Cap Guns

Gun enthusiasts can now add an excellent array of cap guns to their firearm collections from the selection offered here at Dark Knight Armoury! These cap revolvers, cap pistols, and cap rifles make fantastic props for theatrical performances and historical re-enactments. Each of these toy guns has the legally required red tip for safety since their look otherwise appears incredibly realistic. Many of these toy cap guns look as though they came straight out of the Wild West, allowing you to pretend to be a cowboy, ranger, or outlaw with ease! Of course, the most notable element of these replica cap guns remains their ability to fire caps in a real life simulation of actual gunfire. We make sure to also provide cap gun cartridges and cap rings so you can reload your prop weapon as many times as you want. Collectors of all ages are sure to appreciate these fine cap firearms!
8 Shot Cap Rings
To get your cap guns popping, you need a 12 Pack of 8 Shot Cap Rings. Designed to be loaded into dummy shells, individual caps can be torn off and loaded into the back or cap shells to get the pop when pulling the trigger.
Price: $2.00
Cowboy Black 8 Shot Cap Revolver
Theatrical productions and Western reenactments require a pistol that will offer a realistic effect to wow your audience. The Cowboy Black 8 Shot Cap Revolver will give you that desired effect, both in its look and its sound.
Price: $16.00
Cowboy Chrome 12 Shot Cap Revolver
Its shape is authentically Western, but the sleek and straightforward design of the Cowboy Chrome 12 Shot Cap Revolver is a great cap pistol for any character of the Old West, from cowboy to bandit and sheriff to gunslinger.
Price: $24.00
Cowboy Chrome 12 Shot Cap Rifle
While the revolver is the iconic weapon used by cowboys of the Old West, the rifle was an incredibly popular weapon among gunslingers as well. The Cowboy Chrome 12 Shot Cap Rifle is a fun way to recreate the gun that won the West.
Price: $44.00
Cowboy Chrome 8 Shot Cap Long Revolver
Cowboys have been staple American heroes for decades, and their pistols go hand in hand with their iconic image. The Cowboy Chrome 8 Shot Cap Long Revolver mimics the look of these classic pistols in a fun and realistic cap gun.
Price: $16.00
Cowboy Chrome 8 Shot Cap Rifle
When you want to achieve an intimidating look for your Western themed reproduction or reenactment, the Cowboy Chrome 8 Shot Cap Rifle can help you do just that. The authentic look and sound of this rifle will help you win the Wild West.
Price: $64.00
Cowboy Chrome 8 Shot Cap Short Revolver
A cap gun is not just a fun way to practice shooting, but it is also a great prop for reproductions of the Old West. The convenient size and eye catching look of the Cowboy Chrome 8 Shot Short Revolver makes it a great choice for this.
Price: $20.00
Cowboy Style 12 Shot Cap Revolver
The finishing touch you are looking for to complete your Western look needs to be eye catching and authentic. For a look and sound that will remind your audience of the real thing, you need the Cowboy Style 12 Shot Cap Revolver.
Price: $20.00
Dummy Cap Shells
To get your revolver-style cap guns popping, you need Dummy Cap Shells. Designed to look like single bullets, these shells can have individual caps loaded into the back to get the pop most people want when pulling the trigger.
Price: $16.00
Set of 6 Dummy Cap Shells
Designed specifically for use in cap firing revolver style replicas, use the Set of 6 Dummy Cap Shells for extra authenticity at your next reenactment event or theatrical production. This set also includes 24 plastic caps.
Price: $8.00
Twelve Shot Ring Caps - 6 Pack
Get your cap gun popping whenever you fire with the help of the Twelve Shot Ring Caps - 6 Pack. These cap gun ammo rings are made specifically with cap pistols in mind, giving each pull of the trigger a fantastic popping noise.
Price: $4.00

"I just bought a pair of swords to go with a costume event that would go with boots I ordered from you guys. Again the package was on my doorstep within 24 hours, which is mind blowing. I ordered the "dragon evolution" and "black flame combat " swords for price considerations and was stunned at what came out of the box. If these are examples of your cheap stuff, I know I positively would be close to drooling over the high end models. Thanks again and you are now my official "go to" shop for any kind of gear. "

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