When you are searching for an excellent functional knife or high quality Japanese sword, you can find a number of great options from Citadel. Citadel knives, katana, and wakizashi are crafted from a variety of fine metals like DNH7 steel, N690Co steel, 1075 high carbon steel, and AISI 420 steel. Their handles are made from similarly fine materials including Rosewood, Palisander wood, horn, bone, rayskin, and micarta. Many of the blades have been differentially hardened to give them high functionality. These Citadel swords make stunning collectors pieces, while many of the Citadel knives can serve as hunting knives and other general purpose utility knives in the great outdoors. A number of the items come with their own scabbard or belt sheath, as well. Browse among our Citadel blades for a few moments, and you are sure to see many pieces that will impress!
Bamboo Citadel Katana
Hand-crafted from exceptionally high quality materials, the Bamboo Citadel Katana is as beautiful as it is functional, and it features a spectacularly unique, limited edition design, of which only 100 models will ever be produced.
Price: $2,799.00
Bone Scale Chantha Folding Knife
A great pocket knife for whittling, the Bone Scale Chantha Folding Knife fits perfectly into your pocket and then perfectly into your hand when in use. This pocket knife is a beautiful piece that you will absolutely love showing off!
Price: $179.00
Bone Scale Monterey Folding Knife
Boasted by its manufacturer as being the perfect sized pocket knife, the Bone Scale Monterey Folding Knife is a convenient and eye catching pocket knife with a drop point blade that is perfect for slicing in your day to day tasks.
Price: $179.00
Buffalo Horn Higonokami Folding Knife
A unique and convenient take on the traditional Higonokami knife, this Buffalo Horn Higonokami Folding Knife boasts classic features such as the tanto point, but replaces the traditional brass with buffalo horn for lightweight comfort.
Price: $129.00
Horn Scale Kukri Folding Knife
The traditional Kukri knife is a large, fixed blade that is ideal for camping and combat. The Horn Scale Kukri Folding Knife combines the utility of a classic Kukri with the convenience of a pocket knife for a unique outdoor folder.
Price: $209.00
Imperial Citadel Katana
Forged for the Emperor himself, the Imperial Citadel Katana is a masterful work of art that only the noblest of samurai may carry, adorned in the golden courage of a warriors heart with the symbol of the royal family of Japan.
Price: $2,999.00
Imperial Tanto
Situated within the folds of his obi sash, the emperor displays his beloved knife, the Imperial Tanto. Adorned in gold and the royal insignia, this incredible piece displays his honor and authority in stunning detail and design.
Price: $999.00
Limited Edition Bamboo Wakizashi
The tsuba of the Limited Edition Bamboo Wakizashi is hand-cut and engraved from pure iron. The nanako, or stippled pattern, on the tsuba is accomplished by hand, quite a feat of patience with a stunning result.
Price: $2,379.00
Limited Edition Lotus Wakizashi
The Limited Edition Lotus Wakizashi fittings are hand-cut and shaped from pure iron, a tough material that takes a deep black patina. The Lotus design of the tsuba is in an older, simpler style that reflects the nature of the sword.
Price: $1,869.00
Limited Edition Ocean Wakizashi
This Limited Edition Ocean Wakizashi features an ocean theme with a nami, or wave, tsuba and turbulent water fuchi and kashira as decoration. The blade is hand forged and differentially hardened 1075 high carbon steel.
Price: $2,299.00
Lotus Citadel Katana
Masterfully crafted in a traditional styling, the Lotus Citadel Katana is a completely hand-made weapon which is designed to excel in cutting. This is a limited edition sword, of which only 100 will ever be produced.
Price: $2,199.00
Ocean Citadel Katana
A masterpiece of modern Japanese weaponry, the Ocean Citadel Katana is a limited edition, functional katana which is crafted from the finest materials with painstaking precision to ensure a supremely balanced and beautiful design.
Price: $2,699.00
Ray Skin Saigon Pocket Knife
A folder is a knife you carry at all times, so you want one that is functional, attractive, and conveniently sized. The Ray Skin Saigon Pocket Knife is just that knife, with all of these features making it your new favorite folder.
Price: $215.00
Toucan Utility Knife
The Toucan Utility Knife is a big, beefy blade, equally at home in the back woods or on the trail. This knife is designed for hours of comfortable use. It has a Palisander wood grip and high carbon DNH7 steel blade.
Price: $195.00
Trondheim EDC Fixed Blade Knife
The Trondheim EDC Fixed Blade Knife gets a lot of cutting performance out of a design that is small and light enough to forget about until needed. The hardwood handle scales are nicely radiused for a comfortable grip.
Price: $155.00
Vannak V Utility Knife
The Vannak V Utility knife serves as a modified Wharnecliffe-style hunter blade. Made of high carbon steel, the Vannak V is a handy fixed blade knife, small enough for delicate work with an edge and shape that lend well to hard work.
Price: $175.00
Wood Handled Gurkha Kukri
The Wood Handled Gurkha Kukri is a knife that sports a unique shape, making it multifunctional and eye catching. Able to go from a hunting knife to a combat knife easily, this blade will become your all around outdoor survival tool.
Price: $415.00

" Beautiful item (DK1055) and a great price. Super fast delivery. I'll definitely be buying from this vendor again!"

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