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Dress your best at your next historical reenactment with the wide variety of products offered by Get Dressed For Battle. At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a range of their quality medieval reenactment supplies, including excellent chainmail, steel plate armour, battle ready helmets, medieval clothing, arming wear, and replica weapons. The chainmail shirts, mail coifs, mail voiders, and other fine pieces come in various grades of steel as well as titanium, allowing you to find the right item for your needs. The medieval shoes, period shirts, cloaks, and other pieces of medieval apparel ensure that anyone can outfit themselves in style. Also, do not just dress the part - make sure you have all the proper accessories with the selection of bucklers, spearheads, axe heads, replica daggers, leather pouches, and medieval dishes you can find here. Peruse the selection available here, and you will see a great variety of quality reenactment products.
60 Inch Full Sleeve Chainmail Hauberk
In the early era of the middle ages, the hauberk was the armor of choice when a warrior was heading into battle. This 60 Inch Full Sleeve Chainmail Hauberk is a great recreation of this armor that protects as well as its ancestor did.
Price: $609.00
60 Inch Half Sleeve Chainmail Haubergeon
When it comes to protecting yourself in the medieval era, nothing compares to a good suit of mail armor. And this 60 Inch Half Sleeve Chainmail Haubergeon is definitely a good suit of mail, one that you can trust your safety to.
Price: $409.00
60 Inch Mercenary Grade Blackened Mail Hauberk
Knee-length with full sleeves, a hauberk offers some of the most comprehensive coverage possible for chainmail armor. The 60 Inch Mercenary Grade Blackened Mail Hauberk combines ease of movement with effective protection on the battlefield.
Price: $209.00
60 Inch Mercenary Grade Mail Haubergeon
Indicating a chainmail shirt with partial sleeves, a haubergeon, or Little Hauberk, was often worn under a plated hauberk in the 14th century. The 60 Inch Mercenary Grade Mail Haubergeon protects your midsection and arms.
Price: $155.00
60 Inch Soldier Grade Mail Haubergeon
The 60 Inch Soldier Grade Mail Haubergeon includes a shorter chainmail shirt with partial sleeves. The haubergeon, meaning Little Hauberk, was often worn under a plated hauberk in the 14th century.
Price: $155.00
60 Inch Soldier Grade Mail Hauberk
The tunic of mail called a hauberk supplies great defensive coverage with its full sleeves and knee-length design. The 60 Inch Soldier Grade Mail Hauberk protects the body during battle without restricting movement.
Price: $209.00
60 Inch Soldier Grade Mail Shirt
Chainmail shirts have come a long way since the Middle Ages, spreading from function to fashion and more. The 60 Inch Soldier Grade Mail Shirt features an iconic chainmail shirt with great level of comfort and protection.
Price: $139.00
60 Inch Titanium Mail Haubergeon
A chainmail shirt with partial sleeves is known as a haubergeon, meaning Little Hauberk, frequently worn under a plated hauberk in the 14th century. The 60 Inch Titanium Mail Haubergeon is a great choice to suit your needs.
Price: $2,699.00
60 Inch Titanium Mail Hauberk
The tunic of mail called a hauberk, worn from the 12th to 14th century, includes full sleeves and falls to knee length. The 60 Inch Titanium Mail Hauberk allows a wide range of movement along with great body protection.
Price: $3,299.00
7 Inch Medieval Eating Bowl
Crafted from solid hardwood, this Medieval Eating Bowl replicates early medieval eating utensils. This item goes great with our Medieval Eating Spoon and would make a great accessory for re-enactments. This also makes a great gift!
Price: $12.00
Archers Spangenhelm
This Spangenhelm style was made specifically for archers, the nasal being omitted to provide greater visibility. Our Spangenhelm is crafted in 14 gauge steel. The helm has an adjustable (spider style) leather liner and chinstrap.
Price: $109.00
Arming Gambeson
Arming Gambeson is available in two colors. An arming gambeson is a special padded jacket worn under armour. The arming gambeson was specially designed so that parts of the armor could be sewn to it in order to improve security.
Price: $119.00
On Sale For: $95.00
Armour of Churburg
This fully wearable suit of armour is based on the famous harness housed in the Castle of Churburg. This armour is believed to have been made in Milan by armorers of the Missiglian family during the second half of the 14th century.
Price: $2,149.00
Articulated Steel Gauntlets
In many ways, a warriors hands are their lifeblood. They will live and die by how effective their hands wield weapons in battle. With these Articulated Steel Gauntlets, your hands will be well protected, so they can continue to protect you.
Price: $152.00
This aventail is fitted with a leather collar, to facilitate attachment to helmets. The aventail is butted round rings made of 16 gauge mild steel. The rings have a zinc plated finish and have an 8mm internal diameter.
Price: $55.00
Axe Holder
Our Axe Holder is designed to fit belts up to 2 inches wide and axe shafts with a maximum thickness of 2 inches. This axe holder provides a ready answer for those looking to find an easy way to carry a shot-shafted axe or war hammer.
Price: $10.00
The Axehead was made especially for re-enactment use. The Axehead is crafted with a 3 mm thick edge, and a safety edge. A perfect replacement head or works well for hand made projects. No shaft is supplied.
Price: $25.00
Baron Grade Mail Aventail
Covering the throat, neck, and shoulders with chainmail, an aventail, or camail, connects to a helmet to protect vital areas of a warrior. The Baron Grade Chainmail Aventail features a leather band that attaches it to the helmet.
Price: $139.00
Baron Grade Mail Skirt
Covering your hips and thighs, the Baron Grade Mail Skirt protects you from those who would take advantage of any gaps in your plate armor, the preferred type of armor in the late medieval period.
Price: $149.00
Baron Grade Mail Standard
Clergy in the medieval period wore a shoulder covering called a Bishops Mantle, a term which also came to be used for the piece of armor, the standard. The Baron Grade Mail Standard protects the upper chest and throat.
Price: $39.00
Baron Grade Mail Voiders
Chainmail voiders offer protection to your arms from the gaps that occur in plate armor in that area. The Baron Grade Mail Voiders offer high-quality mail underarm protection to improve the fit and comfort of your armor.
Price: $159.00

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