Medieval Hoods

Add the perfect finishing touch to your historical ensemble with one of our excellent Medieval Hoods! Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we are pleased to provide a fantastic selection of period headwear like these hoods. Crafted from leather, suede, cotton, wool, and other fine materials, our period hoods and medieval cowls often feature mantles that cover the neck and shoulders. They come in various colors, too, including black, brown, red, gray, blue, beige, green, white, and more! These historical hoods offer ideal coverage for rogues and outlaws who want to hide their identity, demure coverings for lovely maidens, and warm protection for outdoorsmen and warriors. With the range of styles we have available, you will not have any trouble finding the perfect one to suit your ensemble.
14th C. Two-Toned Hood
The dual colored style of this 14th C. Two-Toned Hood is a perfect match to our similarly named tunic (item number AH-PA2002). Worn with it or separately, this hood is an eye-catching accent to any number of authentic ensembles.
Price: $29.00
Ailith Saxon Hood
During the 10th and 11th centuries, Anglo-Saxon women typically wore head coverings like these as part of their daily wear. The Ailith Saxon Hood, made of linen fabric, is an easy way to add authenticity to your reenactment look.
Price: $28.00
Altair Cowl
With the Altair Cowl draped upon your shoulders and covering your head, you will easily blend into shadows, whether pursuing nefarious deeds, traversing the streets as a rogue on a mission, or simply taking a walk in cooler weather.
Price: $35.00
Archers Simple Hood
For the archer who wishes to blend into the forest, or the assassin who seeks anonymity in the crowd, the Archers Simple Hood protects your features from unwanted eyes as well as the elements, allowing you to focus on your target.
Price: $15.00
Asta Triangle Head Scarf
Even in medieval times, a womans hair might get in the way of her task. The easiest way to keep their flowing locks out of their way would be either by braiding these locks or pulling them back by wearing the Asta Triangle Head Scarf!
Price: $18.00
Benson Canvas Gugel Hood
A classic headwear option for re-enactors to wear at the Renaissance fair, the medieval gugel perfectly suits peasants and monks. The Benson Canvas Gugel Hood shields your head and shoulders with sturdy cotton canvas fabric.
Price: $16.00
Benson Wool Gugel Hood
The slight chill in the air and a light drizzle is not reason enough to miss an enjoyable day at the renaissance faire, nor hinder a noble LARP quest, not when the Benson Wool Gugel Hood offers warmth and protection from said elements.
Price: $31.00
Bron Canvas Hood
When wearing a full length hooded cloak is just too much, add the Bron Canvas Hood to your medieval LARP outfits. Made of sturdy cotton, this hood is great for keeping the cold and damp away from your face without extra bulk.
Price: $16.00
Bron Suede Hood
Whenever the gugel is too warm, the Bron Suede Hood serves as an excellent alternative for guarding yourself from the fierce wind and weather. The medieval hood can be paired with tunics or cloaks for near-seamless protection.
Price: $31.00
Bron Wool Hood
Allow neither the slight chill in the air nor a light rain to prevent you from enjoying a medieval outing. The Bron Wool Hood shields your face from the harsh weather elements without the extra bulk of a full-length hooded cloak.
Price: $31.00
Embroidered Hood with Fur
Your journey into the mortal realm leads to a northern kingdom where the chilling winds of winter never die. Protect your fair skin from the harsh elements, while concealing your Elven features with the Embroidered Hood With Fur.
Price: $40.00
Frideswide Saxon Hood
It was customary for Anglo-Saxon women to cover their heads during the 10th and 11th centuries. Dress the part of a stylish medieval maiden when you wear the Frideswide Saxon Hood, made of a breathable, 100 percent cotton fabric.
Price: $21.00
Gothic Style Hood
Our Gothic Style Hood is a great addition to any outfit and is for both men and women. This is a full cut hood and also has an oval mantle which completely covers the shoulders. The Gothic Style Hood is made of medium weight cotton.
Price: $36.00
Jona Canvas Hood
A great look for historical re-enactors, the Jona Canvas Hood suits a wide range of medieval characters, especially peasants and monks. The medieval hood features a crenellated pattern along the bottom hem as a distinctive element.
Price: $16.00
Jona Wool Hood
Based on the gugel hoods of medieval Germany, the Jona Wool Hood adds a distinctive touch to your character, while offering protection from the elements of nature, making it a suitable accessory for both historical and fantasy roles.
Price: $31.00
Knights Medieval Hood
This hood has a very authentic look to it, making it great for archers or knights. The hood has a full mantel that covers the shoulders. Made of a felted wool blend and lined with cotton, this is a quality hood and is very comfortable to wear.
Price: $35.00
Lenora Cotton Veil
One of the most popular articles of clothing throughout the Middle Ages was the head scarf. Whether you are going down to the medieval market or adventuring in Sherwood Forest, make sure your outfit is accented with the Lenora Cotton Veil.
Price: $12.00
Lenora Linen Veil
As you slip away into the night to visit the merry men of Sherwood Forest, you want something that will hide your face, should a certain sheriff be watching. Keep your identity concealed with style when you use the Lenora Linen Veil.
