Leather Frogs, Sword Frogs, Dagger Frogs, Rapier Frogs and Axe Frogs from Dark Knight Armoury Leather Frogs, Sword Frogs, Dagger Frogs, Rapier Frogs and Axe Frogs from Dark Knight Armoury

Leather Frogs

Either by design or by chance, you have just stumbled onto one of the best selections of leather frogs on the internet! Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we pride ourselves on offering not just a few options, but as many as possible, ensuring that no matter what weapon you favor or what style you feature, you can find a frog here to suit your needs and your personal tastes. To start, an explanation for those who came here by chance. A frog is an accessory that is worn on the belt to support and hold a weapon, oftentimes a sword, but sometimes a dagger, an axe, or anything else that counts as an implement of war. The best part about our sword frogs, though, is not that you can get a frog for any weapon you want, but rather the massive variety of frogs that we offer. Essentially, you can make your sword frog of choice into a personal accessory, one that features a touch of style that is perfect for complementing your own look, as well as keeping your weapon at your side, well within easy reach. Some of our frogs tie closed, and others are buckled closed. Some of our frogs are suited for axes, while others are sized for daggers, and still others will suit thin blades like rapiers while others will suit larger blades like broadswords. Some are military style frogs, while others are styled as though they have come from the Middle Ages. Some are offered in simple colors while others may come in a wide assortment of shades. Some feature brass decorations, while others feature steel decorations. And these are only a few of the general possibilities that await within! So if you need a leather frog, for a sword or for an axe, for LARP or for SCA or for Reenactment of any sort, then you will be happy to know that Dark Knight Armoury is the right place to be.
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