Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we carry many fine Deepeeka products to decorate your home or add authenticity to your Renaissance fair experience. We carry a variety of collectible swords, historical armour, medieval clothing, decorative shields, and more. You can create a truly impressive historical campsite with our Roman and medieval camp tools, which include everything from historical cookware to fire starters to period tents. In addition to excellent display weaponry, Deepeeka produces many fine medieval daggers and historical accessories like powder horns and leather belts. When you want to create an incomparable reenactment experience or to decorate your home or office with excellent historical touches, take a moment to browse the Deepeeka section here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Beneficiarius Roman Standard
Virtually every unit of significant size in the Roman army, from centuria and up (a centuria is a grouping of about 80 men) possessed a standard of some kind. Some were unique, possessing a Beneficiarius Roman Standard like this one.
Price: $245.00
The Bill was a European weapon that was commonplace during the medieval era, as it possessed the stopping power of a spear, the power of an axe, and the added benefit of a hooked protrusion, making it a versatile and powerful weapon.
Price: $123.00
Bird Eye Striker Knife
This Bird Eye Striker Knife is two accessories in one. On one hand, it offers a forged blade that is quite useful around camp for carving, cutting, and more. On the other, the all-metal design and grip allows it to double as fire steel.
Price: $22.00
Black and Natural Plume
Plumes were not just ornamental decorations that were attached to helmets for reasons of style. In fact, a decoration like this Black and Natural Plume would have been significant, indicating a person or officer of importance and rank.
Price: $72.00
Black Caesarean Gladius
Some of Romes ancient rulers were warriors before they were emperors, and even those who were not favored a gladius as a symbol of power. The Black Caesarean Gladius looks like a warriors blade, with a stylized look to suit an emperor.
Price: $189.00
Black Celtic Belt
A belt is a vital part of every outfit, as it offers both functionality and the chance to add a piece of flair that shows your style. With intricate designs, the Black Celtic Belt will be a great addition to your historic ensemble.
Price: $54.00
Black Helm Plume with Wood Base
Plumes were not just ornamental decorations that were attached to helmets for reasons of style. In fact, this Black Helm Plume with Wood Base would have been very significant, indicating a person or officer of importance and rank.
Price: $69.00
Black Masonic Sword
Freemasons have been well known for centuries as excellent craftsmen who take pride in their work. The Black Masonic Sword is a beautiful example of this fine craftsmanship, with exquisite engravings on the blade and the hilt.
Price: $134.00
Black Medieval Leather Pouch
This Black Medieval Leather Pouch is a handy accent to have. Not only does it pair well with a variety of medieval ensembles, but it also offers storage space, which makes it much easier to carry around different objects and trinkets.
Price: $52.00
Black Padded Arming Hood with Collar
When it comes to wearing armor, the padding underneath is just as important as the steel, leather, and mail you have over it. This Black Padded Arming Hood with Collar will improve the fit and make your helm more comfortable too.
Price: $48.00
Black Russian Shashka
The Shashka is somewhat similar to the typical cavalry saber. Originally a saber from the Caucasus region, swords like this Black Russian Shashka were adopted by many Russian forces, and by the Cossacks, who are most famous for them.
Price: $125.00
Blackened Cavalry Sword
Do not let the name fool you into thinking that this is a blade just to wield on horseback. The Blackened Cavalry Sword is a multi-purpose weapon, one that will serve you well on the high seas, on horseback, in the military, and more.
Price: $126.00
Blackened Short English Saber
Duelists of the later eras often favored a variety of weapons. One master might prefer the small sword, while another, the cut-and-thrust sword. This Blackened Short English Saber is another style of sword that had its own advantages.
Price: $126.00
Blackened Swept Hilt Rapier
A duelist needs a sword that excels at both offense and defense. This Blackened Swept Hilt Rapier, with its cut-and-thrust style blade, looks to be just that, while its blackened hilt confers a dark appeal to the look of this blade.
Price: $158.00
Blank Heater Shield
There are so many possibilities when it comes to this Blank Heater Shield. You can leave it as-is, of course, and carry it into battle without any problems, or you can take it as a canvas, one that allows you to create your own design!
Price: $99.00
Blank Kite Shield
Every warrior of note had his or her own heraldries to display on their shield, and this Blank Kite Shield gives you the chance to do just that! Of course, it is also ready to go as-is, assuming you would rather just leave it be.
Price: $121.00
Blank Linen Covered Wooden Shield
If you are looking for an unadorned shield to carry into battle, then you have found just what you need in this Blank Linen Covered Wooden Shield. Of course, this is also the shield to consider if you want to paint your own shield!
Price: $135.00
Blank Roman Scutum Shield
Among the Roman fighting forces, no shield was as preferred as the traditional scutum, and for good reason. It offered superior defensive capabilities. With this Blank Roman Scutum Shield, you can take the time to create your very own.
Price: $171.00
Blank Round Shield
For many warriors, their shield was a personal work, emblazoned with their house seal, family crest, or personal crest. This Blank Round Shield allows you to create your own shield, to show off whatever design you wish to carry.
Price: $135.00
Bleeding Stillman Hawk
Some tomahawks are made for show and some are made for use. This Bleeding Stillman Hawk is one that is made for use, featuring a balance and construction that makes this tomahawk fun and easy to throw, either for fun or competition.
Price: $32.00
Boeotian Helmet
The Boeotian Helmet originated in Boeotia, a region of Greece. The helmet is modeled after a folded down sunhat and is designed to provide for unimpeded hearing and vision, and thus it was primarily used by cavalry and mounted soldiers.
Price: $270.00

"I'm in the market for' quality LARP/practice swords for myself and the boyfriend but have a pretty major latex allergy. I sent an email out in hopes that I'd even get a response as far as recommendations. To my surprise I received an email from Joseph with a link for several great, latex free options. I really appreciate the help and wanted to let you know that I will be purchasing from Dark Knight Armoury (and probably Dark Knight Armoury for other items) as soon as I get the funds together!"

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