No matter what you are looking for, Windlass carries something that will be of interest. Windlass produces high-quality functional weapons, period clothing from various historical eras, movie costumes and replicas, LARP weapons and gear, chainmail and medieval armour, and so much more. Their battle ready weapons include many fine pieces such as fantasy swords, spears, medieval longswords, pirate cutlasses, sword canes, halberds, throwing knives, and belt daggers. With their period clothing, you can find excellent pieces for LARP events, Renaissance fairs, and conventions. In addition to medieval, pirate, and steampunk-themed products, they provide items from Harry Potter, 300, the Wheel of Time, Game of Thrones, Assassins Creed, Conan the Barbarian, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and other pop culture and fantasy series. At Dark Knight Armoury, we are pleased to carry a wide selection of these fantastic products. With the range of items available, there is truly something for anyone to enjoy.
16th Century German Mace
By the 15th Century, armor had become so well developed that it was almost impervious to a sword cut or thrust. This 16th Century German Mace, which evolved from mans oldest weapon, the club, could make short work of that armor.
Price: $95.00
16th Century Italian Mace
For centuries, European maces were a symbol of wealth and status, though their use was not exclusive to the privileged. This 16th Century Italian Mace displays elegantly shaped scrollwork flanges, as deadly as they are beautiful.
Price: $95.00
17th Century Italian Rapier
This handsomely crafted 17th Century Italian Rapier displays a complex hilt and a faceted pommel. The grip is hand wound with silver plated wire and woven wire rings, top and bottom. The rapier was a deadly and effective dueling weapon.
Price: $285.00
17th Century War Hammer
The war hammer became an effective weapon on the battlefield, delivering concussive blows that could crush helmets, shields, and plate armour. This 17th Century War Hammer follows suit with its large head and curved back spike.
Price: $125.00
1840 Non Commissioned Sword
Displaying a cast brass hilt with a ribbed grip, the 1840 Non Commissioned Sword was carried by American soldiers during the Mexican War, the American Civil War, and the Spanish American War, and is still worn by Army sergeants.
Price: $109.95
1850 Union Staff and Field Sword
Faithfully recreated from period blades, this 1850 Union Staff and Field Sword is hand forged from a flexible and resilient steel that meets British military specifications. The wooden grip is wrapped in black leather and gold wire.
Price: $149.95
1853 Civil War Socket Bayonet
Attached to a rifle, the 1853 Civil War Socket Bayonet gave close quarters weapons an extra long reach. The socket bayonet replaced the plug bayonet, which fitted directly into the barrel and prevented the musket from being fired.
Price: $49.95
1880 Bowie Knife
Originally a purely American-made knife, the bowie knife is popular around the world for its design and functionality. This 1880 Bowie Knife is actually modeled after an English-produced bowie knife that was made for the U.S. trade.
Price: $74.95
18th Century War Axe
With a distinctive head and intricate carving, a great deal of thought obviously went into the design of this 18th Century War Axe. Attractive and functional, this hand axe is equally suited to household tasks or the field of battle.
Price: $59.95
1917 US Trench Knife
Close combat weapons such as the 1917 US Trench Knife proved their worth on the WWI battlefield. A replica of an existing original, this blade allows the collector or re-enactor to own a piece of history at a fraction of the price.
Price: $114.95
300 Rise of an Empire Grecian Helmet
More than just Spartans fought against the Persians. In 300 Rise of an Empire, we see the fight of many armies uniting against the invasion. Every Greek alliance warrior in the film wears this 300 Rise of an Empire Grecian Helmet.
Price: $295.00
On Sale For: $205.00
300 Rise of an Empire Greek Cape
Like the Spartans, other Greek warriors wore capes into battle. In the film, many Greek warriors favored blue as their color, and this 300 Rise of an Empire Greek Cape reflects that, offering up a blue cape for any hoplite to wear.
Price: $160.00
300 Rise of an Empire Spartan Greaves
The Spartans make an appearance in 300 Rise of an Empire, and of course, they show off what Spartans were best known for. Modeled after their armor, these 300 Rise of an Empire Spartan Greaves are protectors fit for a true warrior.
Price: $195.00
Acre Broadsword
The Acre Broadsword has been hand-forged by expert smiths with decades of experience, ensuring that it will make a fantastic weapon for your home armory. This functional Crusader sword is crafted from tough 1065 high carbon steel.
Price: $325.00
Adjustable Medieval Sword Belt
This extra long historically-inspired belt is made of thick top grain black leather. The Adjustable Medieval Sword Belt has an integral strap and buckle frog that adjusts to fit a wide range of LARP weapons, so you may always be armed.
Price: $85.00
Afghan Choora Knife
The Afghan Choora Knife is based on the large, utilitarian blades used by the tribes of the Khyber Pass. It is also similar to a model of dagger used by the Afghan fighters against the Russians. Its design is simple and effective.
Price: $79.95
Agincourt War Sword
Fans of medieval blade replicas are sure to appreciate the expert craftsmanship evident in the Agincourt War Sword. Forged by experienced master smiths, the striking functional sword is made from tough 1065 high carbon steel.
Price: $350.00
Airship Captains Katana
Sailing the skies and protecting airships from vile pirates is a dangerous job, but only if you do not have a good sword at your side! When you are captain of your own ship, no sword is as perfect as this Airship Captains Katana.
Price: $195.00
Airship Flying Vest
This Airship Flying Vest is made of faux leather that has a two-tone color scheme. The vest has a zip-up front, high Nehru collar, and a stylish bib front. The bib is held in place by ten antique brass clockwork buttons.
Price: $110.00
Airship Pants
The wind has turned, set a course for the mainland! These Airship Pants are made from chocolate brown cotton fabric and display piping along the pockets. Gather your crew and set sail for adventure at your next Steampunk outing.
Price: $79.00

"For some reason I didn't realize this (DK1029) was a triangular shaped bottle, but I dig it. The corks on their bottles are great quality, the leather work is effective, and carrying glass bottles on a belt is a really neat idea. I am very pleased."

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