Civil War Swords and Civil War Sabers

Even if firearms were the typical weapon of the day, that did not mean that sabers and swords had vanished from the battlefield completely during the American Civil War. Any one of these Civil War swords and sabers would have served as an officer weapon, used as a symbol, as well as an effective weapon for the officer or cavalry rider to wield, should their pistol jam or the rifle run out of ammo. This impressive selection of swords and sabers serves to recreate the form of the many blades that Civil War officers ceremonially wear as a part of their field uniform. Surprisingly, swords were still standard fare on the battlefield, and even in the Civil War, where pistols and rifles were common, officers might still be found charging the lines on horseback, saber drawn and pistol blazing, both weapons put to good use. Our selection of sabers and swords runs across the whole variety of typical Civil War arms, including cavalry sabers for mounted attacks, infantry sabers for the casual soldier, and officer sabers of various designs and makes, to better suit those soldiers who had higher rank and status. Of course, some are offered in Confederate designs and emblazoned with Confederate logos, while others are adorned with Union emblems, to align them closer to their respective sides. Some of the swords offered in this category are fully functional, while others are designed more for decoration and costume use, making them a great choice to carry at your side for ceremonial appearances or non-combative re-enactments. For the collector, these Civil War swords and sabers make for great display pieces, which revive some history and bring it into your home or office. And for the reenactors, they are a much-needed piece that will complete any officer look, allowing them to lead charges right into the enemy line with confidence, as well as an authentic look.
1840 NCO Sword
Perfect for military enthusiasts, the 1840 NCO Sword displays the style still used today for honor guards and presentations. This type of sword has been carried by sergeants and other non-commissioned officers since the Civil War.
Price: $53.90
On Sale For: $48.51
1840 Wood Handle Cavalry Trooper Sword
Nicknamed Old Wristbreaker due to its heavy blade, the Model 1840 Cavalry Saber as US Army sword based on the 1822 French hussar sabre. This 1840 Wood Handle Cavalry Trooper Sword is inspired by that traditional military sword.
Price: $53.50
On Sale For: $48.15
1850 Union Staff and Field Sword
Faithfully recreated from period blades, this 1850 Union Staff and Field Sword is hand forged from a flexible and resilient steel that meets British military specifications. The wooden grip is wrapped in black leather and gold wire.
Price: $150.00
1860 Black Handle Cavalry Saber
This 1860 Black Handle Cavalry Saber is based on the Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber. First used on both sides of the American Civil War, there were three different versions made, for officers, enlisted men, and ceremonial use.
Price: $53.50
On Sale For: $48.15
C.S.A. Officer Saber
By the time the United States was embroiled in its own civil war, the saber was nearly an outmoded weapon. Firearms were overtaking melee weapons, but the saber was still an officers weapon, as shown by the C.S.A. Officer Saber.
Price: $60.00
Civil War Confederate N.C.O. Sword
The Civil War Confederate N.C.O. Sword was made by several sword-making companies in the South during the course of the war. The design generally followed the official Union pattern of 1840, which in turn was based on a French design.
Price: $90.00
Civil War Foot Officers Sword
The U.S. Foot Officer sword features an elaborately etched carbon steel blade, including the U.S. insignia. The leather grip is spiral wire bound and foliate designs are cast into the hand guard. The steel scabbard has brass fittings.
Price: $99.00
Civil War Officer Sword
Let the Civil War Officer Sword take you back to pivotal moments in American history. This stainless steel display sword is modeled after antique weaponry and showcases a certain sense of elegance in its ornate, golden colored hilt.
Price: $53.90
Civil War Trooper's Sword
The Civil War Trooper Sword (SNA17) is typical of swords issued to troops on both sides of the conflict. This economy sword features a fullered carbon steel blade, wooden grip with a spiral wire wrap, and a steel scabbard.
Price: $81.00
Civil War U.S. Cavalry Sabre
The U.S. 1860 Cavalry Sabre (SNA2), the standard issue for Union cavalry, has a fullered blade, leather spiral bound grip and a steel scabbard. This replica blade is an excellent value weapon for collectors to enjoy.
Price: $81.00
Civil War U.S. Foot Officer's Sword
The U.S. Foot Officers Sword (SNA18) features an elaborately etched carbon steel blade, including the U.S. insignia. The leather grip is spiral wire bound and foliate designs are cast into the handguard.
Price: $99.00
Civil War Youth Sword
Civil War swords were more effective during the early years of the war. As modern weapons such as breech-loaders, repeating rifles, and machine guns were introduced, swords became less effective and could only be used in close battle.
Price: $54.00
Confederate Cavalry Officer Sword
This is an authentic, hand made replica that is hand forged and fully tempered of 1095 high carbon steel. Original handle and sheath materials ensure that this Confederate sabre performs exactly as the originals did.
Price: $140.00
Confederate Cavalry Officer's Sword
The Confederate Cavalry Officer Sword (SNA15) replicates the model carried by Confederate General Joseph Shelby. The initials CS are cast into the handguard, with C.S.A. etched into the tempered carbon steel blade.
Price: $108.00
Confederate Cavalry Saber
This authentic, handmade replica saber has a flexible, ornate blade hand forged from carbon steel. The wood grip is covered in leather and wrapped with brass wire. Of all the Confederate swords and sabers, this was the one used most.
Price: $150.00
Confederate Foot Officers Sword
The Confederate Civil War Foot Officer Sword is ornately detailed, has a brass guard marked CS and a slightly curved plain blade, and comes complete with brass mounted steel scabbard. It was designed to be used in close battles.
Price: $99.00
Confederate Staff and Field Officer Sword
This is an authentic, hand made replica that is hand forged and fully tempered of 1095 high carbon steel. It is coupled with original handle and sheath materials to ensure it performs exactly as the originals did.
Price: $150.00
CSA Non-Commission Officer Sword
Swords are an age-old symbol of war, and even in ages past, leaders carried them, as much as weapons as symbols of status, office, and rank. This CSA Non-Commission Officer Sword is based on the swords that Confederate officers carried.
Price: $55.90
On Sale For: $50.31
CSA Richmond Arsenal Sword
Not all swords of the Civil War were cavalry sabers, officer swords, and their like. Blades of all shapes and sizes were used. This CSA Richmond Arsenal Sword is based on the straight short swords that were favored by artillery teams.
Price: $58.50
On Sale For: $52.65
Etched CSA Cavalry Saber
The saber is a classic part of any military mans formal dress. This is true now, just as it was true as far back as the Civil War and the Revolutionary War. This Etched CSA Cavalry Saber recreates one dress sword for any to own.
Price: $55.90
On Sale For: $50.31

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