Peasant Armour, Leather Armour, and Functional Peasant Armour

When nobles went to war, it was often the peasants who wound up fighting! Still, armour was not a common thing among the lower classes of medieval society, so peasant armour tended towards simplicity. Leather was a favored material, and anything above that was often what a peasant could loot off the dead, after surviving a battle. Still, the peasant armour here at Dark Knight Armoury is more than enough when it comes to protection. Crafted from quality materials, the armour here is perfect for wearing into a variety of situations, making it perfect for any peasant, or anyone playing a peasant, to have in their medieval wardrobe. The breastplates, bracers, and more are all light and easy to move in, while offering thickness enough to serve as great armour in reenactments. Indeed, for the price, the armour offers incredible quality for a good value, ensuring that when, as a peasant, you head off into battle, your armour is deceptively good for your social station. In fact, when you wear some of the leather peasant armour from Dark Knight Armoury, you will find that even high-born nobles, lords, and knights will envy you for the protection that it offers!
14th Century Leather Breastplate
This simple yet effective harness is our least expensive route to body protection. Modeled after a genuine 14th century style, it provides basic protection with good mobility, and even kidney protection.
Price: $115.00
Berengar Ring Armour Jacket
Featuring a grid of leather strips throughout, fastened with rivets and adorned with steel rings, the Berengar Ring Armour Jacket is something to behold. This intense piece of LARP armour is great for a variety of fierce looks.
Price: $251.00
Berengar Ring Armour Tassets
A fierce addition to any LARP wardrobe, the Berengar Ring Armour Tassets feature a suede body and leather strips attached by rivets in a grid pattern throughout. Steel rings at the crossing of each strip complete the intense look.
Price: $120.00
Borg Bracers
The Borg Bracers are an essential staple in any LARP or medieval reenactment wardrobe. Made of high-quality leather, these bracers are sturdy and versatile, as their classic design allows them to match almost any outfit.
Price: $26.00
Borg Greaves
For LARP greaves of the most versatile style, check out the classic and sturdy Borg Greaves. Made out of high-quality leather, these pieces are secured to the lower leg with a sturdy cord laced through eyelets on the back.
Price: $31.00
Childs King Gorget
Consider the epic adventure and unforgettable memories that await the brave warrior who dons the Childs King Gorget. Perhaps the young role-player may choose to conquer another kingdom, or join the ranks of the Knights Templar.
Price: $33.00
On Sale For: $30.00
Childs Warrior Gorget
For the young knight who wishes to complete an epic journey, one certain to provide countless opportunities for battle as well as bumps and bruises, the Childs Warrior Gorget offers protection to the lower neck, throat, and thorax.
Price: $32.00
Classic Warrior Leather Arm Bracers
Our Classic Warrior Leather Arm Bracers combine a flattering shape with comfort and functionality. With three segments that are sewn together, the gentle curves on each segment creates a wonderful look when the bracer is laced up.
Price: $39.00
Dark Drake Gorget
Let all mighty warriors heed this advice, whether battlemage or knight. Be fully prepared for an epic battle between good and evil. It matters not which side you choose, the Dark Drake Gorget provides protection to your lower neck.
Price: $52.00
Dark Warrior Gorget
Take on the role of a fiendish knight or appear as a powerful battlemage at your next LARP event. The versatile design of the Dark Warrior Gorget allows you to customize your character, while protecting your lower neck and throat.
Price: $42.00
Guntram Ring Armour
The Guntram Ring Armour offers both movability and a stronger defense during LARP warfare. Whether you choose a fantasy role or one inspired by history, you will be impressed with the style and fit of this ring mail brigandine.
Price: $380.00
Highland Suede Brigandine
No matter your choice of weaponry in a battle, a brigandine is ideal for maintaining or repairing your armor at a moments notice. Now you can embrace the clever design on this arming wear by donning the Highland Suede Brigandine!
Price: $195.00
Joshua Brigandine
Both on and off the LARP battlefield, the extra defense and authenticity the Joshua Brigandine lends to your roleplay character is quite impressive. This body armor is modeled after the plated coats worn throughout the Middle Ages.
Price: $200.00
King Gorget
Prosperity and peace mark the successful rule of your family line, but now a threat arises to destroy all for which your people have strived. Lead your knights to victory with the King Gorget safeguarding your neck and upper chest.
Price: $44.00
Knights Battle Arm Bracers
These Knights Battle Bracers are made of soft, chrome-tanned leather and have a suede backing so they are very comfortable to wear. They feature antique brass rivets and grommets, with lace up closure.
Price: $18.00
Neutral Bracers
A good pair of bracers will take you far, and it matters not if they are simply adorned or richly complex. Consider these Neutral Bracers, which are simple in design and incredibly effective, not to mention exceptionally versatile.
Price: $29.70
Osric Leather Brigandine
Regardless of setting or role, your LARP character will benefit from the defense and mobility offered by the Osric Leather Brigandine. This armour is modeled after the plated coats worn by various warriors throughout the Middle Ages.
Price: $171.00
Patricius Suede Collar
Well suited for the look of a traveler, the Patricius Suede Collar adds an extra layer of protection and style to any outfit. Featuring a high neck, the padded mantle extends to the shoulders, great for wearing under armour.
Price: $31.00
Plain Leather Arm Bracers
These bracers are a compliment to the medieval warriors outfit. They are made of 13/15 oz. thick armor grade leather, allowing them to provide great protection whenever you battle or enter into a reenactment.
Price: $27.00
Ragur Leather Armour
Lend your strength to the kingdom and answer the call to battle. Showcase your fighting skills on the LARP battlefield with the Ragur Leather Armour. It protects the torso and upper thighs while supporting freedom of movement.
Price: $280.00

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