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Darksword Armory produces top of the line swords, daggers, axes, and medieval armour, which we offer here at Dark Knight Armoury. Their high carbon steel swords have full tangs and make use of threading and peening to secure the hilts, so you end up with high-quality products that can withstand extreme use. These pieces, inspired by historical an fantasy designs, come in a variety of styles, such as Viking swords, stiletto daggers, arming swords, longswords, claymores, medieval bardiches, sallet helmets, parrying daggers, and much more. When you need an exceptional weapon or piece of armor, be sure to browse the fine selection of products in this category.
Ulfberht Sword With Scabbard and Belt
The Ulfberht Sword With Scabbard and Belt is an impressive reincarnation of the near-mythical sword from Nordic legend. One of the most important swords in the study of medieval weapons, this innovative sword has come back to life.
Price: $375.00
Viking Axe
The axe is a powerful weapon and an equally powerful tool, and in Viking hands it became a legend. This Viking Axe has a handcrafted look and a brutal design, one that makes it a weapon to be feared by all those who face it in battle.
Price: $195.00
Viking Beard Axe
The axe was, perhaps, among the first of the tools made by mankind and has remained important to many cultures in history. The Vikings are the most associated with the axe, and weapons like this Viking Bearded Axe are the reason why.
Price: $180.00
Viking Carvings Necklace
Constructed in the twelfth century, the Urnes Stave Church in Norway showcases some of the most ornate carvings still preserved from the Viking Age. This Viking Carvings Necklace pays tribute to the artistic work of that church.
Price: $125.00
Viking Hero Axe
The Vikings have a violent reputation, and not an entirely undeserved one. This Viking Hero Axe is a brutally effective weapon that is arm and point of pride to a warrior, offering unparalleled effectiveness and rich, carved detailing.
Price: $250.00
Warmonger Barbarian Sword
Intimidating and brutish, the Warmonger Barbarian Sword exists in a class by itself. The stunning design of this fantasy sword is inspired by the Viking swords recounted in the legendary sagas of the northern peoples.
Price: $895.00
Witchking Sword With Scabbard
This gothic sword possesses an inherent character that is well-suited for dark lords of all sorts. Of course, its name tells of the blades origin, and in that wraiths hands this Witchking Sword with Scabbard was nigh unbeatable.
Price: $410.00
Witchking Sword With Scabbard and Belt
This gothic sword possesses an character that is well-suited for dark lords of all sorts. Of course, its name tells of the blades origin, and in that wraiths hands this Witchking Sword with Scabbard and Belt was nigh unbeatable.
Price: $515.00
WMA Federschwert Reenactment Sword
The WMA Federschwert Reenactment Sword is a replica of a training sword used in fencing schools throughout the Renaissance. Constructed to match the weight and balance of the actual swords, this piece provides a genuine experience.
Price: $375.00
WMA Five Lobed Reenactment Sword
Enhance your performance with the WMA Five Lobed Reenactment Sword. Whether you are on stage or walking through the crowds at a renaissance fair, this practice sword will undoubtedly add some realism to your medieval look.
Price: $375.00
WMA Type X Reenactment Sword
Yell a battle cry and arm yourself with this WMA Type X Reenactment Sword, and you will be ready to square off with your opponent. This weapon looks real but lacks an edge, making it a safe alternative for sparring and training.
Price: $375.00

"I have made two orders with your company and I just wanted to leave some feed back. I have been very satisfied with the speed of the shipping, the low prices and best of all the quality of the items. I plan to buy more from this site and have recommended it to my friends who are looking for costumes for next years ren fair. "

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