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You will find an amazing selection of functional and decorative weapons from United Cutlery here at Dark Knight Armoury. We carry a great selection of collectible weapons from the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, such as Orcrist, staffs wielded by Gandalf, the bow used by Tauriel, Glamdring, the Morgul blade, Sting, Anduril, and others. Alternately, we also offer excellent tactical knives and survival weapons, including push daggers, pocket knives, thrower sets, jungle machetes, karambits, throwing axes, and many other items. A number of our items feature unique zombie apocalypse designs for a striking look. No matter what you are searching for, we almost certainly have something to pique your interest in this category.
Honshu Full Tang Tanto
Featuring a full-tang blade made of 440 stainless steel, the Honshu Full Tang Tanto is the perfect addition to any arsenal. Great for self-defense or hunting, this combat-ready weapon features an over molded black rubberized grip.
Price: $74.00
Honshu Sword Cane
Make sure you are always discreetly protected should you ever be in harms way with a sturdy and sharp sword cane. Designed for swift and effective self-defense, this Honshu Sword Cane features a sleek design and a hidden blade.
Price: $162.00
Illuminated Staff of Gandalf
Anyone who has ever wanted to be just like Gandalf is sure to love this special edition of his iconic staff! The Illuminated Staff of Gandalf features a crown that glows just like the one seen in The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug.
Price: $324.50
Jungle Toothpick Machete
Take command of even your toughest jobs with the help of this double-edged machete! The Jungle Toothpick Machete features a powerful, full-tang blade with durability and strength to give you the performance you need.
Price: $49.00
Kommando Survival Axe
The Kommando Survival Axe is the ultimate choice when it comes to camping weapons. Designed with hiking in mind, this functional axe doubles as a walking staff and features a 2Cr13 stainless steel blade and 30 percent fiberglass handle.
Price: $133.00
On Sale For: $105.00
M48 Apocalypse Fighter Knife
One thing that no survivor should ever be without is a good knife. This M48 Apocalypse Fighter Knife is just that. Rugged, reliable, and versatile, this knife is a handy investment ideal for camping and survival tasks, as well as combat.
Price: $33.00
M48 Apocalypse Karambit Knife
When it comes to carrying a weapon, the lighter the better. Light weapons mean you can carry more of what you need! This M48 Apocalypse Karambit Knife is super light and effective, making it an easy addition to your survival kit.
Price: $57.00
M48 Camp Tomahawk
When you find yourself in a survival situation, make sure that instead of lugging around a heavy axe you are carrying a lightweight and effective tactical weapon. The M48 Camp Tomahawk is just the handheld hawk you are looking for.
Price: $49.50
M48 Cyclone Fixed-Blade Knife
You have never seen anything equalling the M48 Cyclone Fixed-Blade Knife. The cast 2Cr13 stainless steel blade has been crafted into a spiraling masterpiece. The three cutting edges converge at an incredibly sharp piercing point.
Price: $62.00
M48 Double Bladed Tactical Tomahawk
Featuring an extraordinary design of a twin bladed head attached to a supremely durable tactical handle, the M48 Double Bladed Tactical Tomahawk is extremely pleasing to behold and even more enjoyable to use.
Price: $93.00
M48 Hawk Harpoon Knife
When you hear the word harpoon, you usually think about a narrow spear-like projectile for piercing. This M48 Hawk Harpoon Knife is well-named, as its design echoes the spear-like form of the harpoon, only in miniature.
Price: $45.00
M48 Kukri
The M48 Kukri is a tactical dream that shows the absolute perfection of M48 weapons. This combat knife features a razor sharp cast 3Cr13 stainless steel blade with weight reducing cutouts and a high contrast black and steel design.
Price: $100.00
M48 Magnum Karambit
Originating in Southeast Asia, the design of the karambit knife was inspired by claws of big cats found in the wild. This M48 Magnum Karambit depicts a modern, multifunctional, and enhanced update on the traditional karambit design.
Price: $46.00
M48 Naginata Polearm
As an iconic weapon of Japanese nobility and a polearm for samurai, ashigaru, and sohei, the naginata carries a reputation of stealth and sophistication. Own a stunning modernized version of this weapon with the M48 Naginata Polearm.
Price: $165.00
M48 Ops Combat Bowie With Sheath
You need two things to get through any situation, determination and the right tool. The M48 Ops Combat Bowie with Sheath is a never-leave-home-without-it kind of blade, so be prepared for once and tackle any situation.
Price: $147.00
M48 Ops Combat Fighter
The M48 Ops Combat Fighter is built to survive in any environment. This blade will prove useful as you encounter survival and combat scenarios. All you have to do is keep it by your side and deploy it at the right time.
Price: $128.00
M48 Ops Combat Machete
Confidently brave elements and terrain with the M48 Ops Combat Machete. Machetes are centuries old and utilized by people all over the world, and now you can own this modern take on a traditional piece of weaponry.
Price: $165.00
M48 Sabotage Tanto Fighter
Right out of a futuristic movie comes the M48 Sabotage Tanto Fighter. This unique blade offers a truly modern design without sacrificing reliability or function for the user who is willing to torture test it.
Price: $90.00
M48 Stinger Combat Knife
Whether you need a concealable self-defense weapon or simply desire adding a unique piece to your knife collection, the M48 Stinger Combat Knife features a sleek and narrow design which excels in both thrusting and slicing.
Price: $57.00
M48 Tactical Highland Sgian
The M48 Highland Sgian takes the traditional Scottish dagger and gives it a sleek and modern look. This collectible and functional dagger really has a tactical feel to it. Protect your home and loved ones with this precise blade.
Price: $62.00
M48 Tactical Kama
This dramatic reinterpretation of a farming tool makes the M48 Tactical Kama a true force to be reckoned with. Now you can experience this modern weapon for yourself and see just how effective it really is at combat.
Price: $80.00

"I just wanted to make sure thanks were given to Kayla. She provided me with AMAZING customer service today. She even went as far as to run to check stock before she placed my order. She was very helpful and nice. This is exactly why I always buy from Dark Knight Armoury."

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