Price: $12.00
Long Tailed Medieval Hood
An iconic piece of medieval headwear, the Long Tailed Medieval Hood makes a great choice for dressing up for the Renaissance fair or historical re-enactment. The period hood drapes over the shoulders and has a long liripipe, or tail.
Price: $17.00
On Sale For: $15.30
Luka Hood
This traditional headwear makes a fantastic addition to your historical re-enactment ensemble for the Renaissance fair. The Luka Hood mimics the iconic design of a medieval gugel, covering the head and shoulders with sturdy canvas.
Price: $16.00
Luka Wool Hood
Add a distinctive touch to your roleplay character, while braving the harsh elements of a LARP kingdom. Inspired by the gugel hoods of medieval Germany, the Luka Wool Hood offers warmth and protection from cold air and light rain.
Price: $31.00
Maid Marian Head Scarf Set
Maid Marian is the famous love interest and cohort of Robin Hood, acting as his liaison to nobility and the commoners. Sneaking into Sherwood Forest so often would require camouflage. The Maid Marian Head Scarf Set offers such a garb.
Price: $15.58
Medieval Cowl
This cowl typifies head coverings in medieval times. The cowl covers most of the shoulders and has a long tail in the back. Our Medieval Cowl is crafted in pure wool, which provides both authenticity and winter warmth to the re-enactor.
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $21.00
Medieval Cucullus Gugel
The Roman cucullus was one of the earliest cowls, and its design carried over into the Middle Ages, as seen in the hoods worn by farmers, priests, and peasants. The Medieval Cucullus Gugel revives this design in beautiful accuracy.
Price: $43.18
Medieval Gugel
One of the most popular items of clothing from the Middle Ages was the cowl. It was worn by farmers in their fields, peasants in the market, bards, and priests. The Medieval Gugel recreates the classic medieval cowl in authentic detail.
Price: $28.78
Medieval Hood With Mantle
Our Medieval Hood With Mantle is a great addition to any outfit for both men and women. This is a full cut hood and also has an oval mantle which covers the shoulders. The Medieval Hood With Mantle is made of medium weight cotton.
Price: $36.00
Medieval Huntsman Hood
Wear the Medieval Huntsman Hood and walk with mystery at your next reenactment event. Perfect for protecting your face from the gazes of your enemies, this light green linen hood adds unique flair to medieval and fantasy looks.
Price: $28.00
Medieval Velvet Cowl Hood
A cowl or hood is a great accessory piece for any medieval ensemble. This plush, cotton Medieval Velvet Cowl Hood can be worn up or down and has a matching cotton lining. This velvet hood is a superior choice for warmth and style.
Price: $48.00
Necromancer's Hood
A black cowl is the perfect complement to a dark mages appearance, although this Necromancers Hood is a nice addition to the look of a sorcerer, warrior, or black knight who might have more than a few mystical dealings with the undead.
Price: $79.20
Outlaw Suede Hood
This particular hood is a perfect choice for those who want to look like a noble outlaw fresh out of the woods, ready to rob from the rich and give to the poor. It makes a perfect accent to medieval looks and to Robin Hood costumes.
Price: $95.00
Reinhardt Canvas Gugel Hood
Enhance your medieval, Renaissance, or fantasy looks with a flash of color when you drape the Reinhardt Canvas Gugel Hood over your shoulders and pull liripipe hood over your head. This hooded capelet has a fun split color scheme.
Price: $31.00
Skjoldehamn Herringbone Gugel
At a Viking tomb in Skjoldehamn, a region in northern Norway, a complete outfit was found during an archaeological dig. The most famous part of this outfit, the iconic cowl, has been reproduced in the Skjoldehamn Herringbone Gugel.
Price: $43.18
Skjoldehamn Winter Gugel
One of the biggest archaeological finds, in terms of historical clothing, occurred in Skjoldehamn, Norway, where a well-preserved cowl was discovered in a Viking tomb. The Skjoldehamn Winter Gugel brings this renowned style to modernity.
Price: $43.18
Trimmed Medieval Shoulder Cape
Whether you wish to disguise your identity from prying eyes or to keep warm on a chilly day, you will find the Trimmed Medieval Shoulder Cape to be a great apparel option. This hooded cape drapes down to around elbow length.
Price: $28.00
Wenceslas Bible Gugel
One of the most famous medieval texts is the German Wenceslas Bible, particularly well-known for its gorgeous illustrations that captured the fashion of the Middle Ages. The Wenceslas Bible Gugel replicates one such article of clothing.
Price: $55.18
Wulflead Saxon Headcloth
In early Anglo-Saxon societies, women often wore head coverings like the Wulflead Saxon Headcloth. Made of breathable, 100 percent cotton, this elegant head cloth is an essential addition to many historical reenactment wardrobes.
Price: $24.00

"Not only was Joseph willing to help look for something appropriate for this project, when asked, he actually went and got each piece we were looking at so that he could measure them and give me the dimensions. I used up an extraordinary amount of his time. He was knowledgeable, patient and pleasant throughout all my questioning. If Joseph is the example of your staff, kudos to you! He was amazing! "

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