Calimacil crafts almost peerless LARP weapons with their durable foam latex, hybrid carbon and fiberglass cores, and injection mold processing. Now available here at Dark Knight Armoury, these excellent latex weapons display incredible details in their construction, giving many of them historical or fantasy styling. In addition to their popular LARP swords, we carry a number of their LARP maces, LARP staffs, LARP daggers, LARP warhammers, LARP axes, and more. For modern LARP weapons, we also offer crowbars, wrenches, pipes, and bricks for those who prefer to role-play urban warfare. When you need top quality LARP gear for your upcoming battle, be sure to check out the foam latex weapons from Calimacil that are offered here.
Long Dorgen LARP Dwarf Hammer
An epic looking weapon, the Long Dorgen LARP Dwarf Hammer is sure to strike fear in the hearts of all who stand in your way. Perfect for dwarven characters, this hammer also suits brutes like Trolls, barbarians, and other monsters.
Price: $198.25
Luinir Elvish LARP Sword
Elvish weapons, being endowed with the magic of nature, always have a touch of beauty to their formidable forms. The Luinir Elvish LARP Sword, with its elegantly curved blade and its ornate, embossed handle is no exception.
Price: $108.75
Magnus III LARP Sword
A tribute to the career of the great General Magnus, the Magnus III LARP Sword is inspired by the warrior and strategists weapon of choice. Its blade is a realistic steel color, and the handle depicts tarnished gold, brown, and steel.
Price: $140.50
Malik LARP Scimitar
Inspired by the swords of ancient Persia, the Malik LARP Scimitar features a wickedly curved blade and a curving hilt to match. Its extremely realistic look makes this a formidable weapon in any live action roleplay battle.
Price: $115.75
Musashi Katana II LARP Sword
One of the iconic weapons of Japan, the katana makes a fantastic primary weapon, perfect for pairing with the matching wakizashi (CL-191). The Musashi Katana II LARP Sword makes a great historical blade to wield.
Price: $165.25
Musashi Wakizashi II LARP Sword
One of the iconic weapons of Japan, the wakizashi makes a fantastic secondary weapon, perfect for pairing with the matching katana (CL-192). The Musashi Wakizashi II LARP Sword makes a great historical blade to wield.
Price: $148.75
Musashi-Wakizashi, The Way Of The Warrior Sword
This sublimely elegant short sword, the secondary weapon of the samurai, was designed to be an accurate reproduction of classic wakizashi of Japan. Its decorated handle, shorter than our katana model, offers the same comfortable grip.
Price: $140.00
On Sale For: $125.00
Neo LARP Lead Pipe
Nothing quite stands up to the strength and durability of a lead pipe. Now, you join in the fight to survive the zombicalypse, you can arm yourself with the Neo LARP Lead Pipe, to ensure that when you hit your foes, you hit them hard.
Price: $82.75
Nimilgyr LARP Sword
Any young adventurer heading off to slay a dragon should be equipped with a dependable and powerful weapon. The Nimilgyr LARP Sword, made from durable yet gentle Calisoft foam, is just the thing for any fantasy knight or slayer of wyrms.
Price: $54.50
Ninja LARP Bastard Sword
The ornate katana of the samurais would not have been appropriate for a ninja, as their jobs usually required them to be concealed as much as possible. The Ninja LARP Bastard Sword is ideal for attacking when it is least expected.
Price: $99.25
Ninja LARP Short Sword
In order to stay easily concealed in large groups of people, ninjas need weapons that are less ornate than the extravagant katanas used by the samurai. The Ninja LARP Short Sword is just such a sword, perfect for a masked mercenary.
Price: $91.00
Novice II LARP Bastard Sword
Every soldier is an important cog in the mechanism of the army as they fight off invaders, discover traitors, and keep the peace. The Novice II LARP Bastard Sword offers one fine tool used by these united warriors.
Price: $91.00
Novice II LARP Long Sword
Every soldier is an important cog in the mechanism of the army as they fight off invaders, discover traitors, and keep the peace. The Novice II LARP Long Sword offers one fine tool used by these united warriors.
Price: $86.75
Novice II LARP Short Sword
Every warrior needs a sword that will help them show off their superior combat skills. The Novice II LARP Short Sword is such a weapon, with features that allow this blade to be wielded by any warrior who chooses it.
Price: $84.00
Odo LARP Mace
A studded mace is a unique weapon, one that would likely not be expected from characters who stand for peace. Because everyone needs to stay protected, the Odo LARP Mace is ideal for cleric characters who have sworn not to draw blood.
Price: $91.00
Odo the Studded War Mace
Who says that a weapon has to be fancy to be fun, much less wildly effective? This Odo the Studded War Mace is a LARP weapon that looks like a wooden shaft capped with a steel head that looks capable of splitting shields and skulls.
Price: $91.00
Orcish LARP Short Sword
Orcish blades are by nature a more rugged weapon than their shiny, elegant Elvish counterparts, but that does not mean that they must be crude and jagged. Just take the Orcish LARP Short Sword, with its narrow blade, as an example.
Price: $116.50
Percefer the LARP Warhammer
Almost any character type can find a use for Percefer the LARP Warhammer, whether for offense or defense. This foam LARP hammer has a steel-colored head with gold details for a striking realism, while the handle is wooden in appearance.
Price: $74.50
Perseus LARP Dagger
Perseus is well-known for beheading the Gorgon Medusa and defeating the sea monster Cetus. With this Perseus LARP Dagger, you can add a little mythological flair to your LARP arsenal and become a monster slayer in your own right.
Price: $62.00
Pilgrim LARP Staff
A favored weapon for those who prefer not to wield a blade, the Pilgrim LARP Staff is a sturdy and durable LARP weapon expertly crafted to resemble a dark wooden staff with two black leather-like wrapped grips and metallic details.
Price: $107.50
Pirate II LARP Sword
If it is the pirates life for you, then you had best get used to the feel of a cutlass in your hand! The Pirate II LARP Sword will make sailors aboard Spanish galleons tremble in fear at the approach of your ship.
Price: $91.00

"We love Medieval/Magical/Mythical themed stuff so so much, so we LOVE Dark Knight Armoury. In fact, we are such big fans of this theme that we named our dogs Phoenix and Gryphon, since they go with that theme. We love collecting items that relate to this theme. Of course we want absolutely everything that has a phoenix or gryphon on it, to match our dogs' names, and Dark Knight Armoury has plenty. We also love collecting dragons, unicorns, fairies, and more. In fact, we recently had a Medieval themed birthday party for our golden retriever Gryphon, and Dark Knight Armoury was perfect for prizes, goody bag items, and decorative accents for the party. Here is a collage with photos from the Medieval party, which Dark Knight Armoury was a big part of. Everyone dressed as knights at the party, with helmets and armor vests. We decorated the room with all sorts of medieval scenes, like knights jousting, a maiden in a tower, a medieval banquet, and more. We also made snacks to match, like cookie targets with pretzel arrows, torches out of ice cream cones and orangey snack flames, and crests made from cheese and crackers. We had all medieval themed games, and the guests especially loved the prizes, which included dragon and unicorn boxes and necklaces, which we got from your site. As you can see, we are definitely Dark Knight Armoury Superfans and would recommend your site to everyone!"

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