Womens Gothic Hoodies

A hoodie is the ultimate in extra layering, perfect for going almost anywhere while being easy to put on and take off. For those women who love all things gothic, Dark Knight Armoury has a collection of womens gothic hoodies that are sure to intrigue. Like our mens gothic hoodies, these feature visually impressive graphics that depict roaring skulls, grim reapers, flaming patterns, sorrowful angels, howling wolves, dark dragons, and more. Where these differ is that they are made with more feminine appeal in mind, sporting more distinctive style elements, like bell sleeves, billowing hoods, and laced ribbon accents. These dark fantasy hoodies and heavy metal hooded sweatshirts are all made from quality fabric as well, to ensure that they are as pleasing to wear as they are to look at. Deny the cold and refute the rain with some help from Dark Knight Armoury, in the form of our womens gothic hoodies.
Altar Drake Womens Gothic Zippered Jacket
Dragons are a protective creature, seemingly born to horde and guard things. And the graphic on this Altar Drake Gothic Zippered Hoodie depicts a dragon doing just that - vigilantly guarding an altar topped with a grand gothic cross.
Price: $41.50
On Sale For: $37.35
Bone Finger Mesh Sleeve Womens Hoodie
Superbly unique in its design, the Bone Finger Mesh Sleeve Womens Hoodie is a phenomenal way to display your indifference to traditional societal values and culture, as well as to exude your passion for gothic styling.
Price: $46.75
Day of the Goth Womens Hoodie
Do you believe that the dead can walk among the living? Sometimes, they must wear a disguise so that their morbid identity does not become revealed. Display an undead beauty in your wardrobe with the Day of the Goth Womens Hoodie.
Price: $53.00
Goth Fangs Womens Gothic Laced Hoodie
The terror of a vampire is that you can hardly tell you are faced with one until it is too late! The Goth Fangs Womens Gothic Laced Hoodie offers up what is likely the last thing that most vampire victims ever see - descending fangs!
Price: $50.50
Howling Shadows Womens Zippered Jacket
Sometimes you just have to throw your head back and howl to the moon. The Howling Shadows Womens Zippered Jacket combines a stunning graphic, depicting the predatory wolf, with a design that will help keep you warm in the winter.
Price: $36.00
On Sale For: $32.00
Serpent Infection Womens Gothic Hoodie
If you want to become part dragon, then there is no better way to then to don this Serpent Infection Womens Gothic Hoodie. You never know, it might infect you with some of its style, which will slowly start your transformation.
Price: $55.00
On Sale For: $49.50
Vamp Fangs Lace-up Full Zip Hoodie
Dare you enter the vampires mansion lair? The Vamp Fangs Lace-up Full Zip Hoodie features eye-catching gothic vampire graphics on its front and back while grommets and lacing down the sleeves and on the hood make a fearsome statement.
Price: $49.50
On Sale For: $44.55
Wolf Dreams Ribbon Sleeve Womens Hoodie
The spirit of the wolf is very sacred, as the noble spirit and beauty of the animal have been worshipped throughout time. Show your spiritual side and your love for these creatures in this Wolf Dreams Ribbon Sleeve Womens Hoodie.
Price: $56.00
Womens Draped Hoodie
Sometimes you just need something casual and quick to go with your look. When the temperatures drop, that something you need can be a casual black sweatshirt, like this Womens Draped Hoodie, which offers a gothic style for all occasions.
Price: $39.75
Womens Lycos Wings Hoodie
Featuring a splendidly colorful and vivid design, the Womens Lycos Wings Hoodie depicts a gray wolf celebrating its new wings. This sweatshirt is both eye catching and comfortable, making it a superb addition to any wardrobe.
Price: $32.00
On Sale For: $28.80
Womens Metal Streetwear Hoodie
Striking a magnificent blend between gothic styling and comfort, the Womens Metal Streetwear Hoodie features an all-black minimalist design which is sure to complement your style while keeping you warm and relaxed.
Price: $30.00

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