Medieval Leather Buckle Belts

For an authentic medieval look and feel, as well as the simplicity and ease of a nice belt, look no further then Dark Knight Armoury, because we offer a huge selection of stunning and stylish looking medieval leather buckle belts, which are perfect for a variety of uses, the least of which is enhancing your own considerable style. Of course, leather buckle belts are good for so much more than just accenting your appearance, as you can well imagine. Belts are the perfect way to draw in a loose pair of trousers or secure a loose tunic about your waist, and the benefit of a buckle belt is that they are quick and easy to use. After all, you just draw the belt around your waist, secure the buckle and you are good to go! They are a great addition to all sorts of medieval garb, adding both style and function to nearly any outfit, by allowing you to wear all sorts of novel accessories and things at your waist. Want to carry a sword? Hang a sword frog from your belt and it is quite easy. Are potions your thing? Many of our glass potion bottles come with belt straps, allowing you to keep them at your side for quick, convenient access. Some of our belts are simple, featuring a plain or lightly decorated appearance, while others are highly ornate and come complete with pouches, attachments, and all sorts of other impressive little additions that are ready for use! We have got belts for all characters, for all styles, and for all uses. So if you are looking for a nice belt to wear, no matter what the occasion or the event, then check out Dark Knight Armoury, where our selection of medieval leather buckle belts will give you an exceptional variety to choose from. After that, the only question you have to answer is which one?
Adalbert Belt
Adorn yourself with the Adalbert Belt for the perfect touch of functional finery. Made from thick leather, the details of the belt are cast in brass, lending this medieval accessory a distinguished charm and lovely goldish color.
Price: $31.00
Arthur Leather Belt
The intriguing and attractive Arthur Leather Belt is hand-crafted from leather and features a number of intriguing designs that make it quite an impressive belt to look at and of course, it is still a totally functional belt.
Price: $55.00
Arthurian Leather Belt
A knight of the Round Table deserves a sturdy leather belt that is capable of holding up to their rigorous daily training and battles. Strap on the Arthurian Leather Belt and experience the dependability that comes with quality!
Price: $27.00
Artus Leather Belt
The Artus Leather Belt is an intriguing belt that is as functional as it is visually appealing. This buckle belt is made entirely from leather and makes a great addition to almost any look, be it medieval, renaissance, or fantasy.
Price: $55.00
Baroque Buckle Belt
Aside from being a purely practical accessory that has dozens of uses, the Baroque Buckle Belt is also a sleek and stylish accessory that matches different styles of looks. It fits well into contemporary looks as well as historical ones.
Price: $30.00
Belt for Red River Holster
Crafted specifically for the Red River Holster (CA-JW201), the Belt for Red River Holster will help complete a cowboy look or costume. Made from genuine leather this belt is perfect for anyone, especially John Wayne collectors.
Price: $44.00
Beowulf Leather Belt
The Beowulf Leather Belt is truly a fantastic Viking reenactor belt made of a heavy grade brown leather. Measuring a full 74 inches in length, this leather warrior belt is embellished with nickel studs in a geometric pattern.
Price: $48.00
Berserker Leather Belt
Our Berserker Leather Belt is a mean looking belt, and possibly one of the coolest we have designed. The belt is crafted from 7/8 oz. leather. It is topped off with thinner overlaying straps that brace O-rings along its length.
Price: $39.00
Black Celtic Belt
A belt is a vital part of every outfit, as it offers both functionality and the chance to add a piece of flair that shows your style. With intricate designs, the Black Celtic Belt will be a great addition to your historic ensemble.
Price: $54.00
Black Knightly Belt
Our Black Knightly Belt is the perfect choice for almost any Medieval reenactor outfit. Designed to fit anyone, the extra long 70 inch heavy grade leather belt is gorgeously accented with antiqued brass roses and a heavy duty buckle.
Price: $95.00
Broad Belt
Prepare for the occasional mishap or unfortunate incident guaranteed to occur during a visit to the Neo-Victorian realm. The clever adventurer is never without the right equipment with the Broad Belt to carry steam-powered gadgetry.
