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The Crusades were a holy war that defined an age, and as such, they left a lasting mark on history. Valiant knights and soldiers seeking redemption fought warriors from the Middle East over land and politics, carrying with them symbols and a legacy that has lasted into the modern day. Dark Knight Armoury has many different Crusader accessories, including a selection of Crusader jewelry that draws inspiration from these historic holy wars. Our crusader jewelry draws the most inspiration from the famous knightly orders of the crusades, ensuring that you can find Templar pendants and rings as well as Teutonic jewelry. Templar crosses and Hospitaller crosses decorate many of the accessories, as do the iconic heraldry of these famous orders, including the two poor knights riding one horse ' the famous emblem of the Knights Templar. Fans of the era are sure to find casual and historical suitable pieces, making this category at Dark Knight Armoury a place that any aspiring crusader or knight should visit.
Agnus Dei Templar Necklace
As a religious order, many of the seals used by the Knights Templar had significant spiritual connotations. This Agnus Dei Templar Necklace recreates a popular and powerful seal that was favored by Templars located in England.
Price: $25.50
Artus Leather Belt
The Artus Leather Belt is an intriguing belt that is as functional as it is visually appealing. This buckle belt is made entirely from leather and makes a great addition to almost any look, be it medieval, renaissance, or fantasy.
Price: $55.00
Black Knightly Belt
Our Black Knightly Belt is the perfect choice for almost any Medieval reenactor outfit. Designed to fit anyone, the extra long 70 inch heavy grade leather belt is gorgeously accented with antiqued brass roses and a heavy duty buckle.
Price: $95.00
Blade and Chalice Templar Necklace
In medieval times, it was rumored that the Knights Templar guarded the Holy Grail with their swords. In this Blade and Chalice Templar Necklace, the two come together in a union that symbolizes a balance of love, trust, and might.
Price: $25.50
Brown Knightly Belt
Our Brown Knightly Belt is the perfect choice for almost any Medieval reenactor outfit. Designed to fit anyone, the extra long 70 inch heavy grade leather belt is gorgeously accented with antiqued brass roses and a heavy duty buckle.
Price: $95.00
Byzantine Eagle Templar Necklace
The eagle is a heraldic bird, one that rules the sky and as such, symbolizes courage and determination worthy of the king. This Byzantine Eagle Templar Necklace merges that creature with the mystic symbols of the ancient knightly order.
Price: $25.50
Crusader Cross Ring Belt
Our Crusaders Cross Studded Medieval Ring Belt is perfect for any medieval or renaissance outfit. This belt is studded and made of 7/8 oz. sturdy belt leather. It comes in two different lengths and a variety of colors.
Price: $49.00
Crusader Maltese Cross Pendant
With multiple popular variations such as the firefighters Cross of St. Florian and the cross of the Order of St. Stephen, the Maltese Cross, like the one seen in the Crusader Maltese Cross Pendant, is instantly recognizable and widely popular!
Price: $18.00
Crusader Sword Frog
The Crusader Sword Frog is based on the iconography of holy warriors honor bound to their cause. This handmade leather frog features a Crusader shield concho on its front accent panel, adding medieval style to its versatile form.
Price: $29.00
Crusaders Buckle Belt
Our Crusaders Buckle Belt is made of 7/8 oz. sturdy belt leather. IT is 1.5 inches wide and comes in two different lengths and a variety of colors. It is a must for anyone going to the fair and they go great with any outfit.
Price: $39.00
Crusaders Cross Buckle Belt
The Crusaders Cross Buckle Belt is an attractive belt and belt buckle combination that can add just the right knightly touch to virtually any look. It is great not only for modern looks but also for knightly and historical ones.
Price: $30.00
Crusader's Cross Necklace
This heavy metal pendant takes the symbols of a crusader and transforms them into a wicked representation of medieval style. This Crusaders Cross Necklace is designed well enough that it can be worn with any outfit you own!
Price: $13.00
Crusaders Wide Waist Belt
Our 3 inch Wide Crusaders Buckle Belt features a studded cross pattern down the length of the belt. It goes great with any knightly surcoat, tunic, or ensemble. It is made of 7/8 oz. sturdy belt leather.
Price: $50.00
Double LARP Sword Hanger
When questing on the behalf of an aging wizard, or by the command of a noble ruler, never venture forth without your swords. Treachery and unnatural perils may mar the way, so secure your weaponry with the Double LARP Sword Hanger.
Price: $64.00
Engrailed Cross Templar Necklace
Celtic, Gnostic, and Templar themes are all featured in this stunning Engrailed Cross Templar Necklace! Reflecting the Templar view that tradition is worth preserving, this pendant is a wonderful way to keep Templar tradition!
Price: $25.50
Fleur Cross Bracelet
Golden colored fleur armed crosses march forth on a black background, leading up to a large white gem. The Fleur Cross Bracelet displays this dynamic and elegant look in detail across the length of its easy-to-wear cuff style.
Price: $28.00
German Shield Pendant with Cross - Gold Finish
This Knightly Pendant features a black German cross upon a gold finished shield. Our German Shield Pendant with Cross can be worn to show your interest in Medieval times, Templar, Teutonic and Hospitaller Knights.
Price: $12.99
Golden Cross Shield Pendant
With its many intricate details, the Golden Cross Shield Pendant is a remarkable take on medieval style. This lead free pewter charm displays a golden cross at the center of a black shield, embellished with a deep red faux gem.
Price: $17.00
Golden Shield Cross Pendant
Soldiers used shields to protect themselves in battle, often decorated with symbols and patterns representing their ideals. Now you can wear an emblem of protection with the Golden Shield Cross Pendant, made of 316L stainless steel.
Price: $18.00
Imperial Swordholder

Never leave your sword at home again with the help of this Imperial Swordholder. Guardsmen and fighters within the Imperial family can always be ready to attack or defend when they wear their blade at their hip with this piece.

Price: $27.00

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