United Cutlery

You will find an amazing selection of functional and decorative weapons from United Cutlery here at Dark Knight Armoury. We carry a great selection of collectible weapons from the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, such as Orcrist, staffs wielded by Gandalf, the bow used by Tauriel, Glamdring, the Morgul blade, Sting, Anduril, and others. Alternately, we also offer excellent tactical knives and survival weapons, including push daggers, pocket knives, thrower sets, jungle machetes, karambits, throwing axes, and many other items. A number of our items feature unique zombie apocalypse designs for a striking look. No matter what you are searching for, we almost certainly have something to pique your interest in this category.
Anduril The Sword of King Elessar
This replica of Anduril, the Sword of King Elessar, has been painstakingly and meticulously recreated to bring you the sword that Aragorn took up when he fought against the forces of Sauron as the rightful King of Gondor.
Price: $349.00
On Sale For: $239.00
Black Arrow of Bard the Bowman
Combining elements of spears and harpoons, the Black Arrow of Bard the Bowman impressively recreates the Black Arrow prop from the Hobbit films. This powerful 7-foot arrow makes an eye-catching piece to display within your home.
Price: $274.00
Black Honshu Aizu Ring Fighter
The Black Honshu Aizu Ring Fighter will be your first choice for stealth missions and other night operations. Grab you gear, your Intel, and this elegant blade so you are prepared to perform and task that needs to be done.
Price: $73.00
Black Legion Long Axe
A wise man once said that you cannot beat the classics. The Black Legion Long Axe recreates the iconic fire axe in tactical black, resulting in a hefty and hardy weapon that is fully capable of handling virtually any task.
Price: $48.00
Black Legion Zombie Green Folding Knife
Good grip and a razor-sharp blade are not all the Black Legion Zombie Green Folding Knife offers. The neon grip is eye-catching, while the tip features a glass-breaker that could come in handy during a survival situation.
Price: $19.00
Black M48 Stinger Combat Knife
Featuring a slim profile and a versatile blade design, the Black M48 Stinger Combat Knife is a terrific addition to any knife collection and is well-suited for self-defense with its superb thrusting and slicing capabilities.
Price: $57.00
Black Ronin Combat Tanto Knife
The Black Ronin Combat Tanto Knife displays a sleek design. Inspired by the deadly weapons of the Samurai, this modern interpretation features a black matte stainless steel blade perfect for tactical maneuvers and stealth operations.
Price: $36.00
Black Ronin Ninja Sword Slimline Machete
The Black Ronin Ninja Sword Slimline Machete features one piece of tempered, 420 stainless steel with a coated non-glare black finish. It features a nylon cord wrapped grip, and a fiber reinforced nylon sheath with lashing grommets.
Price: $45.00
Black Stone Washed Black Legion Pocket Knife
If you are planning to do any sort of surviving, then a good knife is a must-have. Handy and helpful, a portable blade like the Black Stone Washed Black Legion Pocket Knife can mean the difference between life and death.
Price: $25.00
Black United Honshu Karambit
When you are braving a jungle filled with dangerous beasts, the Black United Honshu Karambit should be the first pick. The sleek design of the knife makes it the perfect candidate for those who take self-defense seriously.
Price: $65.00
Blackthorn Shillelagh Fighting Stick
The Blackthorn Shillelagh Fighting Stick is a modern rendition of the traditional Irish weapon. Made of polypropylene instead of blackthorn wood, this combat weapon retains all its classic detailing alongside its contemporary construction.
Price: $70.00
Bow and Arrow of Tauriel
Naturally lithe and graceful with a gift for dexterity and far-sight, it should come as no surprise that many elves favor the bow. Among their best is Tauriel, who acts as captain of the woodland guard of King Thranduil.
Price: $457.00
Brown Stone Washed Black Legion Pocket Knife
If you are planning to do any sort of surviving, then a good knife is a must-have. Handy and helpful, a portable blade like the Brown Stone Washed Black Legion Pocket Knife can mean the difference between life and death.
Price: $25.00
Colombian Field Survival Shovel
The multi-use Colombian Field Survival Shovel can be used as an axe, throwing knife, shovel, or saw. This all purpose tool is a great addition to your camping gear or bugout bag, freeing up space from more cumbersome equipment.
Price: $55.00
Colombian Sawback Kukri Machete
The Colombian Sawback Kukri Machete is the perfect hiking, hunting, or camping companion. Its classic kukri blade design has been well-proven in the toughest jungles for hundreds of years, making it a force to be reckoned with.
