Crusader Statues and Home Decor

The Crusades were so much more than holy wars. They defined an era, giving rise to the tales of knightly valor and chivalry while also spreading new cultures across medieval Europe. For fans of the era, Dark Knight Armoury has a variety of crusader statues and home decor to choose from. This way, you can celebrate the era you love in your own home with ease! Our crusader statues depict a variety of warriors from the era. Among our most popular pieces are those warrior statues that depict the Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitaller. A Templar knight statue is a perfect way to show your interest not only in the era but also in this legendary order of warriors. We also offer a number of other home decor pieces, including wall plaques, displays, and unique accents. Choose from Templar cross plaques and stones, Templar swords transformed into racks with hooks, and even pillows emblazoned with the Templar and Hospitaller crosses. With so much to see, this crusader statues and home d'cor category is a must-visit for anyone who loves knights and the crusades.
13th Century Tournament Knight
This figurine is so accurate that it looks like it might has well have ridden out of the pages of history! The 13th Century Tournament Knight Figure is supplied with a full-color information card complete with historical information.
Price: $7.50
50 Mixed Medieval Replica Coins
This Set of Medieval Coins is a mix of 10 lots of 5 different reproduction coins, including pennies, half-groats, groats,0 and gold quarter nobles. All our coins are made from pewter that is either antiqued or gold plated.
Price: $85.00
Armor of God Statue
If you need an accent piece that combines style and meaning, then the Armor of God Statue could be the solution. This impressive figurine is sure to enhance the look and feel of any room while providing you with spiritual strength.
Price: $57.00
Armored Crusader - Holding Shield And Axe Statue
Not all knights and crusaders favored the sword and shield as primary weapons. This Armored Crusader - Holding Shield and Axe Statue depicts a knight who favors the utility and the power of the axe when it comes to combat.
Price: $9.50
Armored Crusader King Raising His Sword On Caparisoned Horse Statue
Sometimes, even a king had to fight for his kingdom. History is filled with warrior kings, and this Armored Crusader King Raising His Sword on Caparisoned Horse Statue depicts a ruler who is willing to fight for his land and subjects.
Price: $14.06
Armored Crusader On Horseback With Axe And Maltese-Cross Shield Statue
A knight on horseback was a deadly foe, implacable under the worst circumstances and hard to beat in the best. The Armored Crusader On Horseback with Axe and Maltese-Cross Shield Statue gives insight as to why this foe was so daunting.
Price: $17.00
On Sale For: $12.00
Armored Crusader On Horseback With Maltese-Cross Emblem Statue
The life of a crusader and a knight were not all that different. You could almost mistake this Armored Crusader on Horseback with Maltese-Cross Emblem Statue for a classic knight, if not for the iconic cross emblazoned on his armor.
Price: $17.00
Armored Crusader On Horseback With Maltese-Cross Flag Statue
Some crusaders were unaffiliated warriors, who fought purely for their own reasons. Others, like in this Armored Crusader on Horseback with Maltese-Cross Flag Statue, fought for a specific order when they headed off to battle.
Price: $17.00
Armored Crusader With Flag In Right Hand Statue
During the course of the Crusades, many knights banded together to form knightly orders and wore the same standard into battle. The Armored Crusader With Flag In Right Hand Statue depicts a knight with ties to a well-known order.
Price: $9.50
Armored Knight With Chainmail Coif Helmet And Sword Statue
One would think that in armor, a knight would lose their noble bearing, but that just is not true. The Armored Knight With Chainmail Coif Helmet and Sword Statue is proof that even in full war gear, a knight is a noble force to behold.
Price: $9.50
Armored Knight With Feather Plume Helmet Statue
Generally, knights were more easily identified than other warriors. They carried better equipment and wore better armor. As this Armored Knight with Feather Plume Helmet Statue shows, they also wore more ornate helmets, too.
Price: $9.50
Armored Knight With Jousting Lance On Rearing Horse Statue
A knights life was not all about war. Sometimes, a knight lived for when he could participate in a joust. This Armored Knight with Jousting Lance on Rearing Horse Statue depicts a knight as he gets ready to charge the lane.
Price: $17.00
Armoured Crusader Knight With Spear Statue
The Armoured Crusader Knight With Spear Statue depicts a classical interpretation of a medieval warrior standing on a base modeled on rocky ground. This knight wears the garb and armour of a Crusader and carries a spear at his side.
Price: $22.00
Bronze Cross Trinket Box
When the Crusaders returned to their homeland, they brought with them a plethora of treasures, some of which they took with them to their graves. The Bronze Cross Trinket Box is sure to guard your treasures like a mighty knight.
Price: $26.00
Bronze Crusader and Steed Statue
Few past times contain the bloody history of the Crusades, in which the Roman Catholic Church sent out soldiers to reclaim the Holy Lands. The Bronze Crusader and Steed Statue depicts one of these knights mounted atop his horse.
Price: $60.00
Bronze Crusaders Sword Letter Opener
A warrior far from home is sure to receive mail from his loved ones, and for the Crusader who needs help with his letters, this Bronze Crusaders Sword Letter Opener is just the tool needed. The miniature sword handles mail with ease.
Price: $13.00
Bronze Temple Sword Letter Opener
The iconic form of the Crusades era longsword gets a unique twist in this accent. The Bronze Temple Sword Letter Opener is traditional in shape yet miniature in size, adorned with rich accents worthy of a high ranked temple guard.
Price: $13.00
Crusader Dragon Slayer Statue
Ever since the story of Saint George killing the dragon, tales of dragon slayings have formed a key image of myth and legend. The Crusader Dragon Slayer Statue depicts one such instance, possibly a rendition of Saint George himself.
Price: $130.00
Crusader Falconer Bronze Statue
In the Middle Ages, the Roman Catholic Church sent armies to the Holy Lands in a time known as the Crusades. The Crusader Falconer Bronze Statue represents one of these figures in a standing pose, one arm outstretched to hold a falcon.
Price: $26.00
Crusader Foot Soldier Bronze Statue
The Crusades remain one of the bloodiest periods in history, in which the Roman Catholic Church sent troops to regain access to the Holy Lands. The Crusader Foot Soldier Bronze Statue depicts a knight in his armor with sword and shield.
Price: $22.00

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