Dark Knight Armoury is pleased to present our selection of fantastic Vikings merchandise now available to fans of the popular historical drama. The Vikings TV show tells the story of legendary Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok and his rise from farmer to King of Denmark. Known as the scourge of England and France, Ragnar leads his men on many successful raids with the help of his brother, Rollo, his friend, Floki, his son, Bjorn, and many others. His wives Lagertha and Aslaug also play an important role in the tale. Show your enthusiasm for this engaging History channel show inspired by the historical saga and legend with our assortment of Viking licensed products, ranging from Vikings weapon replicas like Ragnar Lothbroks infamous axe to charming Vikings POP figures of many of your favorite characters. Be sure to come back regularly to see the latest items added to this category as the show continues to build its narrative!
Axe of Ragnar Lothbrok
The favored weapon of the legendary Norse ruler, the Axe of Ragnar Lothbrok is a replica of the actual Vikings TV show prop. This single-headed axe was essential to the rise of Ragnar from farmer to Earl, and from Earl to King.
Price: $139.00
Foam Axe of Ragnar
Ragnar Lothbrok was a legendary Viking leader and hero of Old Norse poetry and sagas. Based on the prop weapon carried by actor Travis Fimmel in the History Channel program Vikings, this Foam Axe of Ragnar is great for LARP combat.
Price: $39.00
Limited Edition Vikings Sword of Kings
The Limited Edition Vikings Sword of Kings is a top notch replica from the popular History channel TV show. This collectible sword is a relic held by the reigning Viking king during the time of protagonist Ragnar Lothbrok.
Price: $300.00
Vikings Rollo POP Figure
The younger brother of protagonist Ragnar Lothbrok in the popular Vikings TV show, Rollo possesses a somewhat fraught relationship with his brother. The Vikings Rollo POP Figure depicts this impulsive and fearsome warrior.
Price: $12.00
Vikings Scabbard of Lagertha
Modeled directly after the actual television prop, the Vikings Scabbard of Lagertha is a replica of the scabbard seen at the side of the cunning and fierce shield maiden and Earl of Hedeby from the hit television show Vikings.
Price: $99.00
Vikings Sword of Lagertha
With strength and cunning, shield maiden Lagertha rises to power as Earl of Hedeby in the Vikings television show. The Vikings Sword of Lagertha is based on her weapon of choice, expertly crafted and antiqued for a battle worn look.
Price: $230.00
Vikings The Seer POP Figure
Fanatically devoted to the Norse gods, the Seer displays an appearance afflicted with leprosy. The Vikings The Seer POP Figure depicts the oracle in Kattegat, who communicates with the gods to answer questions about fate.
Price: $12.00
Weapons of Floki
Floki is a genius ship builder who designs and builds the new style of Viking ships that Ragnar and his warriors sail across the open ocean and up shallow rivers. These Weapons of Floki are based on the television props from Vikings.
Price: $210.00

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