Price: $38.00
Colombian Sawback Machete
The jungle will not play gentle as you are struggling to survive, so even the playing field with the Colombian Sawback Machete. True warriors of the jungle know that the machete is the weapon of choice offering a range of uses.
Price: $38.00
Colombian Survival Spear
Designed to withstand the demands of a fierce and mighty warrior, the Colombian Survival Spear is virtually indestructible and shock-resistant. With a sheath included, this spear comes with everything you need to get the job done.
Price: $147.00
Colombian Warrior Spear Head
If you have found the perfect wooden handle but you still need a stunning blade to finish the weapon. off, then look no further than the Colombian Warrior Spear Head. Create your own personalized spear with this razor-sharp blade.
Price: $45.00
Combat Commander Boot Knife Black With Shoulder Harness
For fast, reliable protection whenever you need it, this United Cutlery boot knife offers excellent concealment and strength in one small package. Youll be prepared for almost anything with this black AUS8 stainless steel blade.
Price: $31.00
Combat Commander Gladiator Sword
Imagine the dirt beneath your feet, the sun on your face, and roar of the crowd as you prepare yourself for the fight of your life. Earn the right to live and your freedom with the elegant Combat Commander Gladiator Sword.
Price: $47.00
Combat Commander Gladius Kukri
Defend yourself like the toughest of warriors with the Combat Commander Gladius Kukri. Based on the utility and ceremonial knife wielded by the Gurkha regiments from Nepal, India, and elsewhere, the kukri is a formidable weapon.
Price: $54.00
Combat Commander Jungle Tanto Machete
A large, imposing blade, the Combat Commander Jungle Tanto Machete features an all-black design for a sleek, tactical appearance. The razor-sharp blade comes to a wicked piercing point that helps it stand out against other designs.
Price: $55.00
Combat Commander Saber
A tried and tested weapon, the Combat Commander Saber is a functional sword with a full-tang blade and is made of 1050 carbon steel with a black hard coating finish. The black ABS handle has a soft textured TPR covering.
Price: $92.00
Combat Commander Sentry Knuckle Knife
The Combat Commander Sentry Knuckle Knife is a sleek and modern, battle-ready version of the iconic trench knife developed in the first World War. The 1065 high carbon steel blade is covered with a hard, black, non-reflective coating.
Price: $67.00
Combat Commander Sentry Trench Sabre
The Combat Commander Sentry Trench Sabre is a sleek, battle-ready version of the saber sword, updating the guard to a knuckle knife style handle. The 1065 high carbon steel blade features a hard, black, non-reflective coating.
Price: $110.00
Combat Commander Spartan Sword
The Combat Commander Spartan Sword is a combat ready sword with a full-tang blade made of 1050 carbon steel. The sharp blade features a black hard coating, and its shape is especially suited for chopping and cutting.
Price: $73.00
Combat Commander Tanto
Battle-tested and ready for action, the Combat Commander Tanto is ready to go from discreet to deadly at any moment. Whether used for night operations or a stealth mission that is off the books, this blade will be an asset.
Price: $32.00
Curved Blade Fighter Knife
There is just something about a curved blade that makes it much more fearsome than a simple straight one. Paired with an elegant design, this Curved Blade Fighter Knife will look great and work wonderfully in any survival situations.
Price: $149.50
Destroyer Tactical Tomahawk
Ready for any tough task at hand, the Destroyer Tactical Tomahawk is a wicked looking axe. The head of the axe is made of 2Cr13 cast stainless steel and features a durable black oxide coating, and the blade has a smooth satin finish.
Price: $91.00
Fighting Knives of Tauriel
Tauriel may only seem to be a common wood elf, but her skills make her anything but. Her preferred melee weapon is double daggers, whose unique design boasts a fine look to mark her as a ranked warrior within the court.
Price: $399.00
Gil Hibben Throwing Knife Guide
The recently updated Gil Hibben Throwing Knife Guide offers sixty-four pages of detailed instructions. It also features full color illustrations for the beginner or the professional knife thrower.
Price: $10.00
Glamdring The Sword of Gandalf the Wizard
This replica of Glamdring, the sword of Gandalf the Wizard, has been painstakingly and meticulously recreated to bring you the blade that a wise and powerful figure who led two hobbits into a world of heroics and adventure.