Price: $99.00
Brown Celtic Belt
A Celtic reenactor needs accessories that will add a striking detail to their historically accurate outfit. The Brown Celtic Belt features several aspects that make it a must have for those who love this culture and its style.
Price: $54.00
Brown Knightly Belt
Our Brown Knightly Belt is the perfect choice for almost any Medieval reenactor outfit. Designed to fit anyone, the extra long 70 inch heavy grade leather belt is gorgeously accented with antiqued brass roses and a heavy duty buckle.
Price: $95.00
Celtic Cross Buckle Belt
The Celtic Cross Buckle Belt is a classic leather belt that features a sleek and stylish Celtic-styled belt buckle. The belt is a simple, practical accessory that, when combined with the decorative buckle, is suitable for any style.
Price: $37.00
Celtic Embossed Buckle Belt
The artistry of the Celts is timeless. Add beauty inspired by their designs to any outfit with the Celtic Embossed Buckle Belt. This handmade leather belt has its entire length and its belt keeper embossed with Celtic knotwork.
Price: $42.00
Celtic Knot Buckle Belt
The time for celebration is near. The perfect costume is almost complete. You are quite pleased with the image in the mirror, but something is missing. Add a classical touch to your attire by donning the Celtic Knot Buckle Belt.
Price: $27.00
Circle Stones Buckle Belt
The Circle Stones Buckle Belt features a unique design on its buckle. The circular metal buckle displays an inlaid ring of round, pale stones speckled with a darker color, giving this historic reenactment accessory its distinct style.
Price: $30.00
Crossed Leather Belt
That last dash of style might be just what you need to bring together your costume, but where do you get it? A perfect belt is just the thing, and for something bold, there is no better belt to consider than this Crossed Leather Belt.
Price: $65.00
Crusaders Buckle Belt
Our Crusaders Buckle Belt is made of 7/8 oz. sturdy belt leather. IT is 1.5 inches wide and comes in two different lengths and a variety of colors. It is a must for anyone going to the fair and they go great with any outfit.
Price: $39.00
Crusaders Cross Buckle Belt
The Crusaders Cross Buckle Belt is an attractive belt and belt buckle combination that can add just the right knightly touch to virtually any look. It is great not only for modern looks but also for knightly and historical ones.
Price: $30.00
Crusaders Wide Waist Belt
Our 3 inch Wide Crusaders Buckle Belt features a studded cross pattern down the length of the belt. It goes great with any knightly surcoat, tunic, or ensemble. It is made of 7/8 oz. sturdy belt leather.
Price: $50.00
Dark Rogue Leather Belt
This Dark Rogue Leather Belt echoes a medieval design that utilized the belt not only as an accent but also as a form of defense! The belt is made entirely from 5/6 oz. leather and serves well as a piece of armor around your abdomen.
Price: $99.00
Doubled Norman Buckle Belt
If you have need of a heavy-duty belt, then look no further than the Doubled Norman Buckle Belt. This durable buckle belt has a double-layered design that gives this belt a rugged look that is perfect for warriors and brigands.
Price: $70.00
Eberhard Belt
Made of thick leather cut from a single piece of hide, the Eberhard Belt is a sturdy accessory well suited for handling heavier apparel, such as chainmail. The tip, buckle, and decorations are all made of antique-looking brass.
Price: $36.00
Einar Belt
A fantastic period accessory to add to your striking Renaissance fair or historical re-enactment apparel, the Einar Belt is crafted from leather uppers and brass. The leather belt was cut from a single piece of thick leather.
Price: $36.00
Elina Ladies Belt
With classic elegance, the Elina Ladies Belt is made of high-quality leather and decorated with beautiful brass flowers. Well suited for adorning dresses and skirts, this wide belt is intended to sit at the natural waist.
Price: $31.00
Embossed Celtic Buckle Belt
Our Celtic Buckle Belt is made of 7/8 oz. sturdy belt leather. IT is 1.5 inches wide and comes in two different lengths and a variety of colors. It is a must for anyone going to the fair and they go great with any outfit.
