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With its foam latex weapons, costume accessories, and medieval clothing, Epic Armoury is a dream come true for LARPers of all kinds. Dark Knight Armoury proudly offers a wide variety of steel plate armour, leather armour, chainmail, medieval tunics, leather belts, and more to give you an impressive look for LARP events or Renaissance fairs. Our LARP weapons, which include LARP swords, LARP axes, LARP war hammers, LARP staffs, and others, are crafted from durable foam latex with strong cores to withstand years of use. We also provide LARP archery supplies and LARP shields. All of these foam latex products come in a range of styles from medieval to fantasy to modern, so anyone can find the perfect tool for battle. In addition to these fine items, Epic Armoury is also the proud producer of many high-quality costume effects ranging from costume make up to latex prosthetics and costume masks to colored contacts and beyond. Take a moment to browse through this category to see a mere fraction of the fine pieces that are on offer to turn your role-play into an exceptional experience!
White Lion LARP Shield
Defend the kingdom with the White Lion LARP Shield, beautifully crafted to resemble a historic shield well suited for noble knights and infantrymen. This live action roleplay shield has been designed for safety and ease of use.
Price: $122.00
On Sale For: $115.90
Wildling Quiver
Consider all the roles available to the adventurer that includes the Wildling Quiver in their LARP arsenal. This archery accessory proves useful whether you unleash your skills within a high fantasy realm or a more traditional setting.
Price: $112.00
On Sale For: $100.80
Womens Basic Skirt
Our Womens Basic Skirt is a must have for any wardrobe. This skirt is very versatile in style and may be worn with many different themes. The skirt is quite adjustable for each size, as it has a drawstring waist.
Price: $34.00
On Sale For: $30.00
Women's Pirate Shirt
Our Womens Pirate Shirt is just like a short chemise. It has elastic cuffs and a drawstring neckline allowing you to wear it on or off the shoulders. Made from 100 percent cotton, not only does it look great, but it is also comfortable.
Price: $27.00
On Sale For: $25.65
Wood Trophy Mask
The Wood Trophy Mask shows a victim trapped within an arboreal prison or some malevolent tree spirit come to life to revenge its brethren. This detailed LARP trophy mask works great for Halloween night and costume parties.
Price: $21.00
On Sale For: $19.95
Wooden Gladiator LARP Shield
Though no one wants to be thrown into a Roman arena, not having this shield with you when you are would be even worse! The Wooden Gladiator LARP Shield is made from hard foam that is coated with latex to create a durable defense.
Price: $86.00
On Sale For: $81.70
Wooden LARP Buckler
The buckler makes a historically popular shield due to its maneuverability and uses for blow deflection, hand protection, and more. The Wooden LARP Buckler features a hand-painted wooden pattern design with a metallic central dome.
Price: $68.00
On Sale For: $64.60
Wooden LARP Longbow
Nothing beats the ability to reach out and touch your opponent. This Wooden LARP Longbow takes the longbow of medieval fame and makes it into a wicked ranged weapon that does just that, while fitting LARP safety specifications.
Price: $161.00
On Sale For: $144.90
Wooden LARP Ork Shield
Leave it to the Orks to fight with a shield like this one! This LARP shield resembles old wooden boards nailed together to create a rustic looking shield that will still serve you well and provide defense against oncoming attacks.
Price: $102.00
On Sale For: $96.90
Wooden LARP Scythian Horsebow
This LARP bow echoes the shape of the weapon favored by the Scythian warrior, the bow. For a nomadic people who lived life on the horse, the bow was a powerful weapon. In proper hands, so too is this Wooden LARP Scythian Horsebow.
Price: $161.00
On Sale For: $144.90
Wooden LARP Short Staff
Keep enemies at bay and more importantly at distance with the Wooden LARP Short Staff. This stunning LARP stave is a versatile travel companion for any adventure that crosses dangerous terrain or different opponents.
Price: $95.00
On Sale For: $90.25
Wooden LARP Youth Longbow
A longbow is always measured against its archer, and against youths, this bow certainly qualifies. The Wooden LARP Youth Longbow is a bit shorter than a typical longbow, but that just makes it more appropriate for younger archers.
Price: $145.00
On Sale For: $130.50
Wooden Ready For Battle Buckler
Perfect for a wide number of historical and fantasy characters, this Wooden Ready For Battle Buckler features a design popular throughout the medieval and Renaissance periods for its maneuverability and range of uses.
Price: $41.00
On Sale For: $38.95
Wooden Ready For Battle Round Shield
Ideal when you want an authentic-looking round shield, this LARP buckler displays a great wooden grain pattern over its front. The Wooden Ready For Battle Round Shield displays a simulated metal strip around the edge of the design.
Price: $51.00
On Sale For: $48.45
Woodsman LARP Throwing Knife
Ideal for rangers and soldiers alike, the Woodsman LARP Throwing Knife features realistic wood grain and metal finishes with a brass shine on the hilt. This LARP dagger can be easily hung from a belt using the loop on its pommel.
Price: $9.00
On Sale For: $8.55
Grey Wool Cape
The Wool Cape is a must for any serious Ren Fair goer, LARPer, or SCA reenactor, especially in cold weather. This cape is made from quality wool and will keep you warm and dry in cold and wet weather. The cape ties at the neck.
Price: $102.00
On Sale For: $96.90
Wool Cloak with Mantle
Cold weather should not ever put a damper on your medieval experience, especially not when this Wool Cloak with Mantle is available. It is made from wool and features a typical design paired with a cowl that goes over the shoulders.
Price: $102.00
On Sale For: $96.90
Wool Godfrey Cape
Cloaks are an excellent way to keep your identity hidden! Their deep hoods provide shadows that cover your face, making them a favored item for rogues. The Wool Godfrey Cape will keep your face hidden, so that none may catch you.
Price: $140.39
On Sale For: $126.35
Yari LARP Spear
A traditionally Japanese blade crafted in the form of a straight-headed spear, the yari possesses a rich history and wide functionality. The Yari LARP Spear makes a great addition to your roleplaying pole weapons arsenal.
Price: $162.00
On Sale For: $153.90
Youth Medieval Sam Pants
Life on a medieval farm is all about functionality and nothing but sturdy, comfortable pants, much like the Youth Medieval Sam Pants, will do. Your children will be putting these durable pants through a lot doing their chores.
Price: $21.83
On Sale For: $19.64
Youth Medieval Sam Shirt
Dress your children comfortably in the Youth Medieval Sam Shirt. This childrens tunic is designed for comfort and is perfect for both genders and the sturdy design will hold up to their day of play without fear of ripping!
Price: $21.83
On Sale For: $19.64

"By doing a Google search for "authentic pirate clothing" I stumbled upon your site. Part of my order arrived within a few days of ordering it and the rest has just shipped. What Ive received so far has exceeded my expectations, especially at the prices I paid. Great quality, fair prices, and very attentive and helpful customer service. Business done right! Thank you!!!!"

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