Price: $349.00
On Sale For: $229.00
Helm Of Dain Ironfoot
Dain Ironfoot was one of the greatest Dwarven warriors in Middle Earth. As Lord of the Iron Hill Dwarves, Dain led his army in the defense of Erebor. The Helm of Dain Ironfoot makes a terrific addition to any Tolkien collection.
Price: $625.00
Honshu Black Damascus Wakizashi
Damascus steel swords are revered as some of the strongest, sharpest blades to have ever existed. This Honshu Black Damascus Wakizashi combines this style of steel with a classic Japanese blade to create a powerful slicing machine.
Price: $362.00
Honshu Boshin Knife With Sheath
The Honshu Boshin Knife With Sheath features a full-tang blade made of 7cr13 stainless steel, complete with a fuller that helps to lessen the weight of this combat ready weapon. With its slight curve, this functional knife is ready for slashing.
Price: $87.00
Honshu Boshin Wakizashi
The Honshu Boshin Wakizashi is a functional weapon of effortless elegance and style. With a matching satin finish on the 1060 high carbon steel blade, guard, and pommel, this battle-ready sword makes a sleek addition to any arsenal.
Price: $163.00
Honshu Full Tang Tactical Katana
Step onto the battlefield with authority as you wield the Honshu Full Tang Tactical Katana. This modern take on a traditional weapon will serve you well as you cross the battlefield or it can be a stunning accent to your decor.
Price: $322.00
Honshu Full Tang Tactical Tanto
Take your last stand with the Honshu Full Tang Tactical Tanto, which is a stunning modern take on a traditional design. This tanto is a great option for those who want to have a backup knife that is styled in the old ways.
Price: $216.00
Honshu Full Tang Tactical Wakizashi
Combining traditional and modern ideals, the Honshu Tactical Wakizashi is dependable like its elegant predecessors. Do not be distracted by the beauty of this sword - it is a devastating weapon when properly manipulated.
Price: $242.00
Honshu Full Tang Tanto
Featuring a full-tang blade made of 440 stainless steel, the Honshu Full Tang Tanto is the perfect addition to any arsenal. Great for self-defense or hunting, this combat-ready weapon features an over molded black rubberized grip.
Price: $74.00
Honshu Sword Cane
Make sure you are always discreetly protected should you ever be in harms way with a sturdy and sharp sword cane. Designed for swift and effective self-defense, this Honshu Sword Cane features a sleek design and a hidden blade.
Price: $162.00
Illuminated Staff of Gandalf
Anyone who has ever wanted to be just like Gandalf is sure to love this special edition of his iconic staff! The Illuminated Staff of Gandalf features a crown that glows just like the one seen in The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug.
Price: $324.50
Jungle Toothpick Machete
Take command of even your toughest jobs with the help of this double-edged machete! The Jungle Toothpick Machete features a powerful, full-tang blade with durability and strength to give you the performance you need.
Price: $49.00
Kommando Survival Axe
The Kommando Survival Axe is the ultimate choice when it comes to camping weapons. Designed with hiking in mind, this functional axe doubles as a walking staff and features a 2Cr13 stainless steel blade and 30 percent fiberglass handle.
Price: $133.00
On Sale For: $105.00
M48 Apocalypse Fighter Knife
One thing that no survivor should ever be without is a good knife. This M48 Apocalypse Fighter Knife is just that. Rugged, reliable, and versatile, this knife is a handy investment ideal for camping and survival tasks, as well as combat.
Price: $33.00
M48 Apocalypse Karambit Knife
When it comes to carrying a weapon, the lighter the better. Light weapons mean you can carry more of what you need! This M48 Apocalypse Karambit Knife is super light and effective, making it an easy addition to your survival kit.
Price: $57.00
M48 Camp Tomahawk
When you find yourself in a survival situation, make sure that instead of lugging around a heavy axe you are carrying a lightweight and effective tactical weapon. The M48 Camp Tomahawk is just the handheld hawk you are looking for.
Price: $49.50
M48 Cyclone Fixed-Blade Knife
You have never seen anything equalling the M48 Cyclone Fixed-Blade Knife. The cast 2Cr13 stainless steel blade has been crafted into a spiraling masterpiece. The three cutting edges converge at an incredibly sharp piercing point.
Price: $62.00
M48 Double Bladed Tactical Tomahawk
Featuring an extraordinary design of a twin bladed head attached to a supremely durable tactical handle, the M48 Double Bladed Tactical Tomahawk is extremely pleasing to behold and even more enjoyable to use.
