Calimacil crafts almost peerless LARP weapons with their durable foam latex, hybrid carbon and fiberglass cores, and injection mold processing. Now available here at Dark Knight Armoury, these excellent latex weapons display incredible details in their construction, giving many of them historical or fantasy styling. In addition to their popular LARP swords, we carry a number of their LARP maces, LARP staffs, LARP daggers, LARP warhammers, LARP axes, and more. For modern LARP weapons, we also offer crowbars, wrenches, pipes, and bricks for those who prefer to role-play urban warfare. When you need top quality LARP gear for your upcoming battle, be sure to check out the foam latex weapons from Calimacil that are offered here.
Tanto II LARP Sword
More practical in certain situations than a katana, the Tanto II LARP Sword can be easily used in tight spaces since it does not restrict the movements of the wielder, making it perfect for hasty retreats and close combat.
Price: $69.00
The Dentist Studded Club
The Dentist is a realistic reproduction of a studded club, which is perfectly suited to the context of our post-apocalyptic line of products. It is also quite appropriate for classical LARPers that seek an alternative to edged weapons.
Price: $99.25
The Nutcracker
Like all items of the Zombicalypse collection, the Nutcracker is a very realistic reproduction of a common tool, in this case a mechanics wrench. Its silver color gives it an unmistakable stainless steel look.
Price: $49.50
The Squires Short Sword
The squires were young men who were assigned to a knight. Their role was to take care of the equipment and the horse of their Masters. In the presence of his knight, a squire learned the rudiments of knighthood.
Price: $79.00
On Sale For: $64.00
Thorgrim LARP Double-Headed Axe
Crafted for war against the rampaging Orc tribe that was seeking to conquer the Northern steppes, the Thorgrim LARP Double-Headed Axe displays a fearsome look. The LARP axe features a steel color with aged golden accents.
Price: $165.25
Treville LARP Bastard Sword
No period wear is complete without an appropriate weapon at your side! Complete a Renaissance era ensemble with this Treville LARP Bastard Sword, which features a beautiful design that will certainly enhance your historical costume.
Price: $165.25
Two Handed Krieger LARP Axe
In old Norse there is a name given to fierce warriors who enter and survive battle after battle. The Two Handed Krieger LARP Axe is named after these legendary warriors and is constructed to thrive in even the most brutal conditions.
Price: $152.75
Viking II LARP Dirk
Vikings were no strangers to the battlefield, using a variety of weapons on their vicious raids. The Viking II LARP Dirk will help to turn you into the scourge of your foes at your next live action role playing event.
Price: $65.00
Viking II LARP Short Sword
Viking warriors became the scourge of many lands throughout Europe and Asia, raiding and collecting the bounty of their foes. With the Viking II LARP Short Sword, you can become a formidable Viking raider at your next event.
Price: $115.75
Vordr LARP Hammer
Hand painted for a dark steel look, two rams make up the head of the Vordr LARP Hammer. Celtic-inspired runes and knotwork add to its mystic and ancient look. This remarkable LARP is ideal for dark sorcerers and medieval magicians.
Price: $124.00
Warriors LARP Dagger
Whether on the front lines of a battle against the Orcs or at a table where meat is to be carved, everybody needs an efficient dagger that can easily go from one task to the next like this incredibly realistic Warriors LARP Dagger.
Price: $46.00
Wooden LARP Stake
Stop the vampire scourge upon the land, taking advantage of every resource available to you. The Wooden LARP Stake can be used by anyone, including peasants and villagers with little to no weapons training.
Price: $20.75
Wyvern II LARP Sword
After years of bloody wars between the dark elves and their foes, the conflict seemed to die down. However, the elves were merely preparing for their next trick. The Wyvern II LARP Sword will serve as their latest dark weapon.
Price: $140.50
Yngvar LARP Hand Axe
When the common folk of the land were attacked, they made weapons like the Yngvar LARP Hand Axe to defend themselves. This LARP short axe has a simulated wooden staff with a ribbed grip. The steel-colored head displays a golden cross.
Price: $124.00
Yngvar Raven Feeder LARP Axe
When the common folk of the land were attacked, they made weapons like the Yngvar Raven Feeder LARP Axe to defend themselves. This LARP axe uses a simulated wooden staff as a handle, while the steel-colored head displays a golden cross.
Price: $185.75

"I'm real happy with the past few orders I've received and it turned out to be a great series of renaissance festival outings this year.' Wanted to give you guys a big thanks for everything, I loved the outfits and gear!"

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