Price: $35.00
Essential Leather Belt
The Essential Leather Belt is exactly what its name implies. This handmade leather belt is a fantastic accessory sure to match almost any reenactment outfit, whether you are dressing for a Renaissance festival or medieval LARP event.
Price: $35.00
Gerlinta Leather Belt
Crafted with a unique look resembling a leather strap, the Gerlinta Leather Belt is a tasteful and intriguing accessory that does exactly what a belt should and more, accenting your look with its distinctive design and style.
Price: $55.00
Girls Waist Belt
This leather belt would be a cute addition to any girls medieval or renaissance outfit. With an elegant, floral filigree style buckle, it is perfect for any little lady. The belt is made of medium weight leather and comes in many sizes.
Price: $12.00
Godfrey Leather Belt
A simple, unobtrusive belt can often tie together an outfit with perfect balance. The Godfrey Leather Belt possesses that crucial quality that allows it to bring together an outfit or cosplay without drawing unwanted attention!
Price: $20.00
Havall Belt
Perfect for wearing with LARP or other re-enactment gear, the Havall Belt features an eye-catching buckle that matches the detailed tip of the strap. The ornate leather belt is sturdy enough to hold up weapon sheaths or frogs.
Price: $31.00
Imperial Leather Belt
With details both stately and elegant, the Imperial Leather Belt is perfect for adding extra detail and polish to medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy outfits. This buckle belt is handcrafted from 7/8 ounce vegetable tanned leather.
Price: $39.00
Jolly Roger Buckle Belt
Avast, me matey! Pay no heed to those glaring land-lovers. Your soul belongs to the sea and your fellow buccaneers. Let all see that you are a pirate through and through. The Jolly Roger Buckle Belt serves as a token of loyalty.
Price: $27.00
Knights Buckle Belt
Not everything about a knight needs to be rugged and warrior-like. Consider, for example, the Knights Buckle Belt. This attractive accessory is a simple belt and buckle combination that would look great around any waist.
Price: $30.00
Leather Belt with U.S. Buckle
A good belt is a must-have for a variety of costumes and looks, and this Leather Belt with U.S. Buckle brings a touch of Civil War style to your ensemble, while also adorning you with a symbol of loyalty in the war that divided a nation.
Price: $59.90
On Sale For: $53.91
Leather Medieval Waist Belt
A trusted belt should be a staple in every historical or fantasy wardrobe, and the Leather Medieval Waist Belt fills that role with its straightforward style and superior quality. This handcrafted belt is made from 7/8 ounce leather.
Price: $39.00
Leather Ring Belt
This is not a typical Medieval Ring belt, but a buckle belt with rings attached along the length that you can hang or clip your accessories to. This belt is a great accent to any outfit, for any character, in any period.
Price: $36.00
Leather Twin Belt
Every lad needs a good leather belt. This belt is a great accent to any outfit, for any character, in any period from medieval to renaissance. It is great for hanging your sword frogs, tankard straps, or pouches from.
Price: $33.00
Leather X Belt
No matter the setting, whether fantasy or historical, or the title your character holds, there is no role that does not benefit from the addition of the Leather X Belt. Attach a pouch or dagger frog to this belt to up your style.
Price: $30.00
Leon Broad Buckle Belt
The elaborate detail of the Leon Broad Buckle Belt signifies wealth and status. Whether you are a knight, mercenary, traveling merchant, or noble, this fine accessory offers versatility and style for LARP and historical reenactment.
Price: $40.00
Leon Thin Buckle Belt
With its beautiful brass ornamentation, the Leon Thin Buckle Belt signifies a medieval role of wealth and status. Be you a knight, mercenary, or noble, this fine accessory offers versatility and style when creating a LARP character.
Price: $31.00
Lion Buckle Belt
The lion is a powerful animal when used in heraldry. As the king of the beasts, a lion signifies royalty, power, courage, and strength, among other things. With the Lion Buckle Belt, you can wear that noble heraldry with any look.
Price: $30.00
Louis Belt
Hand sewn and made of quality leather, the Louis Belt is an excellent addition to any historical reenactment look. The buckle is made of wrought iron, and the visible hammer strokes, sanded smooth, give the belt an authentic look.
