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Fans of the work of Gil Hibben can rejoice at finding a number of his quality products here at Dark Knight Armoury! Featured in over 30 movies and television shows, the knife masterpieces of this giant of the industry make excellent collectibles or functional blades, displaying incredible workmanship. We carry an assortment of competition-quality throwing knife sets and throwing axes, survival knives, bowie knives, fantasy daggers, combat machetes, and more. Crafted from Damascus steel and stainless steel, these impressive weapons display the personal seal of Gil Hibben. Many of these master blades come with sheaths to make carrying or storing them safe and easy. Browse through our selection of these high-quality weapons to find the perfect piece to include in your collection!
Magnum Bowie Knife
The Magnum Bowie Knife features a clip-point blade, useful for precise cutting and slicing. Made of rust resistant stainless steel, this is a knife that will last. This is the survival knife you want to have on hand in a pinch.
Price: $167.00
MKV Fighter Knife And Sheath
The MKV Fighter Knife and Sheath features a wicked blade with a split saw tooth back. Made of 3Cr13 stainless steel, the blade of this knife is extra thick and equipped for survival situations. The guard juts out like the wings of a bat.
Price: $182.00
Silver Shadow Dagger
This superb knife is the Silver Shadow. Renowned knife designer Gil Hibben custom crafted this knife for United Cutlery in 1990 as the first in his annual Fantasy Series. This knife includes his personal stamp etched on the blade.
Price: $67.00
Small Competition Triple Throwing Knife Set
The Small Competition Triple Throwing Knife Set offers knives made from one-piece of 420 stainless steel. They were constructed with double edges. This fine throwing knife set is presented in a genuine leather sheath.
Price: $61.00
Small Triple Tanto Set
The Small Triple Tanto Set was constructed from one solid piece of 420 stainless steel and expertly designed by the master, Gil Hibben. The extra cuts and holes add a fantasy flair to this functional piece. It includes a custom sheath.
Price: $46.00
Survivor Bowie and Sheath
There is nothing quite as useful as a knife when it comes to survival, and the Survivor Bowie and Sheath is crafted to handle even the direst situations. This functional knife features wicked double-serrated sawback teeth.
Price: $161.00
Trigger Grip Assault Knife and Sheath
Featuring a unique handle and full-tang blade, the Trigger Grip Assault Knife and Sheath is the ultimate in function and style. Made of 7CR17 stainless steel, this clip-point blade has a handle that is molded for the perfect grip.
Price: $122.00

"I placed an order today, and was pleasantly surprised by the attitude and professionalism of Elizabeth, the representative that assisted me. Unfortunately, in today's culture, it is more often that we deal with CSRs that are rude and unqualified rather than the reverse. Elizabeth was cordial, polite and went that extra step to make sure my order was in stock and available for shipping. Please thank Elizabeth on my behalf, and keep up the good work!"

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