Price: $93.00
M48 Hawk Harpoon Knife
When you hear the word harpoon, you usually think about a narrow spear-like projectile for piercing. This M48 Hawk Harpoon Knife is well-named, as its design echoes the spear-like form of the harpoon, only in miniature.
Price: $45.00
M48 Kukri
The M48 Kukri is a tactical dream that shows the absolute perfection of M48 weapons. This combat knife features a razor sharp cast 3Cr13 stainless steel blade with weight reducing cutouts and a high contrast black and steel design.
Price: $100.00
M48 Magnum Karambit
Originating in Southeast Asia, the design of the karambit knife was inspired by claws of big cats found in the wild. This M48 Magnum Karambit depicts a modern, multifunctional, and enhanced update on the traditional karambit design.
Price: $46.00
M48 Naginata Polearm
As an iconic weapon of Japanese nobility and a polearm for samurai, ashigaru, and sohei, the naginata carries a reputation of stealth and sophistication. Own a stunning modernized version of this weapon with the M48 Naginata Polearm.
Price: $165.00
M48 Ops Combat Bowie With Sheath
You need two things to get through any situation, determination and the right tool. The M48 Ops Combat Bowie with Sheath is a never-leave-home-without-it kind of blade, so be prepared for once and tackle any situation.
Price: $147.00
M48 Ops Combat Fighter
The M48 Ops Combat Fighter is built to survive in any environment. This blade will prove useful as you encounter survival and combat scenarios. All you have to do is keep it by your side and deploy it at the right time.
Price: $128.00
M48 Ops Combat Machete
Confidently brave elements and terrain with the M48 Ops Combat Machete. Machetes are centuries old and utilized by people all over the world, and now you can own this modern take on a traditional piece of weaponry.
Price: $165.00
M48 Sabotage Tanto Fighter
Right out of a futuristic movie comes the M48 Sabotage Tanto Fighter. This unique blade offers a truly modern design without sacrificing reliability or function for the user who is willing to torture test it.
Price: $90.00
M48 Stinger Combat Knife
Whether you need a concealable self-defense weapon or simply desire adding a unique piece to your knife collection, the M48 Stinger Combat Knife features a sleek and narrow design which excels in both thrusting and slicing.
Price: $57.00
M48 Tactical Highland Sgian
The M48 Highland Sgian takes the traditional Scottish dagger and gives it a sleek and modern look. This collectible and functional dagger really has a tactical feel to it. Protect your home and loved ones with this precise blade.
Price: $62.00
M48 Tactical Kama
This dramatic reinterpretation of a farming tool makes the M48 Tactical Kama a true force to be reckoned with. Now you can experience this modern weapon for yourself and see just how effective it really is at combat.
Price: $80.00
M48 Tactical Shovel
The M48 Tactical Shovel is the ultimate heavy-duty shovel, as well as a fine defensive weapon. You can use it to dig trenches and work around camp, and then turn around and smash, slash, and bash zombie heads with ease!
Price: $77.00
M48 Tactical Survival Hammer
The M48 Tactical Survival Hammer might seem like an eccentric choice, but that is only until you see how effective and versatile it is first-hand. This war hammer doubles as a survival tool and a handy walking staff.
Price: $161.00
M48 Talon Survival Spear
Practical applications abound when it comes to this M48 Talon Survival Spear. Built for durability, this spear is made for rugged use, and it serves well as a walking staff, a survival tool, a weapon, or a camping accessory.
Price: $130.00
M48 Zombie Apocalypse Bowie Knife
If it was good enough for Mister Bowie, when he fought on a sandbar in Natchez, Mississippi, then it is good enough to fight zombies! This M48 Zombie Apocalypse Bowie Knife is a hardy blade for a survivor to have in their survival kit.
Price: $33.00
Mace of Azog the Defiler
This vile mace was thought to have been destroyed in a great battle between orcs and dwarves, but it was not. The Mace of Azog the Defiler lived on, as did its wielder, and now they come forth to hunt the hated dwarf company.
Price: $490.00
Magnum Spear with Sheath
The Magnum Spear with Sheath is a long spear featuring a sharp 2Cr13 cast stainless steel blade, perfect for all manner of jabbing and stabbing. This long-range weapon makes the perfect addition to any arsenal of battle-ready weapons.
