No matter what you are looking for, Windlass carries something that will be of interest. Windlass produces high-quality functional weapons, period clothing from various historical eras, movie costumes and replicas, LARP weapons and gear, chainmail and medieval armour, and so much more. Their battle ready weapons include many fine pieces such as fantasy swords, spears, medieval longswords, pirate cutlasses, sword canes, halberds, throwing knives, and belt daggers. With their period clothing, you can find excellent pieces for LARP events, Renaissance fairs, and conventions. In addition to medieval, pirate, and steampunk-themed products, they provide items from Harry Potter, 300, the Wheel of Time, Game of Thrones, Assassins Creed, Conan the Barbarian, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and other pop culture and fantasy series. At Dark Knight Armoury, we are pleased to carry a wide selection of these fantastic products. With the range of items available, there is truly something for anyone to enjoy.
Wooden Templar Shield
This high quality shield is made of curved wood and is heavily padded with a durable canvas. The black and white shield has adjustable arm straps and padded arm guard on the back to ensure the utmost functionality.
Price: $145.00
Woolen Viking Tunic
These are some of the finest Viking tunics we have ever offered. Made from 100% wool, the rich fabric is heavy and accurate to the period. The sleeves, collar, and hem are accented with a thick Nordic design trim.
Price: $99.00
World War II Fighting Knife
The experts at Windless Steelcrafts meticulously recreated the World War II Fighting Knife from an original from the era, made by a famous maker of the day. This functional fighting knife is a prized addition to your military gear.
Price: $69.95
WWII V-42 Elite Special Forces Knife
Originals of this WWII V-42 Elite Special Forces Knife are exceptionally rare, although this knife is a great replica of the original, possessing a thrusting blade, as well as a design that makes this one brutally useful combat blade.
Price: $49.95
Youth Piccadilly Blouse
This Victorian wine-colored shirt is truly one smart cookie. Our Youth Piccadilly Blouse features a pleated and laced front bib design that complements the high-laced collar, ensuring the unforgettable look of this period top.
Price: $39.00
Youth Piccadilly Drop Point Sash
Our Youth Piccadilly Drop Point Sash is the perfect piece to finish almost any period look. The soft black velvet belt dips into a subtle point in the middle of the front, providing a touch of elegance to the waist.
Price: $20.00
Youth Piccadilly Skirt
Ideal for a wide number of fun ensembles, the Youth Piccadilly Skirt possesses striking style that goes well with Victorian, steampunk, Edwardian, and Old West looks. This girls period skirt shows off solid black coloration.
Price: $79.00
Youth Squire Cap
Designed for children, the soft black Youth Squires Cap is a nice addition to any costume wardrobe. This cotton velvet slouch hat is great for both lads and lasses to wear with outfits ranging from medieval to Renaissance.
Price: $28.00
Zulu African Spear
The Zulu "Iklwa", the famous short shafted, large bladed spear that carved out one of the greatest early African nations. The spearhead is made from high carbon tempered steel with a brass wire reinforced socket and wood shaft.
Price: $49.95

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