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When you are looking for an excellent collectible weapon, make sure this section of fine pieces by Kit Rae is one of the first places you search. At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a variety of striking weapons from this master of fantasy blades, as well as a number of high-quality throwing weapons. Several of his collectible fantasy swords come autographed or with custom art prints or display plaques. Alternately, if you need a functional sword, the gorgeous hardwood sword canes make a fantastic option, offering debonair good looks while disguising high carbon steel blades. The throwing axes and throwing knife sets provide another excellent choice in weaponry for martial artists and competitors. Spend a moment of your time looking through these stylish weapons to see many fine pieces to enjoy!
AirCobra Throwing Axe
If you have been searching for an axe that is meant to fly then the AirCobra Throwing Axe could be the solution. This aggressive axe is sure to take your throwing game to the next level when launched into an unsuspecting target.
Price: $74.00
Anathar the Sword of Power
Designed by renowned fantasy artist Kit Rae, Anathar the Sword of Power is the tenth and most powerful of the ornate decorative blades from his epic mythological tale, The Tale of the Swords of the Ancients and Other Blades of Power.
Price: $186.99
Black AirCobra Throwing Axe
Send the Black AirCobra Throwing Axe flying down the field with determination. This stunning axe has been designed to sail with great ease and ferocity. You do not want to pass up the chance to gain such a devastating weapon.
Price: $73.00
Black Jet Throwing Axe
The BlackJet Throwing Axe is perfect for all your axe throwing needs. Made from one solid piece of 420J2 stainless steel, this fantasy weapon features the Kit Rae logo in silver, beautifully contrasting with the black body of the axe.
Price: $39.00
On Sale For: $30.00
Black Legion Battle Axe
From the universe created by Kit Rae, the Black Legion Battle Axe was the primary weapon of the monstrous Barumen Axe men, soldiers to the Lord of the Shadows. This decorative axe features false edged blades made of 3Cr13 stainless steel.
Price: $235.00
Black Legion War Axe
Designed by fantasy artist Kit Rae, the Black Legion War Axe was the primary weapon of the Barumen. These monstrous horned creatures acted as foot soldiers of The Dark One. This special edition war axe makes a fearsome collectible.
Price: $206.00
Damascus Axios Kit Rae Sword Cane
A suave and debonair gentleman can never be too cautious when it comes to personal defense. For those who want something innocuous yet stylish, this Damascus Axios Kit Rae Sword Cane does not disappoint.
Price: $292.00
Gold Axios Forged Sword Cane
Anyone on the market for an exceptional sword cane should make sure to check out our Gold Axios Forged Sword Cane. This functional sword cane features meticulous detailing from its etched, double-edged blade to the L-shaped handle.
Price: $327.00
Luciendar Sword
The Luciendar Sword, from the Kit Rae Sword of the Ancients collection, is shrouded in myth. With its ornate guard and beautifully crafted pommel, this decorative sword is the perfect addition to any collection of fantasy weapons.
Price: $235.00
Mithlotok Short Sword
With its ornate black silk screen designs and the elegant shape of its stainless steel full-tang blade, the Mithlotok Short Sword from the mind of Kit Rae is the perfect addition to any decorative fantasy sword collection.
Price: $95.00
Mithrodin Sword
The highly popular Swords of the Ancients collection has become legendary the world over among collectible sword enthusiasts who want only the finest designs and highest quality. Each features tempered 420J2 false-edged blades.
Price: $199.00
Mithrokil Kit Rae Short Sword
Inspired by the incredible Swords of the Ancient series created by Kit Rae, the Mithrokil Kit Rae Short Sword is designed to replicate the incredible short sword wielded by the deadly Mithrodin warrior Kethol Av Torketal.
Price: $90.00
Vorthelok Forged Damascus Sword Cane
Step into the Swords of the Ancients universe with the Vorthelok Forged Damascus Sword Cane. The 1045 steel sword unlocks from the wooden cane shaft with the push of a button hidden in the cast metal fitting of the pommel.
Price: $292.00
Vorthelok Forged Sword Cane
From the mind of Kit Rae comes the Vorthelok Forged Sword Cane based on the sword of the same name. The 1045 carbon steel sword unlocks from the wooden cane shaft with the push of a button hidden in the cast metal fitting of the pommel.
Price: $220.00

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