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Embrace a whole new world of fashion with the range of spectacular Steampunk Hats that we offer here at Dark Knight Armoury! We carry an array of gorgeous steampunk headwear for Neo-Victorian ladies and gentlemen of the various social strata. Crafted from leather, felt, and other fine materials, many of these steampunk caps feature ornate decorations like feathers, lace, ribbons, clock faces, bullets, keys, gears, gauges, and much more. The designs range from vintage driving caps to leather top hats to veiled mini hats to aviator caps and beyond. Ladies can enjoy opulent fascinators and dramatic headdresses for formal occasions, while gents can make use of dashing derby hats and bowlers. No matter what genre of steampunk style you prefer, the steampunk hats we provide make the fantastic finishing touches for your favorite steampunk ensembles!
Wisdom Hat
When faced with a complex dilemma, put on a thinking cap that is guaranteed to offer a little wisdom of its own! The Wisdom Hat features an ornate design inspired by the wisest creature of folklore and legend - the owl.
Price: $617.00
Womens Plum Mini Felt Top Hat
Even in the pseudo-scientific world of Steampunk style, women still do not always wear the same hats as men. Why? Because they have better options! This Womens Plum Mini Felt Top Hat is petite and elegant, as well as exceedingly cute!
Price: $58.00
Wool Felt Peacock Steampunk Hat
Jaunty and charming, this dressy hat perches on your head at an angle, attached with pins or a removable hairband. The Wool Felt Peacock Steampunk Hat displays a miniature top hat decorated with the stunning beauty of peacock feathers.
Price: $62.50

"Love this arm cuff (DK6074). Fits great and is made of great material. Received a day early."

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