Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we carry many fine Deepeeka products to decorate your home or add authenticity to your Renaissance fair experience. We carry a variety of collectible swords, historical armour, medieval clothing, decorative shields, and more. You can create a truly impressive historical campsite with our Roman and medieval camp tools, which include everything from historical cookware to fire starters to period tents. In addition to excellent display weaponry, Deepeeka produces many fine medieval daggers and historical accessories like powder horns and leather belts. When you want to create an incomparable reenactment experience or to decorate your home or office with excellent historical touches, take a moment to browse the Deepeeka section here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Worn Ring of Prison Keys
This is one set of keys that would look right at home, jangling on the belt of a dungeon master or prison keeper. This Worn Ring of Prison Keys has an old cast-iron look that makes them look as if they truly belong in the medieval era.
Price: $34.00
WW2 Army Officers Cavalry Sword
High officers in the military were not the only ones who carried ceremonial swords. Even sub-officers sometimes carried them. This WW2 Army Officers Cavalry Sword, for instance, reflects a more subdued design for lower ranks.
Price: $141.00
WW2 Army Officers Saber
This WW2 Army Officer Saber combines the heraldic look of the lion with the equally potent symbolism of the sword to create a powerful weapon that embodies the notions of military might, leadership, and personal skill.
Price: $162.00
WW2 Era Gas Mask
It is a zombie apocalypse out there, and you never know when you are going to need a gas mask. If it is an airborne zombie virus, the WW2 Era Gas Mask might be your only defense against imminent infection!
Price: $135.00
WW2 Infantry Officers Sword
As a symbol, the sword stands for military might and prowess, and as such, it has remained a side-arm of military units across the world. This WW2 Infantry Officers Sword is a more modern take on the traditional officers small sword.
Price: $135.00
Yellow and Red Wolf Heater Shield
Surprisingly, the wolf, while not commonly seen in heraldries, was often seen on warriors. This Yellow and Red Wolf Heater Shield lets a warrior wear the wolf as heraldry when they head into battle, trusting this predator to protect them.
Price: $113.00

"I'd like to give my experiences with Dark Knight Armoury. They have been nothing but great to me in not only their fast shipping, good variety, and very helpful customer service. The products were affordable and high quality. I love my suit and I look forward to loving it for years to come."

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