Leather Greaves

A good set of greaves is the perfect way to keep your legs safe when you enter into combat, and lucky for you, Dark Knight Armoury carries a wide assortment of different styles, ensuring that not only will your legs be protected when you wear our greaves, but you will also feature a distinctive style and look that will be really hard to beat. Greaves date back as far as the days of Ancient Greece and beyond, where Spartan warriors and other Greek hoplites favored bronze greaves in addition to their various other pieces of armor. Even today, leather greaves remain a popular choice among LARPers and reenactors, as they are both protective and light, which helps to keep a warrior mobile and quick. Our greaves also come in a variety of different styles, ranging from plain leather greaves and molded leather greaves to more ornate sets like our knights greaves and our Valkyrie greaves. Thanks to a high degree of detail and a variety of wicked appearances, our greaves look as great as decorations on your person when they are not being put to use as leg protectors. Many of our greaves are crafted from thick 13-15 oz leather or from 7-8 oz leather, while some actually feature both in their construction! Some are even hand crafted to your specifications, to ensure that they provide a perfect fit, as well as the exact level of protection that you need! Pair our leather greaves with an existing look to really change its appearance and renew its style, or combine them with some existing armor to enhance your protection so that when you march into battle, you know that your legs are safer than they were before.
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"I have made two orders with your company and I just wanted to leave some feed back. I have been very satisfied with the speed of the shipping, the low prices and best of all the quality of the items. I plan to buy more from this site and have recommended it to my friends who are looking for costumes for next years ren fair. "

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