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You will find an amazing selection of functional and decorative weapons from United Cutlery here at Dark Knight Armoury. We carry a great selection of collectible weapons from the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, such as Orcrist, staffs wielded by Gandalf, the bow used by Tauriel, Glamdring, the Morgul blade, Sting, Anduril, and others. Alternately, we also offer excellent tactical knives and survival weapons, including push daggers, pocket knives, thrower sets, jungle machetes, karambits, throwing axes, and many other items. A number of our items feature unique zombie apocalypse designs for a striking look. No matter what you are searching for, we almost certainly have something to pique your interest in this category.
Black Arrow of Bard the Bowman
Combining elements of spears and harpoons, the Black Arrow of Bard the Bowman impressively recreates the Black Arrow prop from the Hobbit films. This powerful 7-foot arrow makes an eye-catching piece to display within your home.
Price: $274.00
Black Honshu Aizu Ring Fighter
The Black Honshu Aizu Ring Fighter will be your first choice for stealth missions and other night operations. Grab you gear, your Intel, and this elegant blade so you are prepared to perform and task that needs to be done.
Price: $73.00
Black Legion Long Axe
A wise man once said that you cannot beat the classics. The Black Legion Long Axe recreates the iconic fire axe in tactical black, resulting in a hefty and hardy weapon that is fully capable of handling virtually any task.
Price: $48.00
Black Legion Zombie Green Folding Knife
Good grip and a razor-sharp blade are not all the Black Legion Zombie Green Folding Knife offers. The neon grip is eye-catching, while the tip features a glass-breaker that could come in handy during a survival situation.
Price: $19.00
Black M48 Stinger Combat Knife
Featuring a slim profile and a versatile blade design, the Black M48 Stinger Combat Knife is a terrific addition to any knife collection and is well-suited for self-defense with its superb thrusting and slicing capabilities.
Price: $57.00
Black Ronin Combat Tanto Knife
The Black Ronin Combat Tanto Knife displays a sleek design. Inspired by the deadly weapons of the Samurai, this modern interpretation features a black matte stainless steel blade perfect for tactical maneuvers and stealth operations.
Price: $36.00
Black Ronin Ninja Sword Slimline Machete
The Black Ronin Ninja Sword Slimline Machete features one piece of tempered, 420 stainless steel with a coated non-glare black finish. It features a nylon cord wrapped grip, and a fiber reinforced nylon sheath with lashing grommets.
Price: $45.00
Black Stone Washed Black Legion Pocket Knife
If you are planning to do any sort of surviving, then a good knife is a must-have. Handy and helpful, a portable blade like the Black Stone Washed Black Legion Pocket Knife can mean the difference between life and death.
Price: $25.00
Black United Honshu Karambit
When you are braving a jungle filled with dangerous beasts, the Black United Honshu Karambit should be the first pick. The sleek design of the knife makes it the perfect candidate for those who take self-defense seriously.
Price: $65.00
Blackthorn Shillelagh Fighting Stick
The Blackthorn Shillelagh Fighting Stick is a modern rendition of the traditional Irish weapon. Made of polypropylene instead of blackthorn wood, this combat weapon retains all its classic detailing alongside its contemporary construction.
Price: $70.00
Bow and Arrow of Tauriel
Naturally lithe and graceful with a gift for dexterity and far-sight, it should come as no surprise that many elves favor the bow. Among their best is Tauriel, who acts as captain of the woodland guard of King Thranduil.
Price: $457.00
Brown Stone Washed Black Legion Pocket Knife
If you are planning to do any sort of surviving, then a good knife is a must-have. Handy and helpful, a portable blade like the Brown Stone Washed Black Legion Pocket Knife can mean the difference between life and death.
Price: $25.00
Colombian Field Survival Shovel
The multi-use Colombian Field Survival Shovel can be used as an axe, throwing knife, shovel, or saw. This all purpose tool is a great addition to your camping gear or bugout bag, freeing up space from more cumbersome equipment.
Price: $55.00
Colombian Sawback Kukri Machete
The Colombian Sawback Kukri Machete is the perfect hiking, hunting, or camping companion. Its classic kukri blade design has been well-proven in the toughest jungles for hundreds of years, making it a force to be reckoned with.
Price: $38.00
Colombian Sawback Machete
The jungle will not play gentle as you are struggling to survive, so even the playing field with the Colombian Sawback Machete. True warriors of the jungle know that the machete is the weapon of choice offering a range of uses.
Price: $38.00
Colombian Warrior Spear Head
If you have found the perfect wooden handle but you still need a stunning blade to finish the weapon. off, then look no further than the Colombian Warrior Spear Head. Create your own personalized spear with this razor-sharp blade.
Price: $45.00
Combat Commander Boot Knife Black With Shoulder Harness
For fast, reliable protection whenever you need it, this United Cutlery boot knife offers excellent concealment and strength in one small package. Youll be prepared for almost anything with this black AUS8 stainless steel blade.
Price: $31.00
Combat Commander Gladiator Sword
Imagine the dirt beneath your feet, the sun on your face, and roar of the crowd as you prepare yourself for the fight of your life. Earn the right to live and your freedom with the elegant Combat Commander Gladiator Sword.
Price: $47.00
Combat Commander Gladius Kukri
Defend yourself like the toughest of warriors with the Combat Commander Gladius Kukri. Based on the utility and ceremonial knife wielded by the Gurkha regiments from Nepal, India, and elsewhere, the kukri is a formidable weapon.
Price: $54.00
Combat Commander Jungle Tanto Machete
A large, imposing blade, the Combat Commander Jungle Tanto Machete features an all-black design for a sleek, tactical appearance. The razor-sharp blade comes to a wicked piercing point that helps it stand out against other designs.
Price: $55.00

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