Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we carry many fine Deepeeka products to decorate your home or add authenticity to your Renaissance fair experience. We carry a variety of collectible swords, historical armour, medieval clothing, decorative shields, and more. You can create a truly impressive historical campsite with our Roman and medieval camp tools, which include everything from historical cookware to fire starters to period tents. In addition to excellent display weaponry, Deepeeka produces many fine medieval daggers and historical accessories like powder horns and leather belts. When you want to create an incomparable reenactment experience or to decorate your home or office with excellent historical touches, take a moment to browse the Deepeeka section here at Dark Knight Armoury.
17th Century Closed Burgonet
When wearing a helmet, protection is good, but comfort must also be a consideration. After all, a protective helm that is impossible to wear, is not worth much. This 17th Century Closed Burgonet blends protection and comfort perfectly.
Price: $176.00
18th C. Cut and Thrust Sword
This 18th C. Cut and Thrust Sword is a somewhat middle-ground when comes to the evolution of the sword. It features the ornate hilt of later eras, but still possesses a blade that is considerably thicker than the smallsword or rapier.
Price: $113.00
1940s Soviet General Saber
The cavalry saber has always been a prolific weapon, used during times of war for centuries. The 1940s Soviet General Saber is a stunning depiction of a sword used by officers of the Soviet Army, used both in battle and to show prestige
Price: $225.00
1st Century Pompeii Dagger
Well known as the city destroyed by a volcanic eruption, Pompeii has fascinated people for centuries. This 1st Century Pompeii Dagger is designed after findings from these ancient ruins so you can add it to your Roman themed collection.
Price: $57.00
1st Century Roman Cavalry Embossed Helmet
Featuring an impressively stylized design, this 1st Century Roman Cavalry Embossed Helmet is a decorative helm that would have likely been favored by members of the Roman cavalry, especially by officers enlisted in their ranks.
Price: $400.00
1st Century Roman Legionary Disc Belt
This Roman belt is something of an elaborate affair, featuring several unique touches that make it an impressive accent, to be sure. The 1st Century Roman Legionary Disc Belt serves well as an addition to any military based Roman costume or look.
Price: $216.00
3rd Century Roman Pugio
After a century of little use, the pugio dagger made a sweeping comeback in the early third century. Becoming the sidearm of choice for Roman officers, the 3rd Century Roman Pugio inspires a sense of nobility and mortality.
Price: $122.00
3rd Century Roman Spatha
Similar in design to the gladius, the spatha was a straight sword favored by Roman heavy infantry units. This 3rd Century Roman Spatha is an ornate sword, featuring straight edges that culminate into a vicious, angular point.
Price: $180.00
3rd Century Roman Sword
Similar in design to the gladius, the spatha was a straight sword favored by Roman heavy infantry units. This 3rd Century Roman Sword is an ornate spatha, featuring long, straight edges that culminate into a vicious, angular point.
Price: $153.00
Acute Barbed Broadhead Arrowhead
Arrowheads are like knives - they have many designs, and it is best to choose the right one for the task. This Acute Barbed Broadhead Arrowhead is one such design that was used in the Middle Ages, up until the renaissance and beyond.
Price: $11.00
Anglo-Saxon Seax
Based upon a tenth century weapon found in London in the nineteenth century, the Anglo-Saxon Seax is a stunning replica of a multifunctional weapon from centuries ago. Bring a historical appeal into your home with this seax.
Price: $900.00
Antiqued Itali Corinthian Helmet
With its distinctive shape, the Antiqued Italo Corinthian Helmet is one of the most identifiable helmets of history. The iconic helm of the Spartan warrior, this helmet was favored by many Greeks because of its protective design.
Price: $144.00
Arabic Jambia
While its name translates literally to dagger, the Arabic Jambia is often a reference to a more specific kind of dagger, one that has personal and ceremonial meaning. This replica recreates the shape of a common style of Arabic blade.
Price: $60.00
Archer Helmet
A Roman legion is typically seen as a grouping of shield-bearing warriors armed with gladii and pila (sword and javelin). However, legions did often include archers, who more often than not could be seen wearing this Archer Helmet.
Price: $201.00
Archers Banded Kettle Helm
First produced in England around 1011, the kettle hat was the helm of choice of many foot soldiers and men-at-arms. As its name implies, this Archers Banded Kettle Helm would have been a good helm for archers, thanks to its open design.
Price: $122.00
Archers Buckler Shield
The buckler was designed to be a companion that a warrior would use in melee combat. Thus, this Archers Buckler Shield is the perfect shield for an archer, who would only use their shield when they entered into close quarters combat.
Price: $65.00
Archers Dagger
On the medieval battlefield, a commander tried to keep their archers away from the front lines. The best of plans can go awry, though, and many archers carried at least a dagger, like this Archers Dagger, to use for defense in melee.
Price: $68.00
Arkansas Bowie Knife
A mountain man needs a good knife, and the American bowie knife offers plenty of versatility for any survival needs. This Arkansas Bowie Knife combines the rugged and effective look of a mountain man knife with the iconic bowie blade.
Price: $38.00
Arkansas Toothpick Knife
James Black was the smith who made the famous knife that later bore Jim Bowies name. Another knife he was responsible for was the Arkansas Toothpick Knife, which was balanced for throwing and made to serve in a variety of tasks.
Price: $48.00
Arming Broad Sword
The sword of the medieval knight was the arming sword, although this Arming Broad Sword offers a subtle variation on that classic blade. As its name implies, this blade is a bit broader, lending it a more intimidating and powerful form.
Price: $158.00
Arming Dagger with Scabbard
For the times when a sword could not be carried, a knight could always depend on having his Arming Dagger with Scabbard close at hand. Like its cousin, this dagger excels in combat, featuring a shape that is designed to be versatile.
Price: $68.00

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