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Cold Steel strives to craft some of the strongest, sharpest knives in the world, seeking out innovation and upholding rigorous standards for their products. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a selection of their excellent functional weapons, as well as training weapons and instructional DVDs. We carry many different types of Cold Steel swords, such as katana, war swords, sabers, cutlasses, hand and a half swords, sword canes, nodachi, rapiers, and more. Additionally, our functional knives range from machetes to combat knives to hunting knives to throwing knives and beyond. With tomahawks, staffs, sjambok, war clubs, and other blades to choose from, you are sure to find a high performance weapon to suit your needs here in under the Cold Steel brand.
Warcraft Tanto Knife
The power of the Japanese blade has been known for years, but few pay attention to the smallest of them, the tanto. This Warcraft Tanto proves that the tanto, with a modern design, can be as lethal as its larger cousins.
Price: $329.99
On Sale For: $264.00
Warrior Chisa Katana
The Warrior Chisa Katana, made of heat treated, high performance carbon steel, is a weapon fit for Samurai. Ideal for perfecting cutting techniques, this katana is inspired by and styled like the iconic blades of ancient Japan.
Price: $579.99
On Sale For: $464.00
Warrior Katana
Made of high performance steel, the Warrior Katana is a high quality weapon inspired and based on the iconic swords of ancient Japan. Heat treated and sharp, the handsome blade is perfect for training and perfecting cutting techniques.
Price: $589.99
On Sale For: $473.44
Warrior Tanto
Based on the daggers often wielded by Japanese samurai, the Warrior Tanto is a handsome blade in its own right. Beautifully crafted from heat treated, high performance steel, this functional dagger features a curved cutting point.
Price: $399.99
On Sale For: $320.00
Warrior Wakazashi
Wearing a wakizashi and katana together was once the official mark of a samurai. Now you can enjoy the elegance of the traditional Japanese weapon alongside high performance innovation when you wield the Warrior Wakizashi.
Price: $499.99
On Sale For: $400.00
Warriors Edge DVD
Learn the principals of knife fighting in The Warriors Edge DVD set, Lynn C Thompsons first instructional DVD series combining years of experience in a multitude of fighting styles as well as his own methods and techniques.
Price: $119.99
On Sale For: $96.00
Working Man OD Folding Knife by Cold Steel
The Working Man OD Folding Knife is designed to be a hardworking, high performance everyday tool. This utility folder has a stainless steel drop point blade that is super tough, while offering the user excellent control during use.
Price: $59.99
On Sale For: $47.99
XL Espada Folder by Cold Steel
With imposing size and an impressive blade, the XL Espada Folder is proof that bigger can be better when it comes to knives. The design for this folding knife is inspired by the Classical Navaja knives of Spain with a modern twist.
Price: $639.99
On Sale For: $511.99
XL G-10 Espada Folder by Cold Steel
Built like a tank and effective for utility work, the XL G-10 Espada Folder is a mega folding knife that is sure to get the job done. Matte black G-10 handle scales and finger grooves offer a tactical look and comfortable grip.
Price: $489.99
On Sale For: $391.99
XL Slant Tip Machete by Cold Steel
The machete is a versatile and popular outdoor and survival tool used by people living all around the world. This XL Slant Tip Machete is a great example of why many people count their machete as one of their most prized possessions.
Price: $35.99
On Sale For: $28.79
Zy-Ex Ti-Lite Folder by Cold Steel
The Zy-Ex Ti-Lite Folder takes styling influence from classic switchblades but uses strong and lightweight modern materials. This functional folding knife features a stainless steel blade that is capable of handling any task.
Price: $74.99
On Sale For: $59.99

"I would just like to thank you all at Dark Knight Armoury. I have received my Assassin's armor and it is a perfect match for what I wanted. Though the order needed to be changed, you were very helpful and friendly. I look forward to doing business with you again."

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