Calimacil crafts almost peerless LARP weapons with their durable foam latex, hybrid carbon and fiberglass cores, and injection mold processing. Now available here at Dark Knight Armoury, these excellent latex weapons display incredible details in their construction, giving many of them historical or fantasy styling. In addition to their popular LARP swords, we carry a number of their LARP maces, LARP staffs, LARP daggers, LARP warhammers, LARP axes, and more. For modern LARP weapons, we also offer crowbars, wrenches, pipes, and bricks for those who prefer to role-play urban warfare. When you need top quality LARP gear for your upcoming battle, be sure to check out the foam latex weapons from Calimacil that are offered here.
Novice II LARP Short Sword
Every warrior needs a sword that will help them show off their superior combat skills. The Novice II LARP Short Sword is such a weapon, with features that allow this blade to be wielded by any warrior who chooses it.
Price: $84.00
Odo LARP Mace
A studded mace is a unique weapon, one that would likely not be expected from characters who stand for peace. Because everyone needs to stay protected, the Odo LARP Mace is ideal for cleric characters who have sworn not to draw blood.
Price: $90.76
Odo the Studded War Mace
Who says that a weapon has to be fancy to be fun, much less wildly effective? This Odo the Studded War Mace is a LARP weapon that looks like a wooden shaft capped with a steel head that looks capable of splitting shields and skulls.
Price: $90.76
Percefer the LARP Warhammer
Almost any character type can find a use for Percefer the LARP Warhammer, whether for offense or defense. This foam LARP hammer has a steel-colored head with gold details for a striking realism, while the handle is wooden in appearance.
Price: $74.26
Perseus LARP Dagger
Perseus is well-known for beheading the Gorgon Medusa and defeating the sea monster Cetus. With this Perseus LARP Dagger, you can add a little mythological flair to your LARP arsenal and become a monster slayer in your own right.
Price: $61.88
Pilgrim LARP Staff
A favored weapon for those who prefer not to wield a blade, the Pilgrim LARP Staff is a sturdy and durable LARP weapon expertly crafted to resemble a dark wooden staff with two black leather-like wrapped grips and metallic details.
Price: $107.27
Pirate II LARP Sword
If it is the pirates life for you, then you had best get used to the feel of a cutlass in your hand! The Pirate II LARP Sword will make sailors aboard Spanish galleons tremble in fear at the approach of your ship.
Price: $90.76
Prince III LARP Sword
From noble knights to nimble rogues, a short sword is a favored companion of any adventurer in melee. Made for LARPing, the Prince III LARP Sword is made of a softer foam than others, making it a perfect choice for little LARPers.
Price: $49.50
Pugio Liberator of Rome LARP Dagger
Role-players can use the Pugio Liberator of Rome LARP Dagger as a primary or spare weapon, depending on the particular character. This LARP dagger is constructed from safe and almost indestructible foam with a fiberglass core.
Price: $46.36
On Sale For: $40.80
Ragnar II LARP Dirk

While claymores are extremely useful in battle, they become difficult to wield in close quarters combat. The Ragnar II LARP Dirk offers the perfect solution for times when fighting up close and personal with the enemy.

Price: $82.51
Ragnar II LARP Long Sword

Known throughout history as the deadliest Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok saw the importance of a good blade. The Ragnar II LARP Long Sword gives you the power to be a part of his legacy, allowing you to attack with confidence.

Price: $136.15
Rawal Gurkass Kukri
Throughout the centuries, since Bappa Rawal, the first Gurkha, received his from Guru Gorkhanath, the kukri has been an ever present element in our lives and on our battlefields. Countless invaders fell under its heavy blade.
Price: $61.88
Red Calfera LARP Hammer
The druid Lonnar crafted the Red Calfera LARP Hammer after escaping the lair of the red dragon in the heart of a volcano with the egg of the beast. Transformed into a weapon, this battle hammer shares the heat and energy of the dragon.
Price: $226.92
Red Lucrezia LARP Main Gauche
Many great swordsmen from the Renaissance made effective use of parrying daggers in their off-hand. The Red Lucrezia LARP Main Gauche is made from durable foam with a spear point and is ideal as a sidearm for the master swordsman.
Price: $61.88
Ripley LARP Throwing Knife
After the apocalypse, your best friend will be your knife. The Ripley LARP Throwing Knife will help you to face off against zombies, horrible mutants, or pillagers with great success, making it a superb survival blade.
Price: $16.50
Ruthless II LARP Baseball Bat
When you hear strange noises in the night, having the Ruthless II LARP Baseball Bat on hand is sure to provide some reassurance to your nerves. This nifty bat serves as a great modern roleplaying weapon for urban warfare.
Price: $57.76
Sanguis II LARP Dirk
From youth, children must be taught to fight, and the Sanguis II LARP Dirk is their weapon of choice. Putting a greatsword in tiny hands would not be useful for training, making this a weapon adapted to the size of the wielder.
Price: $61.88
Sanguis LARP Longsword
The design of the Sanguis LARP Longsword closely resembles swords used by soldiers during the Battle of Agincourt. Derived from the Latin word for blood, the name of the Sanguis sword hints at what these weapons were capable of doing.
Price: $86.64
Shahin LARP Dagger
Slash and stab with speed when you wield the Shahin LARP Dagger. This curved blade is invaluable by your side when the battle gets a bit too close for comfort. Small and easy to carry, this LARP knife makes a wicked final offense.
Price: $53.63
SharKrist the Elfbane LARP Sword
From the darkest corners of the earth and beyond, where the orcs where born and with them sinister weapons were crafted. SharKrist the Elfbane LARP Sword is one such weapon that embodies the brutality and the hatred of the orc.
Price: $122.00
Skaegi LARP Dane Axe
Skaegi LARP Dane Axe was inspired by the northern axes wielded by the Vikings and later by soldiers and members of local militias. Used to great effect, this weapon features an effective axe head mounted on a long, reaching pole.
Price: $154.55

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