Price: $180.00
Marine Force Recon Sawback Bowie
The Marine Force Recon Sawback Bowie is ready to face any mission, as its proud etching proclaims. Written on the AUS-6 stainless steel blade are the words Anything, Anytime, and Anywhere. This tactical knife is ready and at your service.
Price: $38.00
Matte Black Throwing Axe
Practice your throwing skills with this high-quality survival weapon! The Matte Black Throwing Axe features a one-piece stainless steel construction with a slot cutout design and a spike opposite the blade.
Price: $22.00
Mirkwood Double-Bladed Polearm
The woodland guard of Mirkwood is sworn to protect the woodland realm, and they are armed to fight in the open expanses of the woods and the royal halls. In their hands, the Mirkwood Double-Bladed Polearm is a devastating weapon.
Price: $360.00
Mirkwood Infantry Sword
Sworn to protect the forest of Mirkwood, Silvan Elves are known to be lethal warriors with an expertise in the use of bows and swords. The Mirkwood Infantry Sword is a stunning display sword designed after a weapon from The Hobbit.
Price: $360.00
Modern Outdoorsmen Axe
The Modern Outdoorsmen Axe can be the item that saves you from a worst case scenario. The traditional build of this axe has been updated to provide you with a versatile multipurpose tool that will get any job done.
Price: $35.00
Morgul-Blade of the Nazgul
Do you dare wield the legendary and nefarious Morgul-Blade of the Nazgul? Tainted by the power of the Witch-King of Angmar, this knife offers a wicked blade and a dark curse for those who taste its pitted and aged blade.
Price: $224.00
Old West Fixed Blade Knife
Cowboys and ranch hands of the American frontier knew that everywhere they went, they needed to bring a strong and durable knife. The Old West Fixed Blade Knife features the design and functionality of a weapon from the Wild West.
Price: $72.00
Orcrist Scabbard
The Orcrist Scabbard is an authentically detailed Hobbit collectible and a reproduction of the actual filming prop. This Hobbit sword sheath is crafted from polyresin with a metal and wood grain patterned finish.
Price: $255.00
Orcrist The Sword of Thorin Oakenshield
This replica of Orcrist, the sword of Thorin Oakenshield, has been painstakingly and meticulously recreated to bring you the blade that eventually came into the hands of a steadfast dwarf who ensured that the blade lived up to its name.
Price: $311.00
On Sale For: $209.00
Regal Sword of Thorin Oakenshield
Inherited by Thorin in The Battle of the Five Armies, the Regal Sword of Thorin Oakenshield displays an exact replica of the Dwarven sword seen in the film. This prop sword makes an impressive piece of home decor for fans.
Price: $489.50
On Sale For: $399.00
Sentry Knife - Black Clip Point
Grit your teeth, fix your stare, and tighten your grip with the Sentry Knife-Black Clip Point as you prepare for that moment of action. While patrolling your property this stealthy blade is sure to be an asset to your gear.
Price: $30.00
Sentry Knife - Black Serrated Tanto
Even if your hands are wet, the Sentry Knife-Black Serrated Tanto is sure to remain within your clutches. The essence of stealth this blade is sure to become a true asset as you go on patrol or execute night operations.
Price: $30.00
Shikoto Longquan Master Katana
Crafted by master swordsmiths, the Shikoto Longquan Master Katana is made with techniques that date back to the Warring Period, over 2500 years ago. This hand polished Bronze Age sword is a magnificent addition to any collection.
Price: $550.00
Shikoto Longquan Master Wakizashi
Wielding a Shikoto Longquan Master Wakizashi is like shaking hands with history. Crafted using Bronze Age swordsmith methods, each T10 high carbon steel blade has been hammer forged and clay tempered to produce a visible hamon line.
Price: $475.00
Short Bow of Legolas Greenleaf
Modeled after the actual prop seen in The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug, the Short Bow of Legolas Greenleaf comes with an arrow. Now you can pretend you share the skills of this talented archer with this excellent collectible!
Price: $457.00
Shoulder Harness Triple Throwing Knives
This professional throwing knife set offers three solid, 420 stainless steel throwing knives with balanced perfection. Each piece stretches. This set includes impact resistant molded nylon sheaths with a fully adjustable shoulder harness.
Price: $37.00
Silver Honshu Karambit with Harness
The world is not always forgiving. Prepare to defend yourself with the Silver Honshu Karambit with Harness. Guarding yourself and loved ones is an idea that many people do not consider until the threat is real.