Price: $31.00
Luthor Leather Double Belt
Take your accessorizing skills to the next level when you add the Luthor Leather Double Belt to your favorite reenactment outfit. This wide leather belt features two additional leather belts threaded through its ornate belt loops.
Price: $115.00
Mary Read Pirate Belt
This is a slightly more elegant belt, perfect for a ladies pirate ensemble. The Mary Read Pirate Belt is made of leather and comes in one size that fits all. It is only available in a rich brown color.
Price: $36.00
Mattis Belt
With fine detailing fit for a variety of medieval inspired outfits, the Mattis Belt features a brass buckle, tip, and five blossom-shaped decorations. This belt is made of thick leather and available in multiple colors.
Price: $31.00
Medieval Buckle Belt
Our Medieval Buckle Belts are made of 7/8 oz. sturdy belt leather. It is 1.5 inches wide and comes in two different lengths and a variety of colors. They are a must for anyone going to the fair and they go great with any outfit.
Price: $18.00
Medieval Knot Belt
Of all the accessories that can complement your fine medieval ensemble, a belt can be one of the most useful! The Medieval Knot Belt can support a pair of trousers or define the waistline of a tunic or peasant dress.
Price: $20.00
Medieval Leather Buckle Belt - Black
A belt is a necessary component of any medieval outfit, whether used to keep your tunic cinched or keep swords and pouches on your person. The Black Medieval Leather Buckle Belt is the perfect medieval or fantasy accessory.
Price: $13.00
Medieval Leather Buckle Belt - Brown
A belt is more than just a fashion statement. It serves to cinch tunics and to help you carry pouches, purses, tankards, and weapons. For this reason, you want a sturdy belt, one like the Brown Medieval Leather Buckle Belt.
Price: $13.00
Medieval Leather Buckle Belt - Green
Versatile, stylish, and practical, the Green Medieval Leather Buckle Belt can cinch your tunic as well as keep pouches and frogs secure at your side. This thin, green leather belt is great for all sorts of medieval and fantasy outfits.
Price: $13.00
Medieval Long Belt
This medieval long belt is a fantastic addition to a variety of different outfits. This style belt was worn from the Dark Ages through the High Middle Ages. Made of a thick, top grain leather, it is richly adorned brass accents.
Price: $95.00
Medieval Shield Buckle Belt
The perfect costume must be properly accessorized, so you have searched far and wide. Well, look no further. Nothing adds the final touch to fantastic attire quite like the beautifully designed Medieval Shield Buckle Belt.
Price: $27.00
Medieval Wide Buckle Belt
Our 3 inch Wide Buckle Belt (also known as a Kilt Belt) is so good looking that our customers wear it with their everyday clothes! Wear it with your kilt, Renaissance Garb, or normal clothing, whatever pleases you!
Price: $35.00
Multi Pouch Leather Belt
The perfect accompaniment for any LARPing class, the Multi Pouch Leather Belt is as useful as it is well made. This adventurer belt features five pouches, each being easily sealed by use of a leather strap and metal buckle.
Price: $148.50
Norman Heraldry Leather Belt
A bit of vibrant detail and color has never hurt any look, and this Norman Heraldry Leather Belt can bring just that to almost any attire, by adding a splash of beautiful enameling, fine brass metal, and classic heraldry designs.
Price: $58.00
Pirate King Belt
This massive heavy belt is made from faux snakeskin. The Pirate King Belt displays an antiqued nickel buckle and tip. Great for Pirate outfits, this 3 inch wide belt is perfect for carrying your cutlass, daggers, and flintlock.
Price: $79.00
Pirate Skull Buckle Belt
Terrorize the seas in style when you wear the Pirate Skull Buckle Belt. This high quality handmade leather belt features a bold metal belt buckle displaying a grinning pirate skull wearing a captains hat over two crossed cutlasses.
Price: $30.00
Pirates Wide Waist Belt
If you are putting together an authentic pirate outfit, our Pirates Wide Waist Belt is a must. This leather belt is 2.75 inches wide and has a solid brass buckle and brass grommets in the belt holes, resulting in many years of use.
Price: $45.00

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