are looking for gothic earrings. At Dark Knight Armoury, we know that a good accessory can subtly influence the style of an outfit, and with any one of these great gothic earrings, you can subtly push the style of your chosen outfit closer to the realm of decadently gothic. Virtually of these earrings are crafted from the highest quality pewter, and many feature attractive decorations, in the form of hanging chains, dangling pieces, and stunning Swarovski crystals. Gothic accessories go great with gothic clothing, obviously, but they also pair quite nicely with outfits from the alternative scene, and many possess such a great style that they will work wonders with traditional contemporary garb, too! A nice set of skull earrings are perfect for those days were you are just feeling punkish and want to show off your heavy metal style, while a good dragon earring is a great choice when fantasy peeks your interest. And for those special occasions, we have various other styles of earrings that will look perfect with gothic dresses and formal wear of all sorts! Of course, we also offer earrings in a more masculine style, so men are not left completely out of the mix either, allowing them to craft their own style to suit their own needs. Some of our earrings are sold as a pair, while others are sold as individually. Read each item description carefully to determine which earring is which. Our stud earrings feature sterling silver posts, while our hook-worn earrings have surgical stainless steel ear wires, for safe wear. If you are looking for something that is decadent and dark, then you have come to the right place, but you will also find so much more than that here in the gothic earrings section at Dark Knight Armoury. You will find an assortment of earrings that are great for a variety of purposes, so take your time, browse carefully, and see what piques your interest.
A Night With Goethe Earwrap
Returning from the grave in search of lost love, the creature roams through the night. Stories of revenants consumed the world of 18th century Europe. Wear A Night With Goethe Ear Wrap and let it whisper to you his tale of horror.
Price: $25.00
Alchemist Stud Earrings
The Alchemist Stud Earrings are miniature Alchemist skulls for Acolytes who prefer to go incognito. These earrings allow you to show your allegiance to the powers that be while adoring yourself in great gothic fashion.
Price: $15.00
On Sale For: $13.50
Anchors Away Ear Stud
If you happen to be a salty sailor in search of a modern earring with great style, this one is for you. The Anchors Away Ear Stud recreates a classic nautical symbol with crystal accents for any seafarer to wear.
Price: $35.00
Ankh of Osiris Drop Earrings
The Egyptian god of life, death, resurrections, and the afterlife, Osiris bequeaths the Breath of Life to those blessed with immortality. The Ankh of Osiris Drop Earrings feature the iconic cross symbol on a short chain.
Price: $20.00
Arboreus Earwraps
An elf ear, recreated in polished, antiqued pewter. This fey jewelry displays a Victorian gothic fantasy of swirling, verdant flourishes. The Arboreus Earwraps are perfect for Faerie festivals, LARP events, or fantasy conventions.
Price: $30.00
Awaiting the Eventide Drop Earrings
Roosting vampire bats hang silent and motionless deep within their cave, anticipating the subtle arrival of dusk as the last vestiges of light leave the sky. The Awaiting the Eventide Drop Earrings suspend a pair of upside-down bats.
Price: $20.00
Bacchanal Rose Earrings
These sumptuous earrings hint at a secret libertine passion for wine and other pleasures with their romantic motif. The Bacchanal Rose Earrings display a single black acrylic rose at the main point of the design on each earring.
Price: $55.00
Batstuds Earrings
The Batstuds Earring are a subtle accent that allows any nocturnal predator to show off their style. Even if you are human and not vampire, these earrings are a great way to add some vampiric style to your gothic look.
Price: $15.00
On Sale For: $13.50
Batwing with Ruby Earrings
Dress to impress and become the hot topic of discussion as you proudly sport the stunning Batwing with Ruby Earrings. This unique set can be the accent your wardrobe has been needing so embrace a bit of gothic fantasy.
Price: $6.00
On Sale For: $5.00
Bed of Blood Roses Single Ear Wrap
A bleeding heart often becomes a broken one. The bleeding heart and the black rose, symbolic of dark love, go well together. Never before have they been as perfectly paired as they are in this Bed of Blood Roses Single Ear Wrap.
Price: $45.00
On Sale For: $40.50
Bestia Regalis Earrings
Dragons are a classic element of fantasy. Given a gothic twist in these Bestia Regalis Earrings, they are transformed into an accent that is perfect for fans of medieval lore and gothic style to wear when they want to look powerful.
Price: $37.00
On Sale For: $33.30
Black Cherry Skull Stud Earrings
The fruits of a dark labor can be deadly indeed. These Black Cherry Skull Stud Earrings are a modern example of contemporary jewelry that offers a gothic twist, allowing you to sport something that is both cute and dark.
Price: $28.00
On Sale For: $25.20
Black Cross Skull Earrings
At the center of these medieval cross charms, the face of a skull emerges as if from a black abyss. Bring a touch of darkness to everyday outfits with the stylish and versatile Black Cross Skull Earrings, made of lead free pewter.
Price: $5.00
Black Raven Earrings
Odin was never far from his two ravens. Now you can emulate that practice by having two ravens of your own. Soaring just beneath your ears, these Black Raven Earrings are a perfect way to say something distinctive about your style.
Price: $15.00
On Sale For: $13.50
Black Rose Ear Wrap
The rose serves as the perfect symbol of romance, its petals signifying the beauty of falling in love and its thorns representing the pain that comes with passion. The Black Rose Ear Wrap allows you to add this symbol to your ensemble.
Price: $30.00
Black Rose Stud Earrings
Rare can easily mean appealing or valuable. These Black Rose Stud Earrings are easily the former, and hardly the later, making them easily be afforded so that you can sport the rarity and beauty of the black rose when you wish.
Price: $15.00
On Sale For: $13.50
Black Skull Head Stud Earrings
Bone white doesnt always go with everything. For the utmost in gothic style, choose the Black Skull Head Stud Earrings. This pair of earrings combines a classic yet unique coloration with the malevolent grins of skeleton heads.
Price: $4.00
Black Widow Stud Earrings
The Black Widow Stud Earrings evoke the predatory power of the spider. These particular earrings embody what is seen as one of the most deadly of female spiders, allowing you to transform her into an everyday accent for your style.
Price: $14.00
On Sale For: $12.60
Bleeding Heart Earrings
Dripping with bloody crystals, betraying the emotional grief inside. These Bleeding Heart Earrings embody the pain of love. Even pained, though, love is beautiful, and thus these hearts are beautiful even as they break.
Price: $50.00
On Sale For: $45.00
Cesare's Veto Earring
The Cesare's Veto Earring is the 16th century Cesare Borgias Florentine solution to all political problems. The bloody dagger makes for an impressive and intimidating accessory, one that you can now feature in your everyday look.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $27.00

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