Price: $65.00
Silver Undercover Sabotage Knife
Small is not always a bad thing, especially where this Silver Undercover Sabotage Knife is concerned. Honestly, it is all in the name, as it can be easily carried and concealed, ensuring that it goes unnoticed until drawn.
Price: $16.00
Silver United Honshu Karambit
For the knife connoisseur searching for a stylish and lethal carry blade, the Silver United Honshu Karambit is now available. Confidently face the unknown territories of the world with this stunning karambit blade at your side.
Price: $65.00
Skull Camo Pocket Folder
Never leave home without the menacing Skull Camo Pocket Folder. This item is ideal for those who want a classic folding knife with unique handles and lighting fast opening speeds for when a time-is-life situation happens.
Price: $20.00
Staff of Thranduil
Thranduil, father to Legolas, is a powerful lord among the elves and a skilled fighter. As king of the woodland realm, he presides over Mirkwood without question, and his staff, a symbol of his authority, is never far from his hand.
Price: $275.00
Steampunk Safari Machete with Throwing Knives
Here is a more-than-handy set for a clever denizen of the Neo-Victorian era. With its aesthetic and functional modifications, the Steampunk Safari Machete with Throwing Knives blends right in with a world powered by ingenuity.
Price: $42.00
Sting the Sword of Bilbo Baggins
This replica of Sting, the Sword of Bilbo Baggins, has been painstakingly and meticulously recreated to bring you the elven blade that found its way into the hands of a hobbit, who would go on to use it on his grand adventures.
Price: $224.00
On Sale For: $139.00
Sting The Sword of Frodo Baggins
This replica of Sting, the Sword of Frodo Baggins, has been painstakingly and meticulously recreated to bring you the blade that a hobbit carried as he journeyed across the lands of Middle Earth to rid the world of a sinister dark lord.
Price: $224.00
On Sale For: $140.00
Sword of Fili
Many brave warriors accompanied Bilbo Baggins, the Wizard Gandalf, and Thorin Oakenshield on their journey for the Lonely Mountain. Among them was Fili, Thorins nephew, who wielded a broad sword in all of his battles.
Price: $274.00
On Sale For: $249.00
Sword of Kili
Few weapons can match the hardy power and hefty look of dwarvish gear, such as the impressive Sword of Kili. When they marched on the Lonely Mountain, the company of dwarves armed themselves as best as they could.
Price: $274.00
On Sale For: $219.00
Tactical Sword Cane
What this sword cane lacks in subtlety it makes up for in its effectiveness. Concealed within its sturdy nylon fiber shaft is a blade made of SK5 carbon steel, and the black coat of the blade lend this weapon its tactical look.
Price: $217.00
Tactical Tomahawk
From camping chores to personal defense, the versatile Tactical Tomahawk is an axe of many uses. Lightweight and easily carried throughout the day, this hawk features an axe head made of precision cast 2Cr13 stainless steel.
Price: $63.00
Tactical War Hammer
Blending breaching and defensive capabilities in a sleek design, the Tactical War Hammer is incredibly durable in its construction and features a menacing head with a broad hammer and a sharp piercing spike.
Price: $92.00
Tactical War Sword with Sheath
A sleek and modern reimagining of a historical blade design, the Tactical War Sword with Sheath makes an exceptional addition to your personal armory. The functional sword has a strong blade forged from 1065 manganese steel.
Price: $162.00
Thai Gladius Sword
The Thai Gladius Sword is a functional weapon, its 1065 carbon steel blade featuring a sleek black hard coating finish. Perfect for cutting, chopping and thrusting, this sword is an excellent addition to any warriors arsenal.
Price: $92.00
Thai Nagi Sword
The Thai Nagi Sword is a combat ready weapon made of 1065 carbon steel, sharpened and suited for any skirmish. The black hard coating on the blade and black nylon fiber handle lend a sleek tactical look to this functional sword.
Price: $92.00
The Fighting Knives of Legolas Greenleaf
These replicas of the Fighting Knives of Legolas Greenleaf have been painstakingly and meticulously recreated to bring you the lethal knives that the elvish Mirkwood prince carried with him alongside his trusty bow into battle.
Price: $246.00
Thranduil's Sword
The Sword of Thranduil was a blade crafted for the king by the finest smiths of the Woodland realm. In his hand, it was steel death, wielded in a masterful way that few of the enemies of the king would have been able to see coming.
