Medieval Leather Buckle Belts

For an authentic medieval look and feel, as well as the simplicity and ease of a nice belt, look no further then Dark Knight Armoury, because we offer a huge selection of stunning and stylish looking medieval leather buckle belts, which are perfect for a variety of uses, the least of which is enhancing your own considerable style. Of course, leather buckle belts are good for so much more than just accenting your appearance, as you can well imagine. Belts are the perfect way to draw in a loose pair of trousers or secure a loose tunic about your waist, and the benefit of a buckle belt is that they are quick and easy to use. After all, you just draw the belt around your waist, secure the buckle and you are good to go! They are a great addition to all sorts of medieval garb, adding both style and function to nearly any outfit, by allowing you to wear all sorts of novel accessories and things at your waist. Want to carry a sword? Hang a sword frog from your belt and it is quite easy. Are potions your thing? Many of our glass potion bottles come with belt straps, allowing you to keep them at your side for quick, convenient access. Some of our belts are simple, featuring a plain or lightly decorated appearance, while others are highly ornate and come complete with pouches, attachments, and all sorts of other impressive little additions that are ready for use! We have got belts for all characters, for all styles, and for all uses. So if you are looking for a nice belt to wear, no matter what the occasion or the event, then check out Dark Knight Armoury, where our selection of medieval leather buckle belts will give you an exceptional variety to choose from. After that, the only question you have to answer is which one?
Ranger's Leather Buckle Belt
You never know what you will need when you roam the wilds in search of adventure. This Ranger's Leather Buckle Belt is designed to be sturdy and strong, while also featuring several D-rings along its length for easy customization.
Price: $60.00
On Sale For: $50.00
Ready for Battle Belt
You never want to overlook subtle pieces of gear that can help you during conflict like the Ready for Battle Belt. A simple item like this can make or break your fighting style, so be sure to have a quality belt handy.
Price: $15.00
Ready for Battle Laced Belt
Sometimes, even the simplest of belts can make a stylish and effective addition to any ensemble. This Ready for Battle Laced Belt may not be simple, but it is still a great choice when it comes to costume accessories.
Price: $18.00
Ready for Battle Squire Belt
If you are looking for an adjustable belt that can go anywhere and do anything, then your search is over once you have found this Ready for Battle Squire Belt. Not only is the wrapped design quite appealing and effective.
Price: $16.00
Red Medieval Wide Long Belt
The Red Medieval Wide Long Belt can be used for both accessorizing your favorite tunic and carrying your trusted sword. This historically inspired belt will accommodate most frogs and is made of a sturdy, heavy grade leather.
Price: $85.00
Riveted Leather Belt
Panels of high quality black and brown leather come together to form the Riveted Leather Belt. Handmade with attention to detail, this historic inspired belt features stylish metallic rivets along the edges between each color.
Price: $55.00
Saxon Black Buckle Belt
If you are looking for a long black leather belt to compliment your new look, whether it is gothic or medieval, then you have found it in the Saxon Black Buckle Belt. This belt is made from leather and fits well into most styles.
Price: $58.00
Scottish Belt
With its silver tone metallic details, stylish Celtic knot designs, and unique criss cross structure, the Scottish Belt makes an intriguing addition to reenactment outfits, especially as an accessory for traditional Scottish ensembles.
Price: $72.00
Simple Studded Buckle Belt
Our Medieval Buckle Belts are made of 7/8 oz. sturdy belt leather. It is 1.5 inches wide and comes in two different lengths and a variety of colors. They are a must for anyone going to the fair and they go great with any outfit.
Price: $27.00
Simple Studded Wide Buckle Belt
Our 3 inch Wide Simple Studded Buckle Belt Wear it with your kilt, Renaissance Garb, or normal clothing, whatever pleases you! It is made of 7/8 oz. sturdy belt leather, and is available in black or brown with silver hardware.
