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There can be no denying that Dark Knight Armoury carries a lot of swords. And sorting through them all can take some time - that, we understand. To make your shopping and browsing experience a little bit smoother, we have this swords by manufacturer section. This also helps to add speed to your experience, because if you know a brand that you like, it is now easier than ever to find more of the same. Just like most, swords in this section tend to fall into one of two broad categories. The only difference is that unlike others, in this section, swords from certain suppliers tend to be all of one or all of the other. If you are looking for something for reenactment, we suggest visiting the Darksword Armoury, Cold Steel, CAS Iberia, and Generation 2 sections, as these blades are made using hardy carbon steel and are designed for use. They will serve well when it comes to sparring, cutting, and historical European martial arts practices. For something a more decorative and fancy that will serve well as a fine display piece, you will want to visit the Marto, Denix, Art Gladius, and Armaduras Medievales sections. These swords possess all the realistic look of a traditional sword, but are crafted from the finest of materials in terms of display, which gives them the most appealing look possible. And if you are looking for high quality movie replicas and fantasy swords, United Cutlery is a category that is definitely worth browsing. Of course, these are only a few of the manufacturers whose swords we carry, so for a more comprehensive listing, and a better idea of who does what, you will want to scroll down so that you can read and browse through the categories on your own. But you can rest assured that, if you are looking for a fine sword, either for display, for training, for costuming, or for cutting, you can certainly bet that you come to the right place - here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Armaduras Medievales Swords
When it comes to swords throughout history, Armaduras Medievales is one manufacturer that has that area covered. This particular sword manufacturer offers stunning looking swords that recreate historic and fantasy designs from across the ages. The blades are high carbon spring steel, factory edged, and intended primarily as display pieces, collectibles, and stage props.
Art Gladius Swords
Art Gladius is among the finest of manufacturers as far as decorative swords go. Their detail and their design are both almost impeccable, and they include as their inspiration both history and fantasy, creating a collection of swords that spans centuries of designs. These swords are made from stainless steel and are designed for decorative purposes only.
CAS Iberia Swords and Hanwei Swords
For a blend of realistic aesthetic and hardy functionality, you will want to consider any of our CAS Iberia swords and Hanwei swords. Coming from a wide range of historic sources and inspirations, these swords are hardy and strong, and they are made to stand up to regular use in training. Tempered high carbon blades ensure that these swords are made for use and serve well in training, sparring, and cutting drills.
Cold Steel Swords
The name Cold Steel is synonymous with high quality and functionality. They are, perhaps, best known for their selection of fine knives, although they also make swords and other weapons, which possess an equal degree of high-grade craftsmanship. When you pick up a Cold Steel sword, you know that is a modern, battle-ready creation that is inspired by the weapons of ancient war.
Darksword Armory Swords
Hand-smithed blades are a rarity in todays market, but Darksword Armory swords stand alone as some of the finest workhorses and functional weapons that any warrior could ask for. Each and every sword from Darksword Armory is hand forged from 1060 carbon steel, and each carries with it the strength necessary to serve as a weapon of war for any swordsman who needs one.
Deepeeka Swords
For breadth of raw history, not many sword manufacturers can match the variety of Deepeeka. Diversity is one of their biggest strengths, as their selection of arms includes much of the ancient world, ranging from as far back as the Greek era to as far forward as the late medieval age. Deepeeka swords are made from fine materials, and serve well as costume or training weapons.
Denix Swords
A museum quality weapon is a rare find, indeed, but luckily, we make them a bit easier to acquire. Denix, a famous Spanish replica maker, brings stunning attention to detail to the table when it comes to making medieval weapons, and these pieces, made mostly from high-grade casting alloys, all feature a level of quality that makes each sword a museum-grade decoration.
Generation 2 Swords And Legacy Arms Swords
Forged from virgin carbon steel and featuring a hefty full-length tang, each and every one of the Generation 2 and Legacy Arms swords found here is fully functional and battle-ready. High quality materials and a solid design ensure that these swords perform like a warrior would expect, while their somewhat varied design ensures that there is a Gen 2 or Legacy Arms blade for almost anyone.
Marto Swords
Once upon a time, swords from Toledo, Spain, were said to be some of the best in all of Europe. That reputation as remained, with Toledo retaining its historical association with fine metal-craft, particularly in the realm of swords. This is significant because all Marto swords, which are some of the finest pieces on the market, are all crafted in Toledo, Spain.
Ritter Steel Swords
Old forging techniques come together with high quality materials and fine design in every Ritter Steel sword. This impressive blades are fully functional and battle-ready, while also featuring a stunning design that makes each one as fun to wield as it is appealing to look at. And with blades of tempered carbon steel, you can rest easy in the knowledge that these weapons are quite hardy.
Stage Steel Swords
Sometimes, it is all in the name. This is one of those times. Stage Steel swords are made for stage combat, and their design is such that they attempt to make stage combat as safe as possible. Each of these impressive swords features a realistic look, while offering a heavy, blunted blade that can take the rigors and the impact of traditional, stage-style combat.
Tinker Pearce Swords, Tinker Sword and Michael Tinker Sword
Sometimes, it takes a swordsman to truly understand what is needed out of a sword. And in our collection of Tinker Pearce swords, you get authentic and genuine pieces that are based on ages-old medieval design, with modern influences, techniques, and materials to make them as strong as possible. This makes every Tinker Pearce sword a fully functional, battle-ready blade.
United Cutlery Swords
Not all swords hail from history. Some of the most visually stunning weapons are, instead, born of fiction and fantasy. And if you are looking for a stunning sword that is born from the world of imagination, then you have come to the right section, as our offering of United Cutlery swords features fiction and imagination aplenty, as these fine collectibles will readily demonstrate.
Valiant Armoury Swords
Not much can compare with a hand-forged, hand-hammered, high-carbon steel sword. Hardy and robust, these swords from Valiant Armoury are made with use in mind, all while featuring superb and fine looking features that make each blade as appealing to see as it is to wield. Each one is very much a near-perfect example of the fine sort of sword you might find coming from a master smith in the medieval ages, and they behave as such.
Valiant Arms Swords
For something authentic and appealing, with a fine look to suit your skill, a Valiant Arms sword might be just what you need. These quality sword replicas are made by some of the finest makers of armor in the industry, and now, those craftsmen have put swords onto their list of fine works, allowing you to enjoy a good, solid piece of medieval and fantasy weaponry.
Windlass Swords
For a broad, varied selection, ranging from fantasy pieces to historic swords to movie props and more, nothing beats our selection of Windlass swords. Provided by Windlass Steelcrafts, which is one of the largest providers of medieval weapons in the world, these pieces are all incredible in their design and offer such variety that you really have to browse through it to believe it!

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