Price: $360.00
Toxic Throwing Axe and Knives Set
Do you dare face a biohazard situation without the proper weapons? The Toxic Throwing Axe and Knives Set is a series of throwing weapons that are perfectly balanced for throwing, whether at foes or in your backyard for practice.
Price: $37.00
Triple Threat Throwing Knives Black Set
The Triple Threat Throwing Knives Black Set was constructed from 420 stainless steel with ergonomic balance holes. The sleek, precision design allows them to fly with ease. Each set includes a heavy duty nylon sheath.
Price: $59.00
Trophy Master Tomahawk
If you need an example of how useful a tomahawk can be, you need only look to the Native Americans. Historically, they took a hawk with them wherever they went. Now you can too, thanks to this light-weight Trophy Master Tomahawk.
Price: $60.00
U.S.M.C. Kukri Machete
Proudly etched onto the blade of the U.S.M.C. Kukri Machete are the words Honor, Courage, and Commitment. This rugged functional knife is made for the most extreme situations, ready to handle any combat or survival crisis.
Price: $38.00
Undercover Black Karambit
The Undercover Black Karambit is constructed from one solid piece of 420 stainless steel and offers generous size finger holes for an excellent grip whether the blade is held down from the fist or extending from the top of the hand.
Price: $23.00
Undercover Black Twin Push Daggers
The Undercover Black Twin Push Daggers feature two double edge push daggers, constructed from solid 420J2 stainless steel with razor sharp edges. The impact resistant sheath is equipped with nylon arm-leg strap with Velcro closure.
Price: $20.00
Undercover Fighter Black Blade
The Undercover Fighter Black Blade is a stealthy and sleek knife, constructed from one solid piece of AUS-6 stainless steel. With a high point in line with the pivot, the blade of this knife also features a serrated edge.
Price: $27.00
Undercover Karambit
This is the ultimate defender series! The Undercover Karambit features one solid piece of 420J2 stainless steel with contoured design for firm, functional grip. It includes an impact resistant sheath with belt loop.
Price: $22.00
Undercover Twin Push Daggers
This is the ultimate defender series! The Undercover Twin Push Daggers feature two double-edge push daggers, constructed from solid 420J2 stainless steel and razor sharp. The impact resistant sheath is equipped with arm-leg strap.
Price: $18.00
United Colombian Panga Machete
In the Colombian jungle, there is not any room for error or playtime - survival is all that should matter. As you face the unforgiving terrain and wildlife, you will need a weapon like the United Colombian Panga Machete.
Price: $37.00
USMC Desert Sand Kukri
Honoring the brave men and women of the United States Marine Corps, the USMC Desert Sand Kukri is a knife that is just as strong and durable as they are. Show your support and pride of the Armed Forces with this heavy duty blade.
Price: $45.00
USMC Sawback Tanto Machete
Numerous tasks are expected on a daily basis of the men and women in the United States Marines Corps. Whether you are a part of this elite group or a supporter, make sure you can get any job done with the USMC Sawback Tanto Machete.
Price: $46.00
USMC Tactical Tomahawk
With the official logo of the United States Marine Corps emblazoned on its handle, this licensed USMC Tactical Tomahawk exemplifies the sheer skill, power, and accountability required by the few and the proud in a stunning weapon.
Price: $74.00
Utility Toothpick Knife
Invented by the Bowie knife inventor James Black, the Arkansas Toothpick has a rich history in the United States as a hunting and dueling weapon. This Utility Toothpick Knife features that iconic blade with a sleek, modern design.
Price: $162.00
War Hammer Of Dain Ironfoot
One of the greatest warriors in Middle Earth, Dain Ironfoot led his army of Iron Hill Dwarves in defense of Erebor in the mighty battle of the five armies. The War Hammer of Dain Ironfoot is an authentically detailed reproduction.
Price: $462.00
White Knives of Legolas
Wielded by the deft, quick, and agile hands of the elves, knives transform into deadly weapons. Among elves, Legolas is known for his skill with a bow and his white knives. And now, you can own a pair to match his own!
Price: $342.00
Wicked Skull Throwers 6 Pack
When facing a horde of zombies be prepared with the Wicked Skull Throwers 6 Pack. With these knives at your side you can quickly and efficiently dispatch zombies from distance while keeping your group safe from harm.
Price: $30.00

"These bottles are an awesome addition to my plague doctor outfit. The green colour gives just the right eerie ambiance for the character, and they feel very high quality. Cheers!"

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