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It is not hard to find some really good gothic decor, so long as you know where to look. From fine decks of cards to cool shelf sitters and more, Dark Knight Armoury has a wide array of impressive accents that you can use you transform your decor from typical and traditional to dark and decadent. And better still, we offer the decor pieces at low prices, do you do not break the bank when you do so! Ranging from statues to handy accents to have in your living room, bedroom, sitting room, and kitchen, this section is filled to the brim, giving you endless possibilities when it comes to building your very own gothic decor. As far as statues go, you can pick from those that depict skeletons and deathly visages to those that depict beautiful dark angels, as well as some that show off gargoyles and dragons and more. We offer pill boxes and trinket boxes for storing all sorts of small items and just adding appeal to tables and shelves. A letter opener, skull pen, or ink pot could be the perfect addition to a desk in your office, while a casket box or a coffin mirror makes for a great addition to your boudoir. We even have bedding sets to transform the central fixture in your bedroom! We have soap dispensers and wine guzzlers. We have vintage steel signs and fabric flags. We even have card decks, so that you can enjoy a gothic game in your gothic decor! And those are only some of the possibilities. So if you want something gothic for your home, take the time to browse through and see if any of the gothic home decor from Dark Knight Armoury appeals to you.
Abyss Lurks Within Skull Statue
Who knows what monstrous fiends dwell far beneath the ocean waves? The Abyss Lurks Within Skull Statue reveals a red tentacled horror from watery depths unknown as it reclaims the cracked skull of an unfortunate seafaring soul.
Price: $35.00
Alchemist Gear Knob Skull
With this Alchemist Gear Knob Skull, a philosophic magus can guide any traveler down the path of enlightenment. Beyond guidance, this skull can also enchant your motor-carriage with a fine touch of gothic style.
Price: $20.00
On Sale For: $18.00
Alchemist Pen Top
The classic Alchemist skull, cast in English pewter, is securely fitted to the top of this black Papermate ball pen. The pen is included and would make a great gift for any writer you know, adding a gothic reminder even to their desk.
Price: $9.00
On Sale For: $8.10
Alchemy Speculum Wall Mirror
There's nothing quite as demoralizing, nor quite as morbid, as witnessing your own death. Perhaps the only thing that compares to the experience is to look upon your own deathly, skeletal remains, like in the Alchemy Speculum Wall Mirror.
Price: $76.00
Alchemy Tarot Cards
There is no better way than to divine the spiritual path of others then with the esoteric wisdom of the tarot. The Alchemy Tarot Cards is a traditional tarot deck filled with 78 cards that depict a wide assortment of Alchemy imagery.
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $22.50
Angel and Reaper Statue
Where there is light, there is a lingering shadow, and where there is darkness, the light looks to fill it. This cosmic attraction has been artfully rendered in gothic fantasy style by the darkly romantic Angel and Reaper Statue.
Price: $90.50
Anne Stokes Dance with Death Fleece Blanket
While the thought of dancing with Death is thrilling, it may also send a literal chill right up your spine! This Anne Stokes Dance with Death Fleece Blanket will keep you warm and toasty while also keeping your Gothic style in mind.
Price: $32.00
Anne Stokes Dance with Death Woven Blanket
If you are searching for the perfect gift for someone who enjoys Gothic style, then look no further than this Anne Stokes Dance with Death Woven Blanket. Its stunning design and fine quality are sure to make this blanket a big hit.
Price: $52.00
Anne Stokes Hellfire Fleece Blanket
When the burning flames of hell are just not enough to keep you warm, this Anne Stokes Hellfire Fleece Blanket will do just the trick. Curl up in this insulating blanket and let the gruesome skull keep you toasty all winter long.
Price: $32.00
Anne Stokes Hellfire Woven Blanket
If your home is needing an update of edgy Gothic style, then this Anne Stokes Hellfire Woven Blanket is just the ticket. This blanket combines a wicked skull design with the elegant and comfortable style of a fringe throw blanket.
Price: $52.00
Anne Stokes Hellrider Fleece Blanket
If you already have a skeleton style theme in your home, or if you are looking to create one, then this Anne Stokes Hellrider Fleece Blanket is the perfect way to do so. This warm and cozy blanket features a stunning, detailed image.
Price: $32.00
Anne Stokes Hellrider Woven Blanket
The art of Anne Stokes is something that anybody would be proud to have displayed in their home. Thanks to this Anne Stokes Hellrider Woven Blanket, her daring designs are not only wonderful to look at but also quite warm and toasty.
Price: $52.00
Anne Stokes Immortal Flight Fleece Blanket
As you watch the full moon rise and you begin to feel the hint of a chill in the air, make sure that you are prepared to face the night and whatever it may bring with this warm and mesmerizing Anne Stokes Immortal Flight Fleece Blanket.
Price: $32.00
Anne Stokes Immortal Flight Woven Blanket
Every home needs a quality throw blanket that reflects personal style, both as a decorative accent and a convenient way to warm up quickly. Display your unique style with this soft and cozy Anne Stokes Immortal Flight Woven Blanket.
Price: $52.00
Anne Stokes Prayer for the Fallen Fleece Blanket
Whether they are dark or light, angels of all kinds offer comfort in one way or another. As she kneels and clasps her hands to pray, the angel in this Anne Stokes Prayer for the Fallen Fleece Blanket will keep you relaxed and warm.
Price: $32.00
Anne Stokes Prayer for the Fallen Woven Blanket
The Anne Stokes Prayer for the Fallen Woven Blanket turns the exceptional artwork of Anne Stokes into a stunning piece of decor. This large, fringe-trimmed blanket would make an excellent gift for any fan of beautiful Gothic style.
Price: $52.00
Anne Stokes Serpents Spell Fleece Blanket
The next time you catch a chill in the air, the snake queen and her serpent guardians will keep you warm with this Anne Stokes Serpents Spell Fleece Blanket. This soft and cozy blanket also makes for an eye-catching home accent.
Price: $32.00
Anne Stokes Serpents Spell Woven Blanket
In the depths of a Gothic dungeon, there resides a fantastical creature who is half woman, and half snake. This Anne Stokes Serpents Spell Woven Blanket shows the image of this snake queen in the form of a comfortable home accent.
Price: $52.00
Antiqued Golden Skull
Skulls do not always have to be grotesque and ghoulish. Sometimes, as this Antiqued Golden Skull displays, skulls can have a noticeable air of sophistication about them that looks wonderful in even the most upscale and stylish homes.
Price: $18.00
Antiqued Skull LED Lamp
Even gothic homes need the right amount of light to balance their dark decor. With a multitude of wicked bones creating its unique design, the Antiqued Skull LED Lamp is the perfect option for those who seek a macabre home accent.
Price: $34.00

"I absolutely love it (DK7008)!!! It fits beautifully and looks AMAZING with my Qarth and Season 4 dresses! Soooo happy!! Would definitely recommend!!"

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