Steampunk Hats

Embrace a whole new world of fashion with the range of spectacular Steampunk Hats that we offer here at Dark Knight Armoury! We carry an array of gorgeous steampunk headwear for Neo-Victorian ladies and gentlemen of the various social strata. Crafted from leather, felt, and other fine materials, many of these steampunk caps feature ornate decorations like feathers, lace, ribbons, clock faces, bullets, keys, gears, gauges, and much more. The designs range from vintage driving caps to leather top hats to veiled mini hats to aviator caps and beyond. Ladies can enjoy opulent fascinators and dramatic headdresses for formal occasions, while gents can make use of dashing derby hats and bowlers. No matter what genre of steampunk style you prefer, the steampunk hats we provide make the fantastic finishing touches for your favorite steampunk ensembles!
Casual Black Derby
Step back into the past with the iconic Black Costume Derby hat. This elegant item is sure to be recognized by fans of Charlie Chaplin, A Clockwork Orange, or Laurel and Hardy. Do not pass up a wonderful costume item like this hat.
Price: $20.00
Casual Brown Derby
A nearly universal design the Brown Costume Derby has become synonymous with everything from bad guys like Alex from A Clockwork Orange, funny guys like Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, and many different character types in between.
Price: $22.00
Casual Stove Piper Steampunk Hat
When you think of a stove top hat, usually what comes to mind are the tall hats favored by Abe Lincoln. This Casual Stove Piper Steampunk Hat is one that even he would have been happy to wear, thanks to its casual yet edgy style.
Price: $197.00
Chaplin Hat
This classic felt bowler is beyond extraordinary. Named for the silent film extraordinaire Charlie Chaplin, the leather brim and round felt crown of this fashionable hat are perfect for giving your style a touch of edgy chic.
Price: $147.00
Claw Top Hat
For those unafraid to show their more ferocious side, the Claw Top Hat is the perfect choice. This high quality leather top hat features incredible reptilian design along its crown, and its band is accented with scales and claws.
Price: $247.00
Clockwork Curio Steampunk Top Hat
A top hat is the definitive hat when considering headwear that speaks of charm, sophistication, and class. And in a Steampunk-styled world, no top hat has those qualities quite like the Clockwork Curio Steampunk Top Hat.
Price: $344.95
On Sale For: $295.00
Coachmans Steampunk Top Hat
With a feather on the crown, the Coachmans Steampunk Top Hat is the image of what a coachman would have worn in a past era or the hat that any gentleman might wear in a Steampunk age this world has never seen or known.
Price: $167.00
Collared Marlow Steampunk Hat
Show off your formal look in a unique way with the addition of this charming top hat to your ensemble! The Collared Marlow Steampunk Hat is crafted by hand from leather, ensuring a quality construction and comfortable fit.
Price: $187.00
Counterculture Derby Hat
Popularized in the 19th-century Victorian era, the derby hat was the pinnacle of fashion. Even alternate timelines have seen its worth. When combining these worlds into one look, the Counterculture Derby Hat is just what you need!
Price: $16.00
Dark Brown Coachman Top Hat
Whether you are dressing up as a distinguished gentleman or Neo-Victorian scientist, the Dark Brown Coachman Top Hat adds a touch of class to any costume! The rich brown faux suede texture is accentuated with a matching ribbon band.
Price: $24.95
Deadwood Rattlesnake Top Hat
This is a hat that does its name proud. Named after the infamous Wild West town, this Deadwood Rattlesnake Top Hat combines the look of a Victorian top hat with a necrotic symbol of the Old West for a shocking combination.
Price: $349.95
On Sale For: $315.00
Double-Stitched Stoker Steampunk Hat
No one can accuse this Double-Stitched Stoker Steampunk Hat of being anything other than exactly what it is - striking and subtle, as well as a perfect accent that is ideally suited for pulling together virtually any style.
Price: $157.00
Downtown Hat
This sharp-looking cap will complement a wide range of ensembles for ladies and gentlemen. Available in black and brown color options, the Downtown Hat comes in a classic design that works well for modern and retro styles.
Price: $117.00
Draco Top Hat
From the depths of the earth comes the design of this all-leather masterpiece of fierce style and royal pedigree. The Draco Top Hat displays the king of fantasy beasts around the crown, who peers out with a serpentine eye.
Price: $447.00
Elegant Steampunk Women's Teardrop Hat
Elegance and sophistication are the styles of the Victorian era, and so too do they mark the neo-Victorian era and its steam design! This Elegant Steampunk Women's Teardrop Hat has it in the name, and its look does not disappoint.
Price: $62.00
Eureka Zippered Steampunk Hat
Curiously zany, the design of this hat adds a hint of playfulness to any ensemble you pair it with! The Eureka Zippered Steampunk Hat features a colored leather addition that partially covers the upper portion of the hat.
Price: $297.00
Eye Band El Dorado Hat
Perfect for gunslingers, gamblers, and gurus, the Eye Band El Dorado Hat helps you keep an extra eye on your competition. Inspired by the Old West, this leather top hat also has an eye for the inventive spirit of Steampunk fashion.
Price: $217.00
Falcon Western Hat
For a cowboy hat that is great for the farm and even better for formal events, pick up the Falcon Western Hat. A truly versatile item, this hat is capable of showing your rough and tumble side, as well as your fashionable side.
Price: $247.00
Fleur De Lis El Dorado Hat
Displaying a hatband engraved and airbrushed with scrollwork details, this Fleur De Lis El Dorado Hat is elegance refined. A pewter pin shaped in the classic French motif provides the crowning touch to this handmade leather hat.
Price: $187.00
Folsom Steampunk Hat
The Folsom Steampunk Hat is a great low-profile piece that will get you some big looks when you pass. The Folsom Hat is sure to accent any outfit in your wardrobe or serve as the perfect finishing touch to your costume.
Price: $147.00
Garbo Hat
Evoking the legendary silver screen icon Greta Garbo, the Garbo Hat is an incredible Steam haute masterpiece. Featuring an engraved ultra-suede brim and Celtic knot centerpiece, the Garbo is an expression of class and confidence.
Price: $247.00

"I just want to extend a huge Thank You! to Tyrin, Christi, Melissa, and anyone else I talked to. Thank you so much for your great customer service. These individuals took care of my issue quickly and painlessly. Thanks to all of you, we have all our items to dress for our trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival this weekend. Y'all are the bomb! "

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