Leather Axe Frogs

This section might be found under the name of leather axe frogs, but do not let that fool you into thinking that these frogs are good only for axes. In fact, the leather axe frogs you will find here at Dark Knight Armoury are perfect for axes and for hafted weapons of all other sorts too, making them a great way to carry maces and hammers about as well! What separates an axe frog from a typical frog is that an axe frog is totally different in design. While a regular frog is typically crafted from leather to hold the sheath, an axe frog usually features a ring, which you pass the haft of your weapon through. The ring catches on the axe head and the weapon will sit nicely at your side. This concept works best with axes, which feature a flat side so that the weapon sits flat on your side, although it serves perfectly well to hold maces, hammers, and other hafted weapons, too. Many of our axe frogs are crafted from 7-8 oz leather and feature either a steel or a brass ring, adding a bit of character and color to its appearance. Some are even a bit more decorative, making them a great way to infuse some subtle style into your look. Virtually all of them are ideally suited for wearing on your belt, and even better, they are all also exceptionally affordable. So go ahead and splurge on your axe of choice, and then pick up one of Dark Knight Armourys leather axe frogs to go with it, so that you can carry your weapon of choice, be it a working replica, a LARP weapon, or a theatric piece, safely at your side.
Axe Holder
Our Axe Holder is designed to fit belts up to 2 inches wide and axe shafts with a maximum thickness of 2 inches. This axe holder provides a ready answer for those looking to find an easy way to carry a shot-shafted axe or war hammer.
Price: $10.00
Dwarven Axe Frog
This sturdy axe frog is made of two pieces of 7/8 oz. leather, through which the belt slides. It is a must-have for medieval axemen or anyone who wields a hafted weapon. It comes in black or brown and fits up to a 3 inch belt.
Price: $15.00
Executioners Axe Frog
This is a heavy duty axe frog. The 2 inch wide O-ring is attached to the steel hardware and mounted onto the frog. This frog will hold any axe and fits most belts up to 3 inches wide. It is a must for reenactors who favor hafted weapons.
Price: $15.00
Knights Axe Frog
Carry your axe or war hammer in style with our Medieval Knights Axe frog. This sturdy frog is made of 7/8 oz. leather and is available in black or brown. It is designed to fits up to a 3 inch wide belt.
Price: $10.00
Leather Axe Frog
A simple yet effective design, this leather frog will suspend your axe at your waist. It is made from sturdy 7/8 oz. leather and fits belts up to 3 inches wide. It is made in black with silver hardware or brown with brass hardware.
Price: $10.00
Leather Axe Frog
The leather axe frog boasts an oversized nickel plated ring for cradling the head of even the heaviest axe, ensuring that whether you arm yourself with a hand axe or a two handed axe, you can keep it at your side with ease.
Price: $15.00

"Hello Dark Knight Armoury, The last time I placed an oder with you, I was delighted by the excellent service you provided (tunic top) after you found the item was not in stock. On my most recent order had not shipped. Today, I talked with Melissa in customer service, who expedited the order for me to be delivered by 8/28. Just want you to know how much I appreciate the attention to my concern. My son leaves for DragonCon 8/28, and would have been very disappointed if the item did not arrive on time. Not every company cares about these things, and you've shown that you do. Thank you for helping. "

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