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A company that traces its roots back to the 1700s, Condor Tool and Knife produces quality survival tools and functional knives intended for hunting and camping uses. At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry many of their functional axes, survival machetes, combat knives, throwing knives, camping hatchets, and more. Made from wood, high carbon steel, and high-quality synthetic materials, these products make excellent picks for outdoorsmen who want to use the best products available. Whether you need to fillet a fish, chop fire wood, or cut through the jungle, we have the proper blade for your task.
Condor Ironside Viking Sword
Bjorn Ironside, the alleged son of legendary Viking Ragnar Lodbrok, was one of the most famous Vikings and the founder of the Munso Dynasty. The Condor Ironside Viking Sword allows you to commemorate this formidable warrior.
Price: $249.99
Condor Jungolo Machete
Machetes have been used for years for combat, agriculture, and household tasks like meat-cutting. The Condor Jungolo Machete adds an element of style to this multi-functional blade, bringing you a truly stunning tactical sword.
Price: $104.98
Condor Kickback Knife
The Condor Kickback Knife is a lightweight, easy to carry neck knife made from a solid piece of 1075 high carbon steel. Featuring a black traction powder coating, this versatile knife offers a super tactical look in a small package.
Price: $35.00
Condor K-Tact Army Kukri
For centuries, the Nepalese military has armed itself with the kukri, a blade so useful that other military groups in other countries, such as Britain, have followed suit. Put yourself in good company with the Condor K-Tact Army Kukri.
Price: $149.85
Condor K-Tact Desert Kukri
One of the most widely appreciated swords is the kukri, a curved blade developed by the Nepalese. This blade is so loved, in fact, that it has been modified to fit knives from all over the world, such as the Condor K-Tact Desert Kukri.
Price: $149.85
Condor Lochnessmuk
When you are in the wild, you need a knife that could take down the legendary Nessie himself. A quite appropriately titled camp knife, this Condor Lochnessmuk borrows its name from a monstrous beast of mythological proportions.
Price: $90.00
Condor Mainz Gladius
Roman Legions were renowned for the brutal fighting spirit of individual soldiers as well as the discipline and organization of the army units. The Condor Mainz Gladius is modeled after the weapon used by these lethal warriors.
Price: $250.00
Condor Makara Machete
Machetes have enjoyed popularity in all corners of the planet, from South America to Asia. The Condor Makara Machete takes a variant of this sword from the East and makes it accessible for you to use in your own back yard.
Price: $134.99
Condor Operator Bowie Knife
In the early 1800s, a blacksmith named James Black made a special knife for war hero Jim Bowie. Over the years, this design became increasingly popular. The Condor Operator Bowie Knife gives this classic knife some modern modifications.
Price: $124.99
Condor Pack Golok Survival Machete
A multi-purpose tool for jobs both big and small, the Condor Pack Golok Survival Machete is the perfect balance and size to act as both a knife and a machete. Be sure to have this machete on your side during your next adventure!
Price: $90.00
Condor Scepter Thrower
The Condor Scepter Thrower is not just your average throwing knife. This throwing weapon possesses a stylized head with an arrow-like point at the tip, flanked by two gently curved blades, all attached to a straight handle.
Price: $30.00
Condor Sentinel Army Axe
When you are lost out in the wilderness, away from base camp with the cold of night creeping in, sometimes a knife or machete simply is not enough. Luckily, there are more versatile survival tools, such as the Condor Sentinel Army Axe.
Price: $104.99
Condor Sentinel Desert Axe
Even in the desert wasteland, situations can get sticky enough for something a little more multi-functional than a survival knife or machete. With the Condor Sentinel Desert Axe, you can be ready for whatever the hot sands throw your way.
Price: $104.99
Condor Skinner Knife
The Condor Skinner Knife is a modern take on a classic skinner knife. Made from quality materials, this knife fits the criteria of a good skinner knife, as well as a knife that any survivalist or outdoorsman should have.
Price: $50.00
Condor Soldier Axe
Chop and hack like a true warrior with this Condor Soldier Axe! Made from the greatest quality materials, this exquisitely crafted axe is sure to become one of your favorite tools to help you accomplish your rugged outdoor jobs.
Price: $120.00
Condor Solobolo Knife
Another fantastic tool from the weapon makers at Condor, this Condor Solobolo Knife is a stealthy and tactical blade that is easy to use and will be sure to come in handy during all of your camping, hunting, and hiking excursions.
Price: $100.00
Condor Spike Tomahawk
Perhaps the most familiar weapon associated with Native Americans is the tomahawk. The Condor Spiked Tomahawk replicates this historic hatchet, giving it a modern modification or two so as to bolster its function and style.
Price: $89.98
Condor Stratos Knife
Any knife enthusiast will tell you that the best weapons utilize only the best materials and expert craftsmanship. For these qualities, look no further than the Condor Stratos Knife as the perfect utility tool for your survival pack.
Price: $70.00
Condor Tactana Sword
Combining the cutting power of a traditional katana with the convenience of a shorter sword, the Condor Tactana Sword gives you the best of both worlds. This tactical katana looks and functions like a dream for sword enthusiasts.
Price: $230.00
Condor Tanto Hunter Knife
Using the effective tanto style blade with a twist, the Condor Tanto Hunter Knife has an inverted tanto blade with a strong, almost chisel-like point and a subtly curving blade that enhances every cut the knife makes.
Price: $38.00
Condor Tavian Knife
A straightforward knife design and quality craftsmanship can be difficult to find these days. An extremely durable and lightweight weapon, the Condor Tavian Knife is a must have blade for camping, hunting, and bushcrafting endeavors.
Price: $65.00

"I'm in the market for' quality LARP/practice swords for myself and the boyfriend but have a pretty major latex allergy. I sent an email out in hopes that I'd even get a response as far as recommendations. To my surprise I received an email from Joseph with a link for several great, latex free options. I really appreciate the help and wanted to let you know that I will be purchasing from Dark Knight Armoury (and probably Dark Knight Armoury for other items) as soon as I get the funds together!"

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