Traditional Archery

Whether you are old or young, it does not matter if you are entirely new to the world of archery or if you are a seasoned professional, Dark Knight Armoury carries the bows, arrows, and archery based accessories to keep you supplied with almost anything and everything you might need to continue your practice of archery. Whether you need bows, arrows, or accessories, you have come to the right place. One cannot practice archery without a bow and we have an impressive variety of bows for the intrepid archer to choose from. If you want to fire a historical bow, then you can chose from our wide variety of historically accurate bows, including English Longbows, Japanese Yumi, Native American Bows, Recurve Bows, and Horse Bows. Or if you were seeking something with a little more of a fantasy touch, we also have Elven Bows, Ranger Bows, and several other fantasy themed bows all of which are fully functional. Every bow you find here in Dark Knight Armourys Archery section is a fully functional bow that is designed to be used. And many of our bows come in several varieties of pull weights and draw lengths, ensuring that no matter the archer, there is a bow suitable for their specifications. For LARP archers we have LARP bows that are suitable for use against others during a LARP. And for the young archer, we have several bows and accessories that are suited just for them. We have arrows suitable for both hunting and target practice, and we have them all in styles that range from historically accurate to fantasy styled. And of course, no archer should have to do without a few good accessories, like a quiver or an arm guard. Each of our medieval styled bows comes with a 1 year warranty that protects against manufacture defects. Some of our bows are also made to order, and these particular bows fall under the same rules that govern our customer orders. Unless there is a manufacturer defect, once these bows are ordered, they cannot be canceled or returned. You can read more about Custom Orders under our Orders Section, toward the bottom of the page. Because our bows have different availabilities and different delivery times, make sure you read the shipping information carefully before ordering. How to Tell your Draw Length and Draw Weight: Your Draw Length measurement is how far back you draw the bowstring before releasing it. To find your draw length, stand and extend both arms out in front of you. Measure from your chest to the end of your middle finger and subtract 2 inches. This will find your approximate draw length. The draw weight determines how much weight in pounds that you will be using to pull back your bow at the specified draw length. For instance, if you choose a draw weight of 30 and have a draw length of 28 inches, when you pull the bowstring back to 28 inches, you will be pulling 30. Draw weight is hard to determine if you are a beginner but 30 is an excellent place to begin and is great for target practice. For hunting, a bow of 40 draw weight or higher is usually recommended.
Traditional Archery Accessories
It does not matter if you are a medieval archer, a fantasy based archer, or a traditional archer since Dark Knight Armoury has all the right accessories that you will need. If you are looking for quivers, leather arm guards, or targets, you will find them here.
Archery Packages, Archery Bundles, Bow and Arrow Sets, and Archer Accessory Kits
Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we carry an assortment of archery packages for beginning and advanced archers. These archery bundles contain items like bows, arrows, quivers, arm guards, bracers, and pouches - the perfect pieces to start or finish off a LARP or Ren fair outfit. Many of our leather products in these archery sets possess a stylish look for fantasy or medieval ensembles, and some can be customized with your choice of color.
Traditional Crossbows
The crossbow is a classic weapon for medieval warfare. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we have several decorative crossbows to add to your collection. These medieval crossbows have working parts and include one bolt but do not fire over long distances.
DIY Bow Making, Bow Making Kits, and Bow Building Parts
Dark Knight Armoury offers an array of quality bow making supplies and bow building kits that are perfect for do-it-yourself archers. Our bow staves, bow backing strips, riser blocks, tip overlays, bowstrings, and bow socks will ensure that you can quickly begin the process of shaping, tillering, and finishing your customized bow. Made from fine woods and materials, your new selfbow will give you bragging rights the next time you head out to shoot!
Live Action Roleplaying Bows
To add a new dimension to any LARP game, try including one of our many LARP bows! These projectile weapons are player safe and do wonders for keeping LARPers on their toes. All of our LARP bows are functional bows made of rugged, reliable fiberglass.
Medieval Arrowheads
Featured in various styles, including bodkin and broad head points, these traditional arrows are just what an archer needs. Traditional arrowheads make great collectibles and fantastic arrows, once they are properly applied to an existing arrow shaft.
Medieval Arrows
Without arrows, a bow only has so many limited uses. Many of our traditional arrows are custom made with your bow specifications in mind and are great for almost any use. Our traditional arrows come in a variety of fantasy and medieval styles.
Medieval Bows
The traditional bows from Dark Knight Armoury are both functional and trustworthy. Our traditional bows come in a variety of medieval and fantasy themes, and many are custom made to ensure the bow you need is the bow you get at an excellent price.
Youth Bows and Archery Accessories
At Dark Knight Armoury, archery is not just for adults. Our youth bows and accessories section has everything you need to involve your child in archery! We have youth archery bows, leather quivers, arm guards, and arrows, all sized for child archer.

"I have made two orders with your company and I just wanted to leave some feed back. I have been very satisfied with the speed of the shipping, the low prices and best of all the quality of the items. I plan to buy more from this site and have recommended it to my friends who are looking for costumes for next years ren fair. "

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