Price: $42.00
Sophia Belt
Made from a single piece of high-quality leather, the Sophia Belt is an elegant addition to any historic or LARP outfit. The tip of this unpunched belt features an ornate, tapering piece ending in a single, delicate Tudor rose.
Price: $31.00
Star Buckle Belt
Add unique and mystical flair to your next fantasy LARP or medieval reenactment outfit with the Star Buckle Belt. A star surrounded by a circle decorates the metallic buckle of this handcrafted belt made from natural cowhide leather.
Price: $30.00
Steampunk Gear D-Ring Belt
You will have the makings of your very own utility belt when you wear this Steampunk Gear D-Ring Belt! Crafted from quality leather, this belt offers several D-ring mounts that allow you to customize the belt to your hearts content.
Price: $45.00
Steampunk Utility Belt
This high quality, brown, all leather Steampunk Utility Belt comes complete with two fully functional pouches, dual D-ring hangers, a miniature spring-clip, a map band, and period sword hanger. It is a must-have for any steam setting.
Price: $120.00
Steampunk Utility Belt - Plain Belt
When it comes to being prepared in a steampunk setting, a utility belt is a must-have. It will easily carry everything you could possibly need. For those who want to do it themselves, this Plain Steampunk Utility Belt is a perfect base.
Price: $18.00
Studded Brown Buckle Belt
The Studded Brown Buckle Belt is a simple belt that features an attractive and decorative buckle on a hand-crafted quality leather belt. This belt meshes well with almost any look, and can even be used with contemporary styles.
Price: $44.00
Templar Cross Leather Belt
The cross of the Templar is a fairly well-known accent, one that any Templar or Crusader should be eager to show off. With this Templar Cross Leather Belt, you can do just that, because it is an accent that features cross designs.
Price: $80.00
Templar Leather Belt
The Templar Leather Belt features a long length ideal for pairing with a knightly tunic. This handmade belt sports a large two pronged buckle at its end, making it a sturdy accessory for medieval LARP and historic reenactment.
Price: $55.00
The Witcher White Wolf Faux Leather Belt
A wise Witcher once probably said, if you are going to be fighting magical beast, its best to wear a belt so your pants dont fall off. Thats canon, right? This Witcher White Wolf Faux Leather Belt is inspired by the video game series.
Price: $19.99
Traditional Medieval Buckle Belt
If there is one accessory that no LARPer, reenactor, or adventurer should be without, it is a quality belt. This Traditional Medieval Buckle Belt is just that, possessing the right design to fit into almost any look with striking ease.
Price: $45.00
On Sale For: $38.00
Ulrich Belt
Featuring a detailed brass buckle and tip, the Ulrich Belt is fit for wearing with LARP and historical reenactment outfits, particularly with the garb of nobility. Made from high-quality leather, this belt is both sturdy and stylish.
Price: $36.00
Viking Knot Leather Belt
This Viking Knot Leather Belt puts a unique spin on a classic accessory, allowing you to enhance your own Norse styles with a finely detailed leather belt that possesses a flare of iconic knotwork and authentic looking Viking style.
Price: $47.00
Warriors Studded Belt
Our Warriors Studded Belt is 3 inches wide with rows of studs going down the length of the belt. It is made of sturdy 7/8 oz. leather and is available in black or brown with silver hardware. This belt will compliment any medieval look.
Price: $39.00
Wide Pirate Belt
The Wide Pirate Belt harkens back to days of adventure on the high seas. With its large, antiqued brass buckle and high quality, brown leather length, this swashbucklers belt is a key accessory for pirate outfits of all sorts.
Price: $48.00
Woodland Adventurer Waist Belt
This is one belt that you do not have to be in-costume or in-character to wear and enjoy! Our Woodland Adventurer Waist Belt may have a name out of history and fantasy but its style makes it a piece you can wear whenever you want.
Price: $39.00

"For some reason I didn't realize this (DK1029) was a triangular shaped bottle, but I dig it. The corks on their bottles are great quality, the leather work is effective, and carrying glass bottles on a belt is a really neat idea. I am very pleased."

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