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Yo ho, mateys! Discover a treasure trove of fantastic pirate headwear here in the Pirate Hats category at Dark Knight Armoury. All good pirates, from Jack Sparrow to Blackbeard, know the power of a good hat to transform you from a scallywag to a powerful sea captain. We provide an array of traditional, fashion-forward, and costume hats for buccaneers of all types, many with decorative trim, feathers, beading, ribbons, skull and crossbones motifs, and more to set them apart. Our pirate tricorns and admiral bicorns offer a dashing look for anyone worthy of the high seas, while our pirate head scarfs and bandanas provide a rougher style. And never fear - we serve pirate gents and lasses equally! Our pirate ladies will be sure to appreciate any of our hats, including several mini hats for unique flair. When you want to make sure your presence is properly commanding when you stand on deck, do not forget to top off your look with one of these excellent buccaneer hats!
Miniature Pirate Beauty Skull Hat
There is not a she-pirate on the waves that would not find herself jealous of this Miniature Pirate Beauty Skull Hat. This adorable hat is elegant and feminine, while also featuring a striking pirate look.
Price: $10.00
Naval Admiral Bicorn Hat
Go Pirate hunting or protect the coast line with the Costume Admiral Bicorn. This bicorn is modeled after the hats worn by naval officials in the late 18th century. Bravery and determination go hand in hand with this elegant hat.
Price: $30.00
Octopus Pirate Tricorn Hat
Life upon the Seven Seas comes with its own set of hazards. Many of your greatest adventures involved encounters with a gigantic cephalopod. You respect the fearsome sea creature, which is why you wear the Octopus Pirate Tricorn Hat.
Price: $30.00
Old Black Pirate Hat
Nothing quite says old scallywag like a good pirate hat. The Old Black Pirate Hat is styled after the traditional tricorn hat of the 18th century. This authentic hat makes for a great accessory that will complete any pirate costume.
Price: $20.00
Pirate Corsair Hat
When traversing the high seas on the hunt for treasure, your crew better not forget who is really in charge. With the Pirate Corsair Hat worn proudly upon your head, you can command your sailors with undeniable swashbuckler style.
Price: $21.95
Pirates Black Bandana
The Black Pirate Bandana has a suede-like textured finish with rough weathered lace to show that you can pillage and plunder the high seas right away. It is made from 100% rayon and looks great on its own or under a tricorn.
Price: $34.00
Pirate's Leather Head Wrap
The Pirates Leather Head Wrap is truly a manly-man accessory. This simple, stylish head wrap is styled after the wraps that were worn for centuries by men on the sea and off for reasons of personal style or safety.
Price: $15.00
Red Scallywag Hat
The Red Scallywag Hat is a blocked tricorn hat that has been made the old-fashioned way - by pressing the material around a shaped block. This attention to detail makes the Black Scallywag Hat a great hat for pirates.
Price: $20.00
Regal Lady Pirate Hat
Confident in your command, you show off your lavish taste by wearing the Regal Lady Pirate Hat. Wide gold ribbon along the bicorn brim boldly boasts of your lucrative swashbuckling adventures, catching eyes and commanding respect.
Price: $18.00
Scalawag Tricorn Hat
This sturdy pirate tricorn hat is made of 100 percent polyester that has been textured to look like weathered suede. Our Scalawag Tricorn Hat is available in colors midnight black, blood red, or classic brown.
Price: $25.00
Simple Pirate Hat
Not all pirates were concerned with their appearances. Some preferred simple attire, and those that did often preferred hats, like this Simple Pirate Hat, that were light and effective, as well as being almost completely unadorned.
Price: $4.00
Skull and Crossbones Leather Hat
The Skull and Crossbones Leather Hat is a stylish variation on the standard pirate tricorn, certain to make your enemies blood run cold. This pirate hat is embellished with an antiqued brass skull and crossbones on its front.
Price: $78.00
Skull and Feathered Pirate Hat
There are certain things that a pirate always takes seriously. The first is their treasure, the second is their ship, and the third is their hat. When pirates want an imposing hat, they turn to this Skull and Feathered Pirate Hat.
Price: $6.50
Womens Swashbuckler Hat
Avast! Second to none in style and class, the captain steps on shore adorned in her finest headwear. Bedecked with lace, ribbons, and bows, the Womens Swashbuckler Hat is sure to command attention at your next costume-worthy occasion.
